330 Part 1

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Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 330

Defense Specialization and ‘thunder storm’ 3.



After the two were teleported to a combat area, they moved apart while facing each other, and waited for the battle to begin.


“Heh. I’m ready when you are.”


“The person whose HP hits 0 first loses. You better go all out!”


“Of course, I will. I’m not going to lose because I held back.”


“It’s going to start now.”

The countdown began. Velvet held her fists up while Sally held her daggers as they waited. As soon as the signal rang, lightning thundered from Velvet.


“‘Second Coming of the Thunder God’!”


“I’ve seen you fight before. Let’s do this!”

While the electricity crackled around her, Sally was aware from the battle with the statues, that this itself did not deal any damage. And while she wouldn’t underestimate Velvet, she decided that this skill was more like a switch that allowed her to control thunder. The lightning that enveloped Velvet could not hurt or affect her. So there was no problem.


“‘Center of the Storm’!”

Velvet shouted, and tornadoes appeared on every side of her.


“‘Ice Pillar’! ‘Right Hand: Web’!”


“This is great!”

Sally used her web to escape to the sky above. Once she saw that the lightning had passed, she quickly moved into action.


“Oboro, ‘Black Smoke’!”

Black smoke rose around Sally, concealing her completely. This was followed a moment later by five different Sallys falling down towards Velvet.


“‘Stun Spark’!”

An effect that was similar to Maple’s ‘Paralyze Shout’ bounced off from Velvet, and all of the Sallys fell limply to the ground.


“‘Shock Fist’!”

Velvet slammed her fist into the ground, creating shockwaves that hit every one of the Sallys on the ground. One by one they disappeared until there were none left.


“‘Pinpoint Attack’!”


“Tsk. I knew something was wrong!”

Velvet felt the blade hit the back of her neck, and a chunk of her HP fell away. Then Sally jumped back before the lightning attack could hit her. Considering the amount of damage she took, it was clear that Velvet’s defense ability was not high. Just a single hit from Sally had nearly halved her HP.


“At least I learned something. One of them looked different when it disappeared!”


“You have a good eye.”


“So do you. Did you really not get hit?”

“I know my own weaknesses. I won’t allow myself to be stunned.”


“That’s very smart of you!”

These were not just attacks that she could react to and dodge. And so she had to predict.

Especially with wide area stun attacks. Sally was always thinking about ways to deal with them. She had to lure her opponent into using such skills. Let Velvet think she had hit all five of them, and use Mirage to move her real body away. Then she would use webs, ‘Leap’ and ‘Super Accelerate’ in order to move behind her all at once.


“I had a feeling about it before… But it seems like I won’t be able to win with this strategy!”


“Then what are you going to do?”


“Invite you…into the storm!”


“I see…!”


“‘Field of Thunder,’ ‘Rain of Thunder’!”

She wouldn’t think about anything else. She would just burn everything in the area. After all, she just needed to hit Sally once, and it would all be over. All she had to do was fill the area with so much thunder, that it would be impossible for Sally to ambush her. She would drag this out of the realm of complex tactics and tricks, and to the pure hitting of power against power.

With Velvet in the center, two skills caused an unending rain of thunder. And it followed Velvet as she moved. She was like a walking storm.


“What will you do now? ‘Electromagnetic Jump’!”

As Velvet jumped closer to her, so did the lightning.


“Oboro, ‘Quick Shadow’!’

Sally used Oboro’s skill to disappear in a flash. And while Velvet lost her, she escaped the rain of thunder. After she reappeared, she backed away even farther in order to watch her opponent for a while.”


“‘Northern Light’!”

As if to prevent Sally from escaping any farther, Velvet’s lightning grew stronger. And as she activated the skill, a circle began to glow on the ground around Sally. This was accompanied by the appearance of a pillar of lightning and a thunderous roar. It was so powerful that Sally would have been turned into ash if she had been hit. However, like the others, it disappeared without hitting anything.



Velvet looked around her and saw that Sally was standing out of range of her lightning.


“I didn’t know that illusions could be used so well.”


“I happen to have a few skills that are a good match with them. Alright…I’m going in now!”


“Are you serious?”


“Of course. The rain of thunder… This time it’s not like a pillar.”

Sally said as she lowered her posture and then charged into the rain. Velvet knew that Sally wouldn’t do something so reckless without a plan, and so she held her fists ready. She was wary of Sally using Mirage again.



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