316 Part 3


“In that case, we might be able to defeat it if we all attack at once.”

What had flown towards them was Payne riding Ray, and Mi, who rode on Ignis.

The two had left the annihilation of the special monsters to the other guild members, and flown back here. The reason for this was that they had realized that the giant monster regularly created new special monsters every time its health went down. So there was no point on focusing everything on the special monsters.

The two of them dodged the swinging arms and flew out of its range.


“The situation will only get worse for us unless we can stop this rain of fire. There are still some other players left, but once their numbers go down, it will start using that attack more often.”


“We’ll target its head as soon as there’s an opening. You two be prepared.”

If they went and attacked the head now, the four of them would be hit by the thick, swinging arms and the fire from the magic circles. However, they needed to get in somehow, or they had no hope of dealing huge damage.

Maple changed her equipment in order to attack. Her weapons came out and she even prepared Spirit Cannon for Syrup.


They continued to dodge for some time after that. The devil’s HP decreased again, and it staggered with one limp leg. The other leg had lost all of its power as it fell forward. But it used one of its many arms to prop itself up.

Here, the flames began to spread once again. However, before it hit them, the flames that were supplied by the special monsters stopped. Right before the third rain of fire, Dred and the others had managed to finish killing all of the special monsters.

This was too good of a chance to miss. The four of them moved in all at once. They dodged the fire that flew towards them along with the arms. And once they reached the faceless head, they unleashed their most powerful attacks.


“‘Light Sword of the Holy Dragon’!”


“‘Murderous Inferno’!”

Payne and Mi’s attacks barely skimmed the sides of their heads as they slammed into the enemy and dealt tremendous damage. Immediately after, Sally jumped off of Ray and used her skill to kick the air and get closer. She avoided the gaping mouth and targeted its forehead.


“‘Quintuple Slash’!”

Sally was enveloped in a blue aura as her chain of attacks cut deeply into the boss’s head. Then Maple jumped off of Ignis and onto Syrup. And without missing a beat, she directed her weapons at the devil. With this timing, she could shoot it up with everything she had without hitting anyone else.


“‘Commence Attack,’ ‘Hydra,’ ‘Oozing Chaos.’ Syrup, ‘Spirit Cannon’!”

Mi’s attacks made it burn, Payne’s attacks caused damage effects to burst everywhere as if it was being purified. And Sally’s chain of attacks pushed it even further.

Then there was the rain of countless bullets, poison, and lasers. In the end, Maple raised her great shields and detonated the weapons on her back.


“Here I go…!”

The devil’s mouth opened wide in order to crush her. But she continued her charge with the shield that also swallowed up everything.

When Maple hit the sharp fangs, they were swallowed up, and she pierced the back of its throat. Immense amounts of damage effects exploded as she came out the other side.

Sally, who had just finished her own attacks, grabbed Maple and used her webs and footholds to get away.


“Wh-what happened!?”


“Nice one, Maple. Look.”

Maple looked towards the devil. Its HP bar had gone down to 0. The purple flames were dying down. Then the giant body turned into light and disappeared.

At the same time, the darkened field began to return to normal. And all the devil monsters that had been on the map had vanished.

But what was surprising to them, was that they received medals for killing it.


“Sally! Medals! I got medals! Three of them!”


“Hahaha… Well, somehow I feel like we deserve more. But I’ll take them.”

Then the other six members of Maple Tree joined them. By the looks of it, they were all fine. They were tired, but relieved to know that the threat was gone.


“Hey, everyone! What a relief!”

Once Maple had reunited with them, a buzzer sounded, and it was announced that the third day had ended.

They had succeeded in surviving for three days. And with that, they were returned to the original field.





The event was finished, and management looked at the results.


“Huh? What? It was taken down that easily?”


“Yes… Uh, I guess we misjudged how much HP it should have. I thought that it wouldn’t do to set it too high.”

It was an especially vicious monster that had powerful attacks that affected the entire map. And it was so huge that most players wouldn’t even want to get close to it. They had assumed that players would just run around and dodge the rain of fire. However, if a monster had HP, that meant it could be killed.

If they all charged together and attacked it at full force, its size would then be a disadvantage, and it would not be able to do more precise attacks.


“We’ll have to think harder the next time we use a huge monster…”

“Indeed… Maybe lower its attack power but raise its HP.”

And like that, while the event was finished, management’s work continued.

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