316 Part 1

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Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 316

Defense Specialization and the Great Final Battle 2



Up close, its size was incredible. If you weren’t careful about where you were going, you would easily end up getting crushed under its feet. Maple had Syrup descend a short distance away. Then Kasumi called out Haku, which they rode towards the boss.


“Alright, let’s do it according to plan!”


“Yes. And we’ll move back if it gets dangerous.”


“Alright, let’s do it, Sou.”




“‘Phantom World’!”

“‘Phantom World’!”

“‘Phantom World’!”

Maple’s body turned to that of a devil. Furthermore, Oboro, Kanade, and Sou made her multiply. There had been seven Maples during the fourth event, but now there were ten including the main one, and they all rushed forward at once.

They dug their claws into the boss’s legs, and then began to climb up its body.


“Maple! Be careful of the fire!”



Maple listened to Sally’s voice as she avoided the parts of the body that were burning. Both she and her clones tore at its flesh as they climbed towards its head.


“Woah! That was close!”

While the giant devil attacked the players at its feet, Maple added wounds all over its body. However, as the body was so big, its HP bar had hardly depleted at all.

As the clones would only last for three minutes, they wanted to deal as much damage now as they could.

However, it soon noticed Maple, and the area around her feet began to glow purple before erupting into flames.


“Huh!? So I do take damage…”

Her clones were also getting burned. However, that wasn’t enough to deactivate Savagery.


“Let’s keep chipping away!”

Even now, Payne and Mi were working hard to debuff it. So they had to keep its attention and take the damage.

At this point, the giant devil had stopped walking. And its large arms seemed to be targeting the other members of Maple Tree.


“All of you, don’t give up!”

Maple kept making new wounds on it as she thought about the other seven.



Letting Maple go wild, the others split into groups of three and four and began their attack.

In order to avoid accidental death by falling, Mai and Yui decided to attack its feet from the ground. And Chrome was the one to protect them.


“Leave the defenses to me! It’s feet aren’t moving now! Get him!”




The two of them used Doping Seeds and then charged forward while riding Tsukimi and Yukimi, their great hammers swinging.


“‘Double Strike’!”

“‘Double Strike’!”

Damage that was incomparable to Maple was dealt, and tremendous damage effects burst around them.


“‘Double Impact’!”

“‘Double Impact’!”

The damage that resulted from the two with top class attack ability and dual-wielding hammers was tremendous. It was the kind of damage that would usually take many players in order to reach, and yet they did it with one hit. If they could focus on attacking, the damage would be even greater.

However, the monster would not allow it. And as if it were the most natural thing, one of its giant arms came out and swung their way.


“‘Multi-Cover,’ ‘Heavy Body’!”




Expecting a knockback from the huge body, Chrome used his skills to take the hit and parry it with his shield. The arm was enveloped in fire, and while Chrome was burned as he took the hit, his astonishing recovery ability allowed him to continue surviving the barrage of attacks.


“Haha! Maple usually does this. So let me protect you once in a while!”


“Thank you!”

“Thank you!”

And then the powerful great hammers were swung again and again. Then there was a thunderous roar that was louder than any before it. Before they knew it, one of its feet was covered in wounds, and the devil fell to one knee.


“I see…! You did it! It’s working!”

In that case, they should do the other foot next. Chrome got on Tsukimi and the three of them dashed ahead in order to destroy the other foot.


As for Sally and the others, they were riding on Haku’s head. Haku was wrapping around its body, giving them a place to stand as they attacked the monster.


“‘Arms of the Warrior’! ‘Fourth of the Blade – Senpu’!”


“‘Quintuple Slash’!”

Kasumi and Sally added their attacks, and Sou transformed into Mai and accelerated the damage.

Kanade and Izu did their part by using magic to defend the others from the fountains of purple flame, while also healing everyone with items.


“It’s easier to attack its back. Let’s fight where the arms can’t reach us!”


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