315 Part 2

“Hehe. Thanks. You’re so reliable.”

As they were on top of the mountain, their strategy would be much the same as when they were in the cave. They would fight the enemy from an advantageous position. Sally decided that there was no point in thinking about special monsters that they couldn’t touch, and so she focused on joining Maple in intercepting the monsters that flew towards them.



Having such an open view was a great advantage. They could detect monsters in advance and it was easier to react.

Like this, the 16 of them were able to survive until the final monster strengthening time arrived.

It would be one hour. This was significantly shorter than previous times, and it made them even more nervous.

There would be some kind of surprise. And they were right.

As soon as it started, they saw that purple flames were appearing all over the map and shooting up to the sky.

Sally quickly checked her map and saw that they aligned with the positions of the special monsters.

There were dozens of them scattered all over the place.


Then the flames gathered in one point and created a giant gate. And from there, a familiar monster appeared.


“Sally! Doesn’t that look like the thing we defeated!?”


“But the size is incomparable!”

It had many arms and shot fire from its wings. It looked a lot like the monster that had come out of the cocoon on the second night. The only difference was that this one looked more full grown. Its limbs and body were thicker. And even from far away on top of the mountain, they could see that the body that was enveloped by fire was huge.


“Fifty…no, a hundred?”


“What? Why does it look stronger than the real one now?”

Mi and Frederica also reacted to the sight. Once its body was completely out of the gate, it stretched its arms out wide and let out a deafening roar that shook the air.

At the same time, the body that was surrounded in purple fire underwent a change.


“Something is coming…! Above!”


“Huh!? That!?”

From the starless sky, giant balls of purple fire shot down like a meteor shower.

It seemed like they were targeting places with players. And of course, they came down to the mountain as well.




“Uh, yeah!”

If it was the same as the boss on the second day, it would deal damage that Maple’s defenses couldn’t nullify.

But she and Sally could practically read each other’s minds. Maple immediately knew what Sally was thinking, and changed her equipment accordingly.



She received Sally’s healing as she put on her archangel equipment. Then Maple looked straight at the falling ball of fire.



Right before the fireballs hit them, a dome of light appeared and nullified all of the damage, protecting Maple and the others from the rain of fire.


“Earth! ‘Earth Control’!”

As the ground continued to burn, Drag dealt with it with Aegis, before the effect died down. By returning the burning ground to its original state, he was able to nullify all of the flames.


“Nice one, Maple!”


“Yes! But…”

If the next attack came right away, she would not be able to use the same tactic. From up on the mountain, they could see that the rain of fire was burning the fields. It was clear that this initial attack alone had wiped out a lot of players off of the map. Even worse, pillars of fire were rising out of the special monsters again. And the giant devils walked around, searching for more players and spreading their fire.


“Payne, Maple. We won’t survive an hour of this. I think we should take the risk and hunt down the special monsters.”


“Ye-yes. I agree!”


“And not just that. I’m pretty sure that it will be difficult to survive this hour if all you do is run. I think you’ll need to take down that giant monster.”

The giant devil had an HP bar that was displayed. So unlike the snail that had chased Maple around in the second event, this was clearly something that you could defeat.


“It’s possible. In any case, we have no choice but to move quickly around the field and kill the special monsters. Marx, Misery, Shin!”

Mi called the three of them and they got on top of Ignis. Similarly, Payne called Dred and the others and they got on Ray. As it seemed like the fireballs were targeting larger groups of players, they decided it would be best to split up here, and focus on taking down the horde of special monsters.


“We’ll go too. It’s best for those with great mobility to take them down quickly.”


“Let’s survive this and reunite to take down that huge devil!”

And so the eight of them left in order to crush the monsters. Maple Tree also had something they had to do.


“Wh-what should we do, Sally!?”


“With our speed, it will be difficult to move around on the ground and kill the monsters. And Syrup is too slow… So the only thing we can do is prevent that huge boss from killing other players.”

Every time the fire fell, the number of players went down. That meant it would take even longer to annihilate the special monsters. In that case, it would be the most effective if they slowed the boss down and tried to stagger it.


“You know, we’re better at fighting bosses than running around.”


“Ah, that’s not a bad idea. We can take it down and be the center of attention.”


“If there’s no point in running around, then we might as well face it with all of our power.”

If they were going to do it, they had to go all out. Maple nodded firmly and they all got on top of Syrup. Then they flew straight towards the giant devil.

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