Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 301

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Defense Specialization and Traps



While they took turns resting, the members of Maple Tree were far deadlier than the dungeons that management had prepared, and so there were no monsters that were able to reach the pile of rocks above the entrance.

As they were the last ones to take the watch, Sally and Kasumi went around to wake up the other six.


“Maple. Get up, it’s morning.”


“Mmm…aahh…mmm. Good morning, Sally. Was everything alright?”


“Nothing happened. I heard the sounds of a lot of traps being activated, but nothing got through.”


“That’s good. Yes! Let’s do our best today as well!”

Maple slapped her cheeks to wake up and then left the partitioned room. Everyone else was already prepared to go out and explore. Upon seeing this, and since she was the Guild Master of Maple Tree, Maple reminded them of their goal.


“Just three more medals! We’ll have ten if we survive until the end. So let’s work hard!”


“Alright, then let’s decide where we’ll go today.”

Sally said as she opened her map. However, it seemed like something was strange, as she kept tapping it with her finger.


“The map…it won’t show up.”


“Hmm… Ah, mine too.”


“Same with mine. And it looks like I can’t use the messaging feature either.”

Not being able to confirm your location and having no means to contact each other was like walking in the dark. It hadn’t been like this on the first day, and they had a bad feeling about it. An air of alertness fell over them.


“Well, we should all move together for now! It will be a lot of trouble if we get separated.”


“That’s true. And we have a goal to reach. However, maybe we should decide on a marker, just in case we do get separated.”

And so they discussed it until they had a good idea.


“…Alright, that can be the marker.”




“Okay! Let’s go!”

As the place was filled with instant death traps that affected everyone, Maple activated Dedicated Affection, just in case. In the meantime, Mai and Yui gathered their boulders as they headed outside.


“So, it’ll be all eight of us today. We’ll have no problem winning like this!”


“Yes. Well, we got two medals on the first day already. So we are pretty lucky that we don’t have to split up.”

They recovered what items they could without activating any of the traps as they headed outside.


“Oh, I have to deactivate ‘Venom Capsule’ and recover the throne!”

If there were devil-like monsters, she would need ‘Throne of the Heavenly King,’ which would allow her to seal their skills. They had to gather what they could and go out in the best condition possible.



Once they were finished, they all stepped outside. And in spite of it being morning, it was still dim. The sky was dark and without a single star visible.


“Uhh. I have a bad feeling about this…”


“Be careful…! Maple!”

Shortly after they had stepped outside, a black magic circle appeared at their feet. It was just as large as the range of Maple’s Dedicated Affection, and so it was not possible for them to jump out of it.


“It’s fine! Just get ready to heal!”

As Maple said this, they were all surrounded in the black light. Maple held her eyes shut tightly and braced herself to take damage. However, she didn’t feel any impact on her body.


“…Oh, good. I’m fine, everyone! …Everyone…?”

Bad feelings were generally had for a reason, and when Maple opened her eyes, there was no one else around her. Not only that, but the base that should have been behind her was also gone. She had no idea where she was.

And though she checked her map again, her present location was not displayed. And she could not send any messages either.

This was the kind of worst case scenario she had feared. But then again, it was a relief that it wasn’t something completely unpredictable.


“All of you better stay alive…!”

And Maple had to do what she could. She was glad that they had discussed it in advance. And so she began to make preparations.

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