322 Part 2


The poison dragon that was unleashed from her sword had a breath that was just as powerful, and it swallowed up the red dragon. However, it seemed like the poison itself was not affecting it much. And while it took damage, the red dragon continued to attack back with fire.


“Ah! It has a wider area now! Maple!”



Sally put away her weapons and grabbed Maple. And then she used her Martial Arts skill to throw her. Sally wanted to move Maple so that she would be away from the breath attack while still within range of Dedicated Affection, as Maple was slow to move and might not be able get away in time, now that the attack range had suddenly grown.


“Oboro, ‘Spirited Away’!”

Of course, this was all just a precaution. Sally dashed forward at full speed. The moment that she became enveloped by flames, she used Oboro’s skill to extinguish it and avoid taking damage. Sally rolled out of range of the fire, which covered about seventy percent of the field, and then she checked to see if Maple was alright.


“Thank you Sally. You saved me.”

“It’s easier for me to escape during an emergency. And if it was terrain damage, it’s possible that it would finish burning before I got out.”

As Maple was generally slow when it came to moving, she had several other methods that she had secured. Among them was Machine God, which allowed her to move in an instant through self destruction flight.

She couldn’t use it now, as the dragonewt breath would destroy the weapons. And if she happened to be in the wrong position and took damage for Sally, Predator, Oboro, and Syrup over long periods of time due to the terrain, then Maple’s low HP would not be able to take it.

“We can chip away at it with magic. And in the end…”


“In the end?”


“We’ll close in all at once and cut away the rest!”

If they went in slowly, they would likely be burned by the strengthened flames.

Sally quickly told Maple her plan for getting close to it. They had fought together so many times. And so Maple immediately understood what she meant.


“Alright, first we have to get its HP down! Syrup, ‘Enlarge,’ ‘Spirit Cannon’!”

Even if most of the ground was covered in flames, she had a number of ranged attacks. One of them was Spirit Cannon. It slammed into the dragon’s fire, and both attacks were annihilated.


“‘Oozing Chaos’!”

Just like with Maple’s special attacks, the dragon couldn’t continue nonstop. And so she used the opening to slam it with a different ranged attack skill. She repeated this until they were used up and continued to deal damage.


“‘Water Spear’!” ‘Cyclone Cutter’! Tsk. I’m not good with magic, and these lack power!”

Sally only used magic that anyone else could use as a means of increasing the strategic possibilities. And so they did not do much damage.


“Leave it to me! I’ll hit it so we can continue just as planned!’


“Yes. That would be a great relief!”

As she didn’t have to be concerned with the dragonewts around them, she could focus on the dragon that was flying in the sky. Maple was good at standing in one place and unleashing special attacks.

And like that, the two of them took down its HP while mainly using Hydra and Oozing Chaos, and they waited for the moment to deal the final blow.


“Maple, now!”


“‘Quick Change,’ ‘Aegis’!”

Maple used a skill to change her equipment and then used the potion she had prepared and Sally’s Heal in order to make up for the HP increase. And then she extended her weapons before Aegis’s effect ended. While Aegis’s defense field was still up, the dragonewts’ flames could hurt Maple’s weapons.


“Let’s go, Sally!”



The explosion of the weapons caused a burst of flames that was just as strong as the dragon’s breath. And Maple and Sally shot straight towards the dragon. They closed in on the dragon before it could unleash its breath. And as the dragon’s eyes glared in their direction, they both laughed confidently. This was all according to plan.

Sally quickly moved away from Maple and created a foothold in the air before landing on the dragon’s head and slashing it with her daggers.


“‘Quintuple Slash’!”

With the added effect of Pursuing Blade, there were twenty successive attacks in all. And then Fire Child added even more precious fire damage.


“The finishing blow…I’m counting on you!”


“‘Quick Change’!”

Maple changed her equipment again back to black. Then she targeted the dragon’s body and shouted the skill’s name.


After Maple suddenly transformed into a monster, she grabbed onto the dragon with her six arms, tore at its throat, breathed out fire, and slashed its wings with her claws.

As expected, the dragon breathed at her in a desperate attempt to tear her off, and it dealt damage while burning her skin. However, that didn’t matter at this point.

Maple breathed her own fire with the same ferocity, and did not ease her attacks. As fire and extravagant damage effects flew, the dragon let out one final roar before disappearing in a burst of light.



If the dragon was gone, then Maple would be thrown into the air. That meant she would plummet very far towards the ground. But as Maple fell, a web shot out towards her and broke her fall.


“Phew. Thanks, Sally!”


“Good work on carrying out the plan, Maple.”


“Ehehe. It did go pretty well!”

Sally created footholds in the air and took Maple back to the top of the tower. As the battle was finished, the dragonewts were gone. The only thing that remained was the scorch marks and some materials from the dragon. Also there was a single treasure chest in the center. The two gathered the materials and then moved to the chest.


“Alright, let’s open it together!”


“Yes, yes.”


“One, two, three…open!”

“One, two, three…open!”

They opened the box and checked the items inside. There were four ‘Dragon’s Treasure.’

These shiny things were a collection of precious stones and gold. In other words, they were items to trade in.


“Hmm. That’s too bad. I heard that you can also get equipment sometimes.”


“I see.”

In other words, this was exactly what you wouldn’t want to get as a reward. But as the equipment did not drop every time, there was no guarantee that you would get the best thing.


“But it’s pretty. At least it will be a good souvenir!”


“…Well, that’s true! It’s not like we went through this trouble for equipment anyway.”

Sally and Maple sat down near the edge and looked out into the distance. This was the highest point of the floating castle. This meant they could enjoy the sight of the endless sea of clouds and the comfortable wind to their heart’s content.


“How was it?”


“It was so fun! The dragon really was strong, just as you’d expect of a dragon!”


“True. And it was pretty hard for just the fifth layer.”


“And we got treasure too. I feel pretty good about this!”


“Yes, we beat the floating castle. Good work, dragon hunter!”


“You too, Sally! Hey, let’s look around a little more.”


“Alright. Should we take a photo too?”


“Yes! Had I known how to use it properly, I would have taken so much more photos! Oh, I need to send them to you later.”


“Yes, do that.”

Like that, they took photos of the scenery and relaxed for quite some time. Then they left the floating castle behind them.

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