305 Part 1

Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 305

Defense Specialization and Meeting Up 4



“…What should we do?”


“What should we do… We can’t do much if it’s just us two…”

Marx and Izu were currently hiding within walls made of rock and vines.

As both were the kind of players who couldn’t fight unless they had plenty of time to prepare, they had been running around and trying to survive until they bumped into each other.


“Marx. How much longer can it last?”


“…Considering the amount… Maybe five minutes?”


“I’ll also make items at full power, so we’ll have to advance while taking turns defending!”

Izu said as she opened her workshop and started to make items. And just like Marx said, the wall was destroyed after five minutes, and the monsters swept in.


“How about this!”

However, Izu was able to stop the monsters by creating a wall of ice with a crystal that she had made. The two used the opportunity to move and search for better terrain.


“We’ll do it over here this time. You’ll have to make more items…”


“Yes. It can’t be helped. This is going to be very costly for me.”

They thought about the gold while they made more traps and items in order to survive.


“Uhhh. I’m running out… Mi, hurry…”


“…There’s a cave! Maybe we can fight back from there!”


“Hmm. But it’s pretty far.”


“I have a way for us to get there in an instant.”


“Really…? That would help…huh?

Izu took out a clump of water from her inventory. It floated in the air around their feet.


“Fay! ‘Item Buff.’”


“Woah, this thing! It’s what Maple always uses!”


“Correct! Now hold on tight!”



Izu grabbed Marx and stepped on the sphere of water. And just like that, the strengthened water shot out an incredible amount of water all at once, and the two were launched into the air.

They shot through the horde of monsters and were able to reach the cave safely.

However, before they could get ready to face the monsters, the ground at their feet began to glow and envelope them.




“What…it’s teleportation…”

There was nothing that you could do once it was activated, and the two vanished and reappeared in a different location. When the light faded and they opened their eyes, they saw that they were in a passage where the walls were made of stone bricks and the ground was smooth sand. And while there was a wall behind them, the monsters that had been troubling them were nowhere in sight. But there was also a new problem.


“We’re in a dungeon.”


“Ju-just us in a dungeon? Oh, no…”

They both had supporting roles, and depending on the boss, they might have no chance at all of winning.


“Mi won’t be able to come here either… Ah, this bad. This is bad.”


“What should we do? Maybe we should just wait here in the dungeon? Someone else might come here too.”


“But strong monsters come out after a certain amount of time has passed… I learned that the hard way on the first day.”

Marx said this as if he didn’t want to think about it. Izu could tell that he wasn’t lying.


“Well, that’s troubling. Do you think we have no choice but to fight our way through?”


“Yes. It’s the only way. This is not the time to be saving our strength… Clear ‘Transparent.’”

Marx activated the skill of the chameleon on his head. And then the effect covered both Marx and Izu.


“Now they won’t find us as long as we don’t bump into them… Though, I’m sure it won’t work on the boss. It didn’t work on the monsters outside either. It’s annoying.”


“I see. It’s a good ability! Especially for a trapper like you.”



After that, they were ignored by the weaker monsters, which allowed them to move through the dungeon while inspecting it.


“Sand… It reminds me of the ruins in the jungle event.”


“Oh, that one that Chrome and Kanade went through. Yes, it is similar to that.”

As they continued, the sand on the ground started to move upwards, and sand monsters that were wiedling large spears and wearing armor emerged. As their bodies were made of sand, it dripped down as they moved.


“It’s fine. It looks like they can’t see us…I think.”


“Let’s move to the edge.”

Izu and Marx pressed against the wall and waited for the sand soldiers to pass through. It seemed like Clear’s ‘Transparent’ was working well, and they sighed with relief.


“Phew. I think we might be able to make it till the end like this.”


“Yes. We can’t do anything unless we get out of here…”

And so the two of them continued on their way towards the boss room.



Thanks to Clear’s power, they were able to reach it without too much trouble. The problem was how to proceed from here.


“Wh-what should we do? We managed to make it this far…”


“Yes. Well, we have no choice but to go and do it.”




“Come on, we can do it. Besides, we have plenty of time to prepare before going through this door. Don’t we?”


“Huh? Oh, yeah.”

Both of them were used to supporting attackers when taking on bosses. It was usually a waste of time to do anything that would increase their own damage output.

However, things were different now.


“I don’t know what kind of monster it is, but we need to show it how scary we can be when allowed to prepare.”

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