Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 306

Defense Specialization and Meeting Up 5



“Hmm. This is bad.”


“Yeah, I didn’t think the magic circle would be that big.”

Shin and Kasumi were talking to each other. As Kasumi was searching for other members of Maple Tree while riding on Haku’s back, anyone who saw her would recognize her in an instant. And yet it had been Shin who came, and not any of the members of her guild.

And then a great wind came and enveloped the forest that the two were in. And everyone who was there was teleported into a dungeon.

Both of them had also just received a message about acquring a medal. They had a good idea of what that meant.


“I don’t know why it was activated, but I suppose I should be thankful that there’s enough space for Haku to move in.”


“Yes. But…I can faintly hear screaming. We should be careful.”

Kasumi walked next to Haku’s huge body so that she could hide behind it if necessary as she moved through the forest. It was dark here as well, and had the kind of eerie atmosphere that made you feel like anything could jump out of the shadows. For a while they heard nothing but occasional screams, but then the ground suddenly shook, and they prepared to fight.


“…! Kasumi!”


“Yes, it’s coming! “Mind’s Eye’!”

Kasumi used the skill in order to predict the enemy’s attack. What she then saw, was that everything around her was red. That’s how big the damage area was.


“Shin! Over here!”


“Uh, okay!”

Kasumi realized that they would not be able to escape in time, and so she had Haku surround them and then had the scales harden.

Immediately after, they heard the sounds of something hitting against something that was hard. And the two of them looked up. A giant centipede had bounced off of Haku and was now moving over their heads. Then the ground shook again, and the damage area disappeared. They sighed in relief.


“Uggh. Its shell looked really hard. Can we defeat something like that?”


“Judging by the screams, other players are being sent here too. In the first place, this isn’t something you can defeat alone.”


“That’s true. How troublesome.”


“Still, I think we won’t be able to do anything until we defeat it. We can’t just stay here forever.”


“Yeah. Alright, let’s kill this centipede! Wen, ‘Awakening,’ ‘Destructor’!”

With a burst of effects, Shin’s sword multiplied as they floated in the air. There were more of them now then there had been during the 4th event. It was quite impressive, since he could freely control them.


“You have more now?”


“Yeah. The number of moves is important with Wen. I’m probably a bad fit for someone like Sally.”


“I think Sally would look at you cooly and avoid you…”


“Well, I agree. But I would still like to fight her one day.”


“You should come to the guild home. Frederica visits us a lot.”


“Maybe. Anyone who can beat Sally is first-rate! Oh, we should get started then!”


“Yeah, let’s do that.”

Kasumi turned off Haku’s defense and called out ‘Arm of the Warrior’ on both sides, in preparation for combat. In the meantime, her vision was covered by the damage area once again.


“It’s coming from the front!”


“Okay. Wen, ‘Wind God’!”

As Kasumi gave the signal, Shin unleashed wind blades and ‘Destructor.’ They shot towards the giant centipede’s head and body, tearing it up. But it continued to move.


“Tsk. It’s pretty hard!”



In order to prevent it from diving again, she had Haku ram it from the side and bite into its body. Kasumi used the opening to jump up onto it and ready her blades.


“‘Second of the Blades, Cutting Iron’!”

The blades swung down and cut through the centipede’s defenses. Its shell cracked open, creating a deep wound. Clearly this was very effective. Haku continued to strangle it and bite everything from its head to its body.


“Hey, hey. How strong is that snake?”


“Hehe. I’m quite proud of my buddy.”

However, just as Kasumi got off of the centipede and tried to return to Shin, the shredded body and head began to thrash around. It tore away from Haku’s grip and dove back into the ground.


“I thought that it was too early for it to die. I guess this is where the real fight starts?”


“Probably. The effect of Mind’s Eye also ran out. Shin, don’t let your guard down.”

As the two of them concentrated on the tremors, they sensed that the giant centipede was approaching them again. And they were right. Two centipedes burst from the ground. The only difference was that they were smaller now, and both were whole and completely healed.




“I know!”

Without saying another word, they each faced one of the monsters and swung their weapons.


“I won’t let you go. Wen, ‘Wind Cage’!”


“Haku, hold it down.”

Along with the two arms at her sides, Kasumi unsheathed her swords and slashed at the monster once again. As for Shin, Wen had the centipede suspended in the air, and he cut through it with his flying swords.


“It’s not as tough as before.”


“Yeah. Instead, it seems to be faster.”


“It split up again. And now we can’t stop them from escaping…”

Regardless of Haku’s binding or Wen’s Wing Cage, they were able to escape and then attack again. As this repeated, the number of centipedes increased until there were 16 of them. By the time there were eight, they were able to slip through the attacks and damage Kasumi. This made it harder to face them head on.


“Tsk. They still hit hard even when they’re small…”


“However, they have less HP. It looks like I’ll be able to do more now! Kasumi, you can finish off the ones that I miss!”


“Yes, I’ll leave the rest to you.”

And so the next attack came, and they were surrounded from all sides.


“If there are only sixteen, then it’s quite easy!”

Wen’s Wind God created wind blades that tore up the centipedes. And those that survived were skewered by the flying swords.


“You’re out of luck with that HP!”

Ultimately, they could not escape Shin’s attacks, and all 32 and then 64 centipedes were killed without Kasumi having to help.


“This would be hell without wide-area attacks.”


“Do you think it will be 128 next?”


“I don’t know. Well, they can’t beat me with numbers.”

As they said this, the ground shook harder than it ever had before. And then a centipede that was even larger than the first came out of the ground as its sharp mandibles glimmered.

Shin had not been expecting this at all, and his reaction was delayed. But Kasumi quickly pointed her sword at it.


“‘Purple Phantom Blade’!”

And then a storm of high-speed attacks were unleashed as if to push the centipede back. The two warrior arms at her side reacted by also swinging with incredible force. The shell of the centipedes head began to crack.

At the end of the skill, multiple blades appeared around the centipede’s head and came together. It was similar to the force of the centipedes that had surrounded them and jumped forward. And just like that, the centipede turned into light and disappeared.


“Haa… I see. It would exceed a hundred if it doubled again. So they stopped it there… Still, you got really small.”

“Shut up. I’ll cut you if you keep staring.”

Kasumi had activated her most powerful skill. However, it had the demerit of making her body shrink. She tried to avoid using it when she could, but this was not a time when she had any choice.


“Haku, let me ride on you. Tsk…it’s too high.”


“Uh, do you want me to help you?”


“I’ll be back to normal soon. Stop looking at me as if I’m a child!”


“Hahaha. Kasumi, people from your guild really do have the most interesting skills.”

Just then, they both got the notification that they acquired the medal. And then they were enveloped by light.


“I won’t be able to fight until my body returns to normal.”


“Yeah, that’s fine. I’m sure Mi is heading towards us. And I think your snake could deal with most enemies.”

Once Kasumi had managed to climb onto Haku, the two of them teleported back to the field.

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