Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 314

Defense Specialization and the Final Day



When Maple and her team returned to the base, they found that the other twelve had already arrived. They had all made it back safely. Maple waved happily and rushed towards them when they came into view.


“Good work everyone! Things went so well!”


“Ah, so you did well too. Our dungeon was…a little annoying. But we managed.”


“Our strategy involved buffing Payne most of the time, so it was pretty easy.”


“Everyone was strong, so we had no trouble!”

“Everyone was strong, so we had no trouble!”


“That’s great! Ah, thank you for exploring with us today. Thanks to you all, we got so many medals!”

Maple happily thanked ‘Congregation of Holy Swords’ and ‘Kingdom of the Flame Emperors.’ But Payne and Mi said that it was they who were thankful.


“We would have been lucky to just get one medal if we went by ourselves. So you really did us a favor.”


“Yeah. Cooperation isn’t bad after all.”

They said with smiles. Maple was so happy that she smiled too.


“Let’s do our best on the third day too!”


“Of course.”


“Yeah, we’ll do our best to survive until the end.”

While they were rivals, they were also friends. And so it was only normal for them to root for each other.


“I’ll take the night’s watch. Think of it as a thank you for the base and the medals.”


“Me too. We’ll work to make up for the shared space.”


“Ehehe. Thank you!”

But Maple said that she would come to help if anything happened, and then she ran to the shared space.



While they took turns watching for enemies, they were all able to rest quietly. And so they were in good condition on the third day.

Maple got out of bed and stretched before heading to the next room where Sally was.

Sally was just coming out of her room, and so they bumped into each other.


“Morning! We’re in the third day now.”


“Yes. And since we already gathered enough medals, we should focus on survival.”


“Oh, right! The map and messaging…”


“The message feature is still disabled. However, things seem to be a little different with the map. Well, you’ll understand when you see it.”

When Maple opened the map, she saw that there were numerous blue spots displayed all over it. And there were some red spots as well.


“What is this? Oh, there’s something written. Uhh, the blue dots are players and the red ones are special monsters?”


“Yes. So you can team up with others in order to survive. But for them to appear on the map, these monsters must be boss class. After all, anyone who survived this long would be able to kill normal monsters quite easily.”


“Hmm. I see.”

It was unlikely that Maple and the others would leave their base today, unless they absolutely had to. The only thing they could see on the map were the players, and not which guild they were from. And so it was unlikely that ‘Congregation of Holy Swords’ or the ‘Flame Emperors’ would leave either.

In other words, they would stay here and prepare to drive any enemies back. They just needed to stick to the strategy that they were the best at.


“It also bothers me that the third day is shorter than the first and second. I doubt they just made the time that we need to survive shorter and that’s it.”


“It’s okay, Sally. I’m sure we can win if we all fight together!”


“…Hehe. I suppose so. There’s no point in overthinking it.”

It was necessary to have a degree of flexibility in order to adapt to different situations. After some time, the others all got up and came out of their rooms. And then they prepared so that they could fight at a moment’s notice.

Maple and Sally went to check the screen that Marx had set up.

As they had gone through the trouble of going out last night, he had set up even more cameras outside, which gave them an expanded view of the area.


“How useful… I think I might search for a skill like this.”


“I bet you could make good use out of it, Sally. Ah, there’s a monster.”


“It looks like it’s not coming inside… I guess something is different now?”

Even though it was the third day, it was still dark outside, and the devil monsters were crawling all over the place. As they sat in the shared space and watched the screen for a while, something very interesting popped up on the screen.


“Ah, Sally! There!”


“Hmm? It’s the thing from yesterday…”

On one of the feeds, they could see that a purple mist had suddenly broken out. And after a few seconds, the familiar gate made of purple light appeared.

Their eyes were glued to the screen. The Fake Maples were now coming out of it and walking around.


“Did it move over here then?”


“Maybe…or there are more?”

They didn’t know if this one also connected to a dungeon, but Sally thought it was more natural to assume that they were multiplying. The easiest way to raise the difficulty was to change HP and statuses or increase the number of enemies.


“If they are appearing in other areas too…this could be bad. There is a limit to how many we can deal with.”

Maple and the other would need skills and magic in order to fight so many monsters. Unless they were very powerful ones, they wouldn’t be able to kill monsters in one hit.

Payne and Mi had trump cards like ‘Light Sword of the Holy Dragon’ and ‘Murderous Inferno,’ but they could not be used repeatedly.


“We might be forced to go out. After all, we won’t be able to do anything if so many monsters attack so that the place is filled up. But if we’re outside, we could at least run away.”


“That’s true…”

However, Sally added that they wouldn’t know until the time came. And so she took out an apple from her inventory.


“Well, it’s important to be able to adapt. Oh, do you want one too?”


“Yes, thanks! Where did you get them?”


“Uh, it’s just that you’re always bringing food like this. So I thought that I should return the favor once in a while.”


“Hehe. Then I’ll give you something too..”

Like this, they spent their morning peacefully. The other members also had nothing to do until the monsters attacked, and so they all rested.

However, they were in the middle of an event where the objective was to survive. The monsters were not so kind as to allow them to relax for long.

The monster ambush was approaching.

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