307 Part 1

Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 307

Defense Specialization and Reunion



While battles were erupting all around them, Maple and Mai were having a peaceful tea party on top of Syrup’s back.


“Woah! Mai, we got another medal!”


“You’re right… Do you think everyone is doing it alone…?”


“Hmm. It’s strange that no one comes. We should be sticking out a lot right now…”

Maple didn’t want to waste too many of her weapons, and so changed into her green clothes and used ‘Poltergeist’ to unleash a thick laser beam into the sky.

Because of this, even from far away you would be able to see a pillar of light swinging around in the dark sky.


“Ah, another monster is flying towards us!”

Of course, since it was a laser, it could be a beam saber when swung around. And so the flying devils would have their wings burned, which slowed them down as they flew. Regardless, it was Mai’s turn to act.

She took out some of the iron balls that were under the table on Syrup’s back, and flicked her wrist as she threw the ball.

It found its target with precision, as the light of the laser reflected off the heads of the devils. And they exploded like popped balloons.


“Nice throw!”


“Th-thank you.”


“Hmm. I brought out the table because I thought they would be here by now… They must have been sent very far away.”


“But at least they seem to be safe. And they’re all very strong. I’m sure they will arrive soon.”


“Yes, it’s not like we know where they are… Ah, do you want more tea?”


“Uh, yes. Thank you.”

And like that, the two enjoyed their tea party as if completely oblivious to the hell down below.



While the sky was relatively safe, it was hard to even find a place on the ground that wasn’t covered in monsters. There were times when it felt like you would be safer inside the dungeons. Within all that, Kanade and Yui were the Maple Tree members who were lucky enough to find each other. They had escaped the monsters and made use of their smaller frames to hide in the hollow of a tree. It would be quite difficult for Kanade to protect Yui by himself. And even now, monsters were moving towards the tree they were in.


“Phew. That was close. I doubt we would have been able to survive if it was just me.”


“You’re one to talk. Well, we were kind of in trouble too.”

It was Drag who now stood in front of the tree. As he generally only moved with Frederica, he was not able to live up to his full potential without someone supporting him.


“Give and take, alright? We can part ways once we get out of this alive.”


“And Frederica is in the area anyway. Sally is apparently with her, for some strange reason.”


“You can contact them?”


“Yeah. Sort of.”


“I think we just need to survive a little longer. If Sally’s with them, we should be able to go to Maple.”

They weren’t that far from the area with the laser. They just needed to survive this wave of monsters.


“‘Holy Armor,’ ‘Holy Enchant.’”

First, Kanade enveloped Drag’s armor and weapons in light. This would minimize the damage if he was hit, and it would also increase the damage that he dealt.


“Sou will also use damage reduction skills, so you can fight without worrying.”

Kanade said as he called out Sou and had it transform into him.


“Oh, that would be a great help. Earth ‘Earthquake’!”

The Golem that was next to Drag slammed both arms into the ground. And the area around them began to shake. While this had no effect on the devils in the air, it made the zombies stop in their tracks.


“‘Earth Wave’!”

Drag activated the skill and the ground rippled and rose, violently pushing the monsters back.

Furthermore, as all of Drag’s skills had a knockback effect, the monsters were thrown even farther away. Aside from using knockbacks to break his enemy’s stance, Drag also had many abilities that pushed the enemy away, making it hard for them to get close enough to attack.

As long as Drag attacked them, the knockback effect would occur, and the enemies were kept at bay.


“That’s amazing! I would be able to fight a lot more if I could do that…”


“Well, everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. You just need to wait until it’s time for you to use your strength.”




“Oh, ‘Defense Barrier’!”


“Nice guard! You’re certainly not worse than Frederica!”


“…I won’t help you anymore if you keep saying things like that.”

It was just as Drag said this, that Frederica appeared, pushing her way through the bushes.


“Oh!? You’re here already. What a relief! That was quick.”


“Uh, but you just said that you weren’t going to help me anymore… Hmph. ‘Multi-Barrier’!”

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