Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 304

Defense Specialization and Meeting Up 3



The map was getting smaller, and since strong players tended to cooperate when bumping into each other, two such top players were currently together as they faced a pack of monsters.


“Tsk! Can’t we do something about their numbers!”


“And this is even with the right attributes…!”

Misery and Chrome were currently surrounded by dozens of monsters as they looked for a chance to escape. The two of them had cooperated in the jungle during the previous event, but unlike then, they could now recover their HP. Most of Misery’s MP was used to heal Chrome, and Chrome was continually pushed to the brink of death, only to return. This repeated over and over again.


“Necro, ‘Burst Flame’!”


“‘Holy Spear’!”

Misery’s magic was supposed to be effective against these devil-like monsters. However, she was a healer and he was a great shield wielder. They did not have enough attack power together.


“I won’t die! But I can’t kill!”


“Yes… It seems like more monsters keep getting summoned…”

Chrome and Misery still had damage reduction skills, damage nullifying skills, and resurrection skills. This toughness, where they could come back even after falling once or even twice, was something that even Maple Tree would find hard to do.

Chrome continued to change Necro’s form as he switched between attacking and defense.


“While we can survive, these things are fast… Misery, can’t you do something!?”


“…Hold on there! I have something promising!”


“Okay! I trust you! ‘Revitalize’! Necro ‘Ghost Armor – Robust’!”

Chrome changed Necro to a defense specialized form, and blocked all of the attacks. He would buy time, just like Misery had said. As both were good when it came to healing, they could resort to these kinds of tactics in spite of taking damage. Unlike Mi, Chrome had a great shield and did not need to attack. He could make use of his powerful guard and survive while being surrounded by monsters. This tense battle continued for quite some time. And Chrome slowly lost his ability to concentrate as the amount of projectiles increased.


“I guess it depends on ‘Dead or Alive.’ …I hope this help is going to arrive soon!”


“Yes, it’s fine. I think it’s here now.”


“Hmm? Ohh!?”

Just as Misery said it, giant balls of fire rained down and enveloped the monsters. The fire that Chrome unleashed with the help of Necro could not compare to this. Chrome had had to slowly chip away at their HP, and now they were being annihilated in a flash.




“Phew. That’s a relief. Thank you, Mi.”


“Ah, I’m glad you’re alright, Misery. Hmm. So there’s a Maple Tree member here as well.”


“Huh? Did you meet someone else?”


“One of the twins. I think it was Mai. But I took her to Maple.”


“Oh! Thank you.”


“Mi. What should we do now?”


“Shin and Marx are likely alive. Let’s meet up with them.”


“Hmm… Then can I go with you?”

Chrome said. The two of them looked puzzled. After all, Chrome’s goal was completely different from theirs.


“Well, it’s just that I heard the screams of other players before meeting up with Misery. And if players are meeting up like this in such a huge field, I think we’re all being teleported pretty close together.”

In that case, perhaps members of Maple Tree would be close to Marx or Shin.

Furthermore, Mi and the others could use a reliable shield bearer. There were plenty of merits for taking him along.


“I don’t mind. What about you, Misery?”


“No, I don’t mind.”


“Then it’s settled.”

And so the three of them got onto Ignis’s back and rose into the sky.


“Are they around here?”


“A little farther. On the other side of the mountain.”


“Maybe they don’t want us to unite with the others… While the field is shrinking, it’s still pretty big.”


“Maybe it will change again on the third day. In any case, we have to create our bases before its time for the strong monsters to come out.”

While the place was overflowing with devil-like monsters, and they were strong, that didn’t mean they were the enhanced monsters for the second day.

If they weren’t able to unite with the others soon, the number of casualties would increase.


“I hope I find one of my friends along the way… Huh?”


“What is it?”


“I think one of them might be here. I remember a similar explosion from the first day.”

Chrome saw the flashes of thunder and fire that tore through the darkness in front of them. And he was immediately reminded of a certain crafter who was quite scary when she was angry.

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