Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 299

Defense Specialization and The Blast



“Oh, it looks like Maple’s team got some medals.”


“There must have been a dungeon in the marshlands. I guess we really should be using Sally’s map.”

The four of them had headed towards the forest. And for the most part, they continued to move by riding on the head of the enlarged Haku.

And when they encountered any monsters, Izu would throw items and Kanade would scatter debuffs. After that, Haku would strangle them to death.

Chrome and Kasumi were not particularly good with ranged attacks, so they were in charge of getting any monsters that slipped through.


“While it’s just three days, I’m glad that we took time to prepare.”

All of Izu’s strengths were born through her variety of items. Of course, it meant that every time she ran out of a certain type, there was less that she was able to do.

Unlike normal crafting jobs, she was able to make items from gold. Furthermore, Izu was able to use the workshop no matter her location, which meant that she could restock on items as long as she had gold.

And since she had enough gold to build several guild homes, Izu had no weaknesses.


“Ah, aren’t we about to reach the spot that Sally marked?”


“Alright. Let’s do this!”

As the snake slithered on, they found a tree that had a mark on it that looked like a magic circle.


“This must be it. But there is nothing else around here…”


“Should I touch it? It seems like a magic circle, after all.”

They all agreed, and so Kasumi had Haku move its head forward so she could touch it. And then just as they expected, the pattern began to shine and they were all teleported away.

The place that they found themselves in was also surrounded by trees. The only difference was a wall on the other side that was made of larger trees and vines.

It was quite large too. And though they all prepared to fight, there didn’t seem to be anything else there.


“Surely it’s not actually empty?”



As they waited cautiously, they suddenly heard the sound of something cutting through the air. Chrome was the first to react.



There was a high-pitched ring as he blocked the projectile that then bounced in the air. Chrome quickly checked to see what it was.

There were three kunais that were attached to bombs with lit fuses.


“Tsk. Kanade, do it!”


“Sou, ‘Target Increase,’ ‘Light of the Spirit’!”

After mimicking Kanade, Sou took out the magic books and activated the defense skills. After that, there was a thunderous roar as they were ravaged by explosive wind and flames.

When it died down, their HP was reduced, but they had all survived.


“When Sou uses them, the damage immunity effect becomes a damage reduction effect. But it’s still enough, right?”


“Yeah. You saved us.”


“I’ll heal you now.”


“So, where did the attack come from…”


“Since they were attached to kunais, maybe it was a ninja? But with that force, it would be a bad idea to split up and search…”

It was hard to imagine that kunais were its only method of attack. And since Kanade and Izu had such low HP, it was possible that they could be one-shotted.


“Should we keep searching for a while? We should be able to survive if Sou is around to use powerful skills that would usually have a use limit.”


“Let’s do that then. Now, considering that we can’t see it…”

The four decided they had to find it first. However, no matter how much they walked around and searched the forest, they could not find anything. However, they continued to be attacked by projectiles.


“Hmm… We’re managing to survive because of Kanade’s stock of books… But we still can’t find it.”


“What should we do? If only I could get close to it.”

They pondered on this for a while, and then Izu hesitantly opened her mouth.


“Yes… It’s a bit rough, but I have an idea.”


“Oh? What is it?”


“This place seems to have a fixed size…so, while it will take a little time to prepare, I could explode everything.”


“I see… Interesting. Well, uh, it’s certainly worth a try. Yes.”

Chrome looked like he had been bracing himself for these very words to come out of Izu’s mouth. However, he was also certain that there was no point in continuing what they were doing.


“Just like you did during the preliminary?”


“Yes. However, I was able to make some new items in time. So it will cover the sky as well.”

Izu said as she took out the item. It was a box with a propeller, that had a string coming out from the bottom. Izu attached a few bombs to it and sent it up into the air. It climbed steadily up until it reached a certain height.


“It cost a lot to make…but I can’t be stingy now.”


“You sure make some brutal things… How do you activate it?”


“I have an item for that. This will take care of everything above the trees. Now, let’s add the others to the ground and the tree trunks.”


“Return bombs with bombs, eh? What about us?”


“I’ll leave the center as a safety zone. The item will do equal damage to everything, so make sure that you don’t step out of the safety zone.”

It would be a rain of attacks, immense debuffs, and status effects. There was no insurance that even someone like Chrome could survive it.

Sou’s magic and Haku’s huge body protected them as she went around and set the items all over the forest.


“Alright. I’m finished. It will be very bright and very loud. So be careful.”

Just like during the preliminary, electricity was sent through the strings of water, and then the blast echoed around the forest.

The explosives on the enemy’s kunais seemed very small now. Everything but the safety zone was burned to the ground.


“It should still be alive!”



“Hmm. It’s according to the plan. ‘Eye of the Assassin’!”

It was a skill that Kanade could only use today through ‘Akashic Records.’ It increased the damage against monsters and players that had status effects and let you know their position.


“There it is!”


“Let’s go, Kasumi!”



Chrome equipped Necro in order to enhance his reach. Kasumi called out the arms of the warrior on both sides of her, and they moved in all at once. What they saw was a poisoned, paralyzed, frozen, yet burning shinobi.


“‘Last of the Blades – Oborozuki’!”


“‘Ghost Mud’! Necro, ‘Fire of Death’!”

It was easy once they could see it. And after taking damage from both of their attacks, the shinobi’s HP dropped down to 0, and it disappeared.


“Phew… Good. It wasn’t so bad after all.”


“Is it really finished?”


“Yeah. Well…maybe it wasn’t dead. But it’s basically the same thing.”


“That’s a relief. I’m starting to run out of damage reduction skills.”

It was here that they got the same notification that Maple’s team had, saying that they had acquired some medals.


“Yes. This is a great result for our first day!”


“We got through several forests, and while this took quite a long time. It seemed really quick.”


“I guess we can search one or two more before reuniting with the others. Judging by the timer, the strong monsters come out at night.”


“That’s right. Haku has made traveling easy, but we have actually traveled quite a distance.”

They contacted Maple in order to make sure that they didn’t get too far apart. And then the four of them searched for their next dungeon, while also looking for a place to camp for the night.



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