315 Part 1

Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 315

Defense Specialization and the Great Final Battle



After some time had passed, the monsters began to move like an avalanche. Mi and Payne were staring at the screen now as well, and watched their number increase.


“This… It might be more dangerous inside of the cave.”


“Yes, I agree. Besides, I think there’ll be a difference in how long this day lasts.”


“Even now, it takes so many people to deal with them.”

Mi and Payne had been able to use powerful attacks to wipe out hordes in one go on the second day. But now monsters were accompanied by buffs and debuffs. They would have to cooperate and carefully make their way forward if they wanted to survive.

Sally had been apprehensive about it. Would these two be able to survive the onslaught?


“Thankfully, we have a few emergency escape methods. Depending on the situation, we can escape from here.”

Ignis, Ray, and Syrup could fly. Of course, there were monsters coming out of the gate that could fly as well, but it still meant that there would be fewer enemies to deal with.


“Sally. Let’s discuss it with the others. I think it would be best if all 16 of us stuck together if we wish to survive!”


“That’s true. Let’s do that then.”

After they gathered together and discussed what to do, they decided that they would escape the cave after getting through the first wave.

They would head to the mountain in the center of the map. Once they were near the top, it would be easy to see which monsters were coming. And it would also be easy to escape.


“Alright, let’s get this first wave over with and go outside!”

Maple said, and then they waited for the ambush. As there was a set time between attacks Izu started to retrieve all of the items she had used to set up the living space. Once the cave returned to its former, empty state, the awaited ambush finally arrived.

However, there weren’t as many monsters as they feared. And since they were a group of 16, they were able to annihilate all of the enemies without getting hurt.


“Now’s the time!”


“Yes, let’s go!”

Those who were the fastest took the lead. The three who were the slowest rode on Tsukimi and Yukimi in order to quickly escape.

Once they were outside, it was decided that ‘Congregation of Holy Swords’ would ride on Ray, ‘Flame Emperors’ on Ignis, and Maple Tree on Syrup.

But as Syrup wasn’t originally meant to be able to fly, it was quite slow. Furthermore, unlike Ray and Ignis, Syrup was not able to dodge the attacks of the flying monsters.


However, as long as Maple was riding Syrup, and as long as they didn’t have piercing attacks, the hordes could be dealt with easily.

Even if the monsters could get close, they couldn’t hurt them. As they fought the monsters and flew, they saw the mountain ahead of them, where the 8 others were waiting.


“Alright, let’s kill these monsters and go down!”

Maple changed her equipment and activated ‘Poltergeist.’ Then she used the lasers from her weapons to target each one and burn them out of the air.

The other members helped her. And once they were finished, Syrup descended on the top of the mountain.


“Phew. Now we just have to survive here!”


“Yes. We’ll be able to tell if something is wrong immediately if we stay here. And it will also be easier to deal with it.”

While it was a little dark, they could see the varied landscape around them. Their vision was wide enough that they would be able to notice and tackle anything that appeared.


“I’ll set up some items in the area. I don’t want them to reach us without a little resistance.”


“Then I’ll go and protect you.”


“Me too. Then it won’t matter if you’re surrounded.”


“That will help. Thanks.”

Chrome and Kasumi accompanied Izu as she went to set up some items to intercept the enemy. Marx also went with them and made some preparations of his own.

There were places where the paths were narrow or unstable. And it was these places that they would set up a great amount of traps.

That meant that the first wave of monsters that came crawling up the hill, would probably end up rolling back down.

While some of the members made preparations, the other members watched their surroundings from every direction.


“Nothing here! …? Sally? What is it?”


“Mm. Uh, open up your map.”

She obeyed Sally and opened her map. What she noticed was that there were fewer players on the map, and there were more red dots, which represented special monsters.


“I guess it’s because everyone really is just running away. The red dots aren’t decreasing at all.”


“Well, you have to survive.”


“Yes. We haven’t been going out and killing them either. But…I have a bad feeling about this.”

Was it really alright to ignore the special monsters, when they were being pointed out to them on the map? Sally wondered about this, but there was no definite answer based on the information she had.


“We’ll just have to wait.”


“Don’t worry! If something happens, I’ll protect you!”

Maple said as she raised her shield.



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