317 Part 1

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Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 317

Defense Specialization and Relaxation



The 8th event had ended, and Maple Tree had accomplished their goal. Now they just had to decide how they would use their medals.

As Kaeda and Risa walked on their way home after school, they talked about this.


“Did you decide on what skill you want, Kaede?”


“Not yet. I think I’ll think about it until it’s close to the deadline.”


“Just like everyone else, then.”


“What about you, Risa?”


“Well, the next event won’t be for a while. And there isn’t any skill that I really want right now.”

Like Risa said, the event had only just finished. There was no need to strengthen yourself in a rush. The seventh layer was very big, and it would take a while for the eighth layer to be implemented. So she had had no particular goal in front of her.


“We can just take it easy again!”


“I guess. We can prepare by raising our levels and looking for skills.”

Risa said. And then Kaede’s face suddenly lit up as if she just had an idea.


“…I know! If we’re going to look for skills, why don’t we go through all the previous layers? There are plenty of places we haven’t gone to yet!”


“That’s true. The layers in this game are so big. After all, you acquired ‘Absolute Defense’ on the first layer.”

Risa agreed that it wasn’t a bad idea to go to all the places they hadn’t been able to before. Kaede was living proof that there were a lot of hidden secrets. However, Kaede’s expression made it pretty clear that searching for skills was not her main objective.


“Hehe. Yeah. I suppose we can search for skills on the way while we sightsee.”


“Ahaha! You can tell?”


“I guess? It’s fine. Let’s look for some nice spots. Who needs a plan, right?”


“Yes! Let’s look for unexplored territory!”

If fighting was one way to have fun, walking around the world was another way.

And since they had just finished an event with vicious battles, they decided to walk leisurely through the past layers.


“Oh, but we won’t go to the sixth layer!”


“Yes…thank you… Well, see you in the game then.”



They waved at each other as they went their separate ways. Risa couldn’t help but smile as she saw Maple running on light feet, obviously excited.

As Risa continued her walk home, she thought about all their past adventures.

Kaede seemed to be having much more fun than before. This made her more happy than anything, but she also worried about just how long this would last.


“…We have to enjoy the present! She’s never become so absorbed in anything to this degree before.”

She was enjoying it now. Risa herself was enjoying it. That’s all that mattered. With this conclusion, Risa rushed home in order to boot up the game.



After she arrived, she quickly got changed and logged into the game. Here, Sally waited for Maple to arrive.


“Sorry! Did you wait long?”


“No, I just came. So, you really think we don’t need to plan anything?”

She asked again. Maple grinned and repeated that she wanted to walk around leisurely without any plans.


“Alright, let’s go then. There’s no real need to prepare, as the monsters will be so weak.”


“Yes, let’s go!”

Maple and Sally teleported to the first layer and looked at the town. Compared to when the game first started, a lot of new areas had been added. This meant the people in the town were more spread out, so there were fewer than before. But it was still a lively place.


“It’s been a while.”


“It’s hard not to get caught up in exploring and conquering the new layers and doing little else.”


“Where should we go?”


“Anywhere is fine. Just go where you want, Maple.”


“Then we’ll start with the town!”



And so the two of them walked around the town. They had walked around this town quite a bit before, but they could see now that there were changes with the players and buildings.

For instance, there hadn’t been any player stores before. As the newest and oldest floors tended to have the most people, there was demand for them here.


“Now that I think about it, you don’t see many players here with beginner equipment.”


“Well, considering how much variety they have in clothes and equipment now, you’re a lot freer when it comes to appearance and functionality.”


“That’s true.”


“There are some things you can only experience when the game is new.”


“I see.”

Maple and Sally went into all the stores that were unfamiliar. Accessories, clothes, furniture for those who joined guilds. The variety here easily matched that of the seventh layer.


“Woah! That’s amazing!”


“You’re limited in what you can make unless your skill level is high. I wonder if the people who have stores here are like Izu, who fight on the frontlines?”


“Well, it’s fun to buy fancy things!”

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