316 Part 2

“Yes. That being said, I don’t think it’ll be that easy!”

When Sally looked up, she saw that a familiar purple magic circle had appeared. Immediately after, massive amounts of fire rained down on them.


“‘Body of Fire’! ‘Light of Protection’!”

The magic that Kanade used enveloped everyone including the tamed monsters with red fire before the fireballs reached them. This gave them strong resistance to fire attacks, however, Sally could not survive like this. And so he cast nullification magic on Sally alone, and they all made it.


“You saved us! Thanks, Kanade!”


“It’s nothing. I can do it again if necessary.”


“Leave the healing to me. You go and attack!”

As they continued to attack, the devil was staggered once again. This was due to the attacks that Mai and Yui had unleashed on its other knee. Sally looked down at its wounded leg and understood what they needed to do to beat the monster.


“Kasumi! I’m going up! If we hurt its wings, the fire should stop!”


“Ah, okay!”

Sally made a foothold in the air and then used ‘Path of Water’ to swim towards its back. Once she reached it, she found Maple, who had activated ‘Bizarre Eater’ while slamming bullets into its back.


“Maple! You’re already here.”


“Ah, Sally! You came!”

Sally told her that she was going to attack the wings, and Maple decided to go with her.


“‘Dedicated Affection’!”


“Are you sure?”


“Yes. I told you. I’ll protect you, Sally!”

Sally decided then that she needed to take it down before she took any damage. And then the two rushed towards the wings.


“I’ll make a foothold! Oomph. There!”

Maple made her shields hover in the air with ‘Helping Hand,’ and placed them around the wings. Sally would be able to use them to fight effectively.


“Okay, here I go!”



As Maple started to fire, Sally went through the water road up to the wings and started to slash at them. Flames burst out as if to follow her, but they could not keep up with Sally’s speed. She swam around the pillars of water that extended around the wings, turning her body as she cut and slashed. Both of them attacked the wings at the same time, desperately trying to destroy them.


However, there were soon signs of something different happening. And then a purple light shone from all over the monster’s body.


“Sally! Over here!”

Sally jumped over to where Maple was by using the shields in the air. Maple immediately summoned Syrup and had it hover. Immediately after, the devil’s entire body burst into flames. The two only barely escaped in time.


However, they both knew that this was where the fight really began. This was because balls of fire would start to fall from the sky.

After enveloping its body in fire, the devil let out a great roar. The effect came with a sonic wave that caused piercing damage. And so Maple suddenly had to take damage for Syrup, Oboro, and Sally all at once. Aside from the shields, Maple still had on her angel gear, as she wondered if she might need to use Aegis again. Still, her HP was carved away, and ‘Indomitable Guardian’ was activated. As she was too close to the source, she had trouble dodging, and her HP was at a dangerous level. This was most unexpected for both of them, and even the usually calm Sally could not hide her surprise.




“‘Heal’! Maple, take a potion!”

As Sally frantically healed Maple, the balls of fire rained down on them from the sky.

They were too big to dodge, and she didn’t have Aegis now. Sally tried to think of ways to keep Maple alive, including having Oboro or Syrup take the damage. As they had nullified the first attack, she didn’t know how much force it had or what the range of damage was. So there was no sure way.


“‘Super Accelerate’!”



Sally suddenly grabbed Maple and ran. But she could see the light of the fire getting closer to them from behind. As she could not allow Maple to be hit directly in the damage field, Sally’s plan was to lure it as much as she could and throw Maple out of range in the last second. As long as Maple was safe, there was a chance that Sally could use her skills to survive.

However, before she could put this risky gamble into action, blazing fire and white light pierced the damaged wings. Just as they thought that they had been destroyed, something came to where they were and snatched them off of the ground in the nick of time.






“Ah, that was perfect timing. It’s been weakened quite a bit. Hard to imagine that it was done by just eight people.”

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