Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 303

Defense Specialization and Meeting Up 2



“Hmm… I moved as planned… I hope someone comes soon…”

Maple was riding on Syrup’s back in the darkness. They would have just looked like shadows from far away. Every once in a while, she would repeat the act of launching herself into the air and exploding. After a while, she got bored of just exploding, and so she started to use shiny items that reacted to the explosions, so it would look like fireworks. However, Maple was so worried about the safety of the others, that she couldn’t settle down.


“Alright, one more time! ‘Commence Attack’!”

Maple shot off of Syrup’s back and flew high into the air. Then she closed her eyes and covered her ears as she waited for the bombs to go off.

Because of this, Maple did not notice the devil monster that was flying near her, and she was captured while still in the air.


“Ahhh!? Oh, you shouldn’t be so close…!”

Just then, all of the bombs detonated, and the monster burst into countless pieces and disappeared.



Maple went flying diagonally, and though she tried to make Syrup move, she had launched herself into the air using such a reckless method, and there was no way that Syrup could move in time.

She would fall straight to the ground like this. As she considered just falling or exploding once again so that she could try jumping onto Syrup, she was suddenly caught by something soft that was beneath her.


“Huh? Uh? What?”


“Are you alright…?”


“Damn it, you never fail to surprise me. What are you doing, Maple?”

Maple had landed on the back of an enlarged Ignis. Ignis’s master, Mi was there. And so was Mai, for some reason.


“Mi! And…Mai? Why are you two together?”


“Well, I don’t want to antagonize Maple Tree if I don’t have to. I just happened to find her on the way, so I brought her here.”


“I see! Thank you!”


“You be careful too, Maple. It seems like the corners of the map are being swallowed up by darkness. And the closer you are to the darkness, the stronger the monsters. Apparently, my party is inside.”


“Uh, okay! I’ll be careful. Ummm. I’ll have to return the favor somehow.”


“…In that case, there is one request I’d like to make.”


“What? What? It can be anything!”

Maple said. And so Mi took out a tag from her inventory and showed it to them.


“I want you to hold onto this. Don’t worry, it will disappear by the time this event ends.”


“That’s it? Uh… ‘Mark Tag’…?”

There was no item description, and so they looked at it with puzzled expressions. But Mi did not explain further. She let Mai off of Ignis’s back, and then rose into the sky.


“I’m sure we’ll meet again. I just hope it doesn’t involve a battle over medals.”


“Yes, see you again! Thank you!”


“Th-thank you so much!”

Mi waved at them and then flew away. As Maple had unexpectedly been able to reunite with Mai, now they just needed to wait for the other six.


“Now I can protect you. Things are going well! I’m glad you got here quickly, since you and Yui have low HP!”


“Yes. It’s quite a relief… It seems like the Kingdom of the Flame Emperor members are able to contact each other.”


“Huh, I wish we could do that too… And then I would be able to fly right towards them!”

In any case, since the others weren’t there yet, Maple had to go back to being the marker.

On the other hand, after leaving Mai with Maple, Mi went flying away with Ignis.


“Phew. I’m glad I was able to get her there. They both seemed really happy. Now, I better hurry!”

Mi took out a crystal from her inventory and crushed it. Marx had given it to her, and it worked with the ‘Mark Tag’ that his skill had made. It allowed you to see the position of the person with the tag.


“Gah. Only three of my party members are left… Dungeons will be very hard now… Tsk. This forceful teleportation is taking so many of us out at once.”

The marker of her closest comerade was moving wildly on the map. The person was likely in the middle of a battle. And so Mi rode Ignis towards it as fast as she could.

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