305 Part 2


“…Yes, that’s true. Okay. I’m not the same person I was during the 4th event.”

And like that, the two of them took their time creating items and preparing skills that were slow to activate. And when they were ready, they opened the door and stepped inside.

It was a large room, and the ground was all sand that it looked like a desert. And in the far back of the room, was a throne made of rock and sand. And there was the king. He had a larger spear than any of the soldiers and wore golden armor under a red cape.

In spite of them being invisible, the spear tapped the ground the moment that they walked in. And then soldiers started to rise out of the sand.


“If they are soldiers…we are the castle. ‘Install – One Night Castle’!”

Just as Marx activated the skill, large walls rose up and surrounded them, forming a fortress.

Marx activated even more skills, and just like when he defended them against the devil monsters, vine and rocks created a barricade. In the meantime, Izu started setting up cannons in Marx’s fortress.


“We usually don’t need it because of Maple’s Machine God. But I can use it now!”


“And we have soldiers too. ‘Remote Install – Water Army,’ ‘Remote Install – Flower Cavalry.’”

As they were still just traps, they activated when the monsters got close. They were one time use and the effect didn’t last long. However, since they were against sand soldiers, they were useful in erasing the advantage of numbers.


“I’m good at defending… You take care of the boss.”


“Alright. A gift of cannonballs!”

Izu used Fay to strengthen the balls and the cannons. And then cast ‘Recycle’ on the balls. Because of this, they would be able to reach the back of the room easily, and be able to denote multiple times. A very rare type of cannonball indeed.


“All cannons, fire!”

The numerous cannons that lined the fortress fired at once. They flew with precision towards the throne, covering it with explosive flames.


“Woah… A-are you really a crafter?”


“Uh, yeah? I can do a little attacking now, that’s all.”


“A little…?”


“This is no time for talking. It’s still quite alive.”


“…Well, it is a boss. But…”


“Yes, I prepared for that.”

Izu took out more cannons and bombs from her inventory, while Marx continued to remotely set up traps in order to keep the soldiers away. The bombs knocked them down and pushed the battle line back, increasing the area that Marx filled with traps.


“Alright… Let’s keep moving closer.”


“Yes, I’m ready.”



While the cool down time was long, it was a skill that changed the position of two traps. The reason that the cool down time was so long, was because this was more than just a useful skill.

The trap that had pushed through the soldiers and stopped in front of the king. It was obvious which trap it would be traded with.


“Oh, you’re an easy target when you’re this close.”

Yes, they had traded places with ‘One Night Castle.’ And just like that, the cannons were all directed at the king, and a huge load of bombs rolled down towards the throne.

The immense amount of traps and the fortress itself now blocked all of the summoned sand soldiers behind them. And so they just unloaded their inventory of bombs over the king as if they meant to empty it completely.


“I should at least be able to bind him…”

Their base had incredible defenses and was now right in front of it. This was bad for commander-type bosses. Marx then bound all four of his limbs, but it still thrust its spear out. However, he was then covered by so many bombs that the explosion reached the ceiling. And with that, he turned into sand and disappeared.


“That wasn’t as hard as I expected?”


“Really… Maple Tree is weird. Ah, the medal.”


“Hey, I got one too. In that case, I can spend the second day just trying to reunite with the others and building the base.”


“Oh, right. I have to meet the others…”

It was then that they were surrounded by light and sent back to the field they were in. Of course, this meant that they would be surrounded by monsters again. Or so they thought. But the monsters weren’t there. Instead, they saw Mi holding balls of fire, and Misery, who focused on healing her. Also, there was Chrome, who had likely been surrounded by the monsters a moment ago.


“Oh, you really are here, Izu. You seem to be okay.”


“You were fine too, Marx. What a relief.”


“Uh, yeah… A lot happened, but we were fine in the end. I guess?”


“And you also seem to have won a medal…?”


“I got the notice too. Does that mean you two did it together?”


“We made a surprisingly good team.”


“Yes…we did.”

It was a pleasant surprise. And they smiled at the fact that they had acquired the medals. The three had been waiting here for Marx after the Mark Tag had suddenly stopped detecting him in this area.


“I’m glad I was able to find Chrome. Now we can go to Maple.”

It was here that Chrome explained why he was there to Izu. And so Izu decided to go with them. There was no harm in being with a lot of people.


“I feel bad for getting a free ride. So you can have some potions. I’m sure Mi knows how special they are.”


“Yes, thank you. We’ll take you to Maple as soon as we find Shin. I don’t mind.”


“Thank you. It will be a great help.”


“…Hey. Sorry to have to tell you now…but what looked like Shin’s tag has just disappeared.”


“What? I didn’t think he would die so easily…”

Mi knew how strong he was and couldn’t help but be suspicious. But if he wasn’t dead, there was only one other explanation.


“Maybe…he entered a dungeon?”

It was something that Marx had just experienced himself. And it turned out that his guess was right.

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