Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 302

Defense Specialization and Meeting Up



It seemed that they had all been blown away and completely separated. In the darkness, Sally warily made her way to an open area.


“So this is why the preliminary was solo… I’m sure Maple will be fine… But I’m worried about Mai and Yui.”

She hoped that Tsukimi and Yukimi would be able to protect them. It was as Sally was thinking this, that a black magic circle suddenly appeared in front of her. And from within, a devil-like monster with horns and sharp claws emerged. It flapped its wings loudly and flew towards her.


“Oboro, ‘Binding Barrier’! …It doesn’t work!”

Sally dodged its thrusting arm and slashed deeply into its side, before jumping back. The monster let out a chilling cry, and several small black magic circles appeared on the ground. And from these, smaller demons were summoned.


“Oboro, ‘Fire Child.’”

Sally enveloped her weapons in fire in order to increase their reach. Then she turned to the devils with a serious expression.


“They’re also coming from behind…!”

Perhaps they had been attracted by the sounds of fighting, because she could hear rustling coming from behind her. Sally increased her concentration. She could not be defeated here.

More than anything, she needed to know how many monsters were there, and so she looked back just for a split second. Even as she fought the devils, she saw the familiar figure behind her.




“Ah, so it is you, Sally? What a relief. I was just searching for an advance guard!”

Frederica said as she ran up to Sally and stood so that their backs were stuck together.


“…You could have at least killed them before coming. Why are you here anyway?”


“Sorry. Well, I’ll tell you the details later.”


“Fine. More importantly, we have to clear this area first!”

They decided to cooperate temporarily as they raised their weapons. And just as the devils jumped on them, they attacked.


“‘Multi-fire Bullets’! Knots, ‘Singing Round’!”


“Oboro, ‘Cross Fire,’ ‘Shadow Clone’!”

The fire that Frederica shot out was then multiplied by Knots. And Sally also unleashed a chain of fire towards the monsters. The dark field was suddenly bathed in red light.


“Defenses… I don’t think I need any. ‘Multi-water Bullets’!”

A few monsters that didn’t even have wide-area attacks were no threat to Sally. Frederica defeated the monsters while also ensuring that Sally could draw out as much firepower as possible.

She usually used Multi-Obstacle’ on Drag, but if she used it on herself, she could fight while minimizing the damage taken. Frederica did this while repeatedly healing. She would look for an opening and then attack. Then she heard an especially loud voice behind her. The large devil had just been cut down by Sally.


“I have to end things here too. Knots, ‘Amplify’!”

Frederica created a number of fireballs like she always did, and then she used Knots’s skill to make them bigger and stronger.


“Phew. I stopped them somehow.”

It burned the remaining monsters. When the two of them erased the flames, darkness fell over the field once again.


“Haa. Thank you.”


“I’m sure you would have won if you were alone.”


“Ahaha! You can tell? Well, it really wasn’t that easy. And Payne and the others are so far away.”


“Hey, wait. How do you know?”


“Uhh, I have a skill for that. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. And so I was able to contact them. But they’re so far away.”

Frederica wanted an ally just in case something happened. As for Sally, she didn’t see any demerits to the alliance, and so she had no reason to refuse.


“I can’t enter any dungeons until we reunite. And it looks like you want to find the rest of your team.”

How do you intend on doing that? Frederica asked with a laugh.


“You can’t even contact them, right? See, you should just give up on that and come with me.”

Frederica said as she pointed in the direction that she was headed.


“Hmm. Well, wait a minute. Ah…”


“Huh? Fireworks? Is it an event?”

While it was far away, Sally and Frederica heard the sound and saw the light in the empty sky very clearly.


“That’s Maple’s mark. So that’s where she is…”


“What? You have fireworks…”


“No, that’s just Maple. She put bombs on herself and detonated them.”


“…Huh? ….??”

As Frederica tried to digest this, Sally started walking away.


“Ah! Hey, wait! Wait! It’s in the same direction, so why don’t we go together?”


“Uh, alright. But I might leave you if it gets dangerous.”


“Damn it… I thought you had no way to meet up with them, and I’d be able to persuade you to team up…”

Frederica grumbled about how things never went her way. And like that, Sally headed towards Maple.


“I don’t have much hope for Drag, but Dred has high scouting ability, so he might have found someone by now.”


“I suppose you’d want a strong player as a temporary ally… Well, if you can even find one… Knots seems like it’s aware of a pretty wide area. I guess that means I can’t ambush you anymore.”


“No comment. Ah, there’s something interesting nearby. Do you want to go and see?”


“That face… It’s a monster, isn’t it? No thanks.”


“How did you know!”

However, this skill was very useful, and Frederica used Knots’s ability to lead them forward while avoiding monsters.

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