322 Part 1

Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 322

Defense Specialization the Floating Castle 4



“‘Deploy all Weapons,’ ‘Commence Attack’!”

As a starting attack, Maple extended her weapons, directed them at the dragon in the sky, and unleashed the rain of bullets.

If it dodged them like the dragonewts, then they would just have to think of something else.

However, the dragon did not dodge them.

But the bullets did little damage to it, and fire began to leak from its open mouth. In the next instant, an inferno was unleashed onto the tower. It burned the ground and headed straight towards Maple.




“Co- ‘Cover Move’!”

Sally had felt that something was wrong and jumped back in advance. Realizing Sally’s intention, Maple used high-speed movement in order to arrive at her side. The place that Maple had been a moment ago erupted into flames. There was now a wall of fire that seemed to split the tower in half. It not only limited where they could go, but was clearly very powerful.


“While we probably won’t…die… I don’t like it. Be careful.”


“Yes. Thank you!”


“We’re doing damage. I’ll figure out when it’s going to do its special attacks. You concentrate on shooting at it!”


“Got it!”


“‘Cyclone Cutter’!”


“‘Oozing Chaos’! ‘Commence Attack’!”

Maple attacked with her guns and Sally used magic to damage the dragon. The dragon reacted by violently beating its wings and creating wind as a counterattack.




“‘Pierce Guard’!”

Without relying on her defense ability, Maple activated her piercing nullification skill just in case. Then she hid her shield behind her in order to save ‘Bizzare Eater.’ While her weapons broke, Maple herself was unharmed. She was able to nullify this attack that likely didn’t deal continued damage, which meant that the fire was the most dangerous thing here, as it affected the ground.


“Sally! That wind just erased the wall of fire!”


“Not only that! It’s coming down now!”

The dragon was charging straight towards them while it was covered in wind and fire.


“‘Super Accelerate’!”


“‘Cover Move’!”

As Sally just barely dodged the dragon, she looked back towards Maple. She was right behind her.


“Woah! I would have been knocked right off the tower.”


“Yes. But now that it came down, it’s our chance to damage it! Oboro, ‘Fire Child,’ ‘Shadow Clone’!”

Sally cloned herself and then moved in all at once. Even on the ground, the flames were just as powerful, and now the dragon was unleashing a chain of fireballs towards her.


“In that case…ha!”

While her clones were unable to dodge them and were being swallowed up by the fire, the real Sally was able to read their trajectory perfectly. And she succeeded in landing towards the feet of the dragon.



Sally had felt that an attack skill was too risky, and so she slashed deeply into both legs. With Sword Dance’s attack boost and Pursuing Blade’s follow up attack, a big chunk of HP was carved away. While Sally could use magic as well, her daggers were necessary if she really wanted to deal damage.

However, when you were at the feet of a huge dragon, you had to expect powerful counter attacks from its claws. Her clones had all been defeated, and the dragon now kicked its leg to the side in order to hit Sally. It would have been easy for her to jump back and out of harm’s way. But she didn’t. Of course, this was so that Maple could warp.


“‘Cover Move’! ‘Invitation to the Ocean’s Floor,’ ‘Oozing Chaos,’ ‘Predator.’”

Effects exploded around the dragon’s feet, and three monsters appeared, along with Maple and her ominous tentacles. They did not dodge the dragon’s giant claws, but attacked it head on.



In exchange for not using all of Bizzare Eater, Maple’s five tentacles did incredible burst damage, and the dragon’s leg was blown right off. Her monsters were biting it from both sides and also the front, dealing even more damage.

As she had abandoned all defenses in order to attack the dragon’s leg, Maple was also blown away, but she didn’t take any damage. After losing so much HP, the dragon flapped its wings again and tried to rise into the air. Sally ignored it and quickly turned to Maple.



Sally reacted quickly as Maple flew. She shot out a web and forcefully pulled her back. Maple landed on the ground with a loud crash. Sally pulled her up and glanced behind her.

The dragon had returned to the air, and there were signs that it would unleash more fire and wind at them. Understanding this immediately, Sally then said to Maple,


“Hold on tight. Don’t worry. I can dodge something like that.”

Even Maple was surprised by this, but this was Sally of all people, and so it must be true. And so Maple held on, just as she was told.


“‘Path of Water,’ ‘Freezing Area’!”

Sally created a path of water and then enveloped her body in a chill that caused it to freeze in an instant. Then she dashed up. She continued to create footholds in the air to climb higher as she rose to where the dragon was.


“‘Icicle’… ‘Leap’!”

Like that, Sally reached a position above the dragon and avoided the violent winds and blazing flames below.


“Wow! You got up here so fast!”


“I’m pretty confident in my mobility!”

After dodging the wall of fire, Sally landed on the ground again and looked at the dragon’s HP bar.


“Just half now!”


“Alright. We won’t lose!”

Once the dragon’s HP went below 50%, it flew back into the air and roared so loud that the air shook. And then as if lured by this sound, dragonewts started to appear around them.


“There are so many of them, Sally!”


“We’re going to have to really rely on Dedicated Affection then…!”

There was a good change that if they stepped out of range, then they would be exposed to concentrated fire that they would not be able to escape. However, they knew what dragonewts could do at this point. If they had nothing that was effective against Maple, then they might as well have not been there.


“Let’s knock it down again.”


“Yes. Then we can defeat it all at once!”

They could now see a clear path to victory, which meant that Maple could go all out with her skills. As her weapons would be destroyed as soon as she developed them, Machine God was not useful here. But Maple ignored the fire that rained down around her and directed her short sword at the dragon. She too could summon dragons.


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