330 Part 2



Something unbelievable than happened in front of Velvet. Sally was dodging the thunder as she ran, doing it while relying purely on reflexes and intuition. Not a single bolt of lightning was able to hit her as she charged through the rain.

Meet power with power. This was a twisted show of power that looked reckless at first. If you could make the impossible become possible, then you could destroy your opponent’s strategy.


“Thi-this is crazy!”


“I wouldn’t stand a chance…unless I could at least do this much!”


“‘Purple Lightning’!”

The purple lightning suddenly flashed out from Velvet’s arm as she thrust it forward. Sally had been dodging the lightning by a hair’s breadth, and this new attack came towards her head-on. Not only was it fast, but it was unleashed with precision. Sally was blocked on all sides and there was nowhere for her to run.



With all four sides blocked, Sally tried leaping in the air in order to escape the purple lightning. As she was able to create footholds in the air, she should be able to make an escape path for herself.


“‘Super Accelerate,’ ‘Leap,’ ‘Chain Thunder Attack’!”

As if she had been waiting for her to do this, Velvet suddenly accelerated and then jumped up. No matter how great Sally’s mobility was in the air, it was still inferior to when she was on the ground. Velvet punched with her fists, which were filled with crackling electricity. Sally was unable to stop her, and a heavy jolt ran through her body with a bang.


“Are you kidding me!?”

The special attack that she had been so sure about ended up being her third failure. Sally’s form shook and then melted into the air. At the same time, Velvet sensed a presence behind her.


“‘Electric Discharge’!”


“‘Super Accelerate,’ ‘Leap’!”

An immense amount of electricity was discharged from Velvet, but Sally quickly kicked the air and accelerated, allowing her to escape the range of the lightning.


“A skill that nullifies attacks… You nullified ‘Purple Lightning’ and then used the illusion to lure me away.”


“Did I? But I finally got you to use the dangerous skills I’ve seen before.”

Judging by the way Velvet’s HP had dropped, Sally would have won the game had she been able to get a hit in. And so it had been necessary for Velvet to use ‘Electric Discharge,’ a skill that was guaranteed to push Sally away, even in such a disadvantageous position.


“This is great. It’s so fun!”


“Haha. But I feel like I’m walking on a tightrope. Still, it’s quiet now.”

‘Electric Discharge’ meant the rain of thunder had stopped, as did the pale electricity that had enveloped Velvet. While it was a skill that did a lot of damage, it deactivated your other skills. But she had been forced to use it to protect herself.


“Amazing! You really can dodge. I hope you can teach me to do that later!”

Velvet said as she raised her fists once again. Her expression was filled with confidence. She did not look like she was having a difficult time.


“I suppose this means you still have a trump card.”


“I do!”


“Haha. You really are honest.”

Sally herself did not have any trump cards or skills that would turn the tables. She could only slowly but surely walk down the path to victory.


There were a few attacks she could only avoid by reading Velvet’s movements and making her miss. She would have to figure out what type this trump card of Velvet would be. She could not allow herself to be lured in. Sally was always face to face with death. Even though she had the advantage, it would all be turned on its head if she was hit even once.


Velvet had lost her lightning, but Sally believed that she truly did have something stronger than the rest. She wasn’t the type to bluff.

And so Sally carefully kept her distance while waiting for her chance to strike. She wanted to attack before Velvet was able to use ‘Second Coming of the Thunder God’ once again.


“I guess she won’t let her guard down… In that case, Oboro, ‘Black Smoke’!”

As this was just a skill that blocked people’s vision, it could be reactivated quickly. And so Sally used it once again to unsettle her opponent.

This time only one Sally burst through the black smoke and rushed towards Velvet.

Being fooled by Mirage three times in a row caused a delay in Velvet’s reaction. Hesitation leads to openings. It was like Mirage became more effective every time. And even if she did attack, Sally could dodge her. Sally was not the kind of person that couldn’t dodge an attack dealt after a moment of hesitation.

She weighed going forward and going back on a scale, and decided to go and deal some damage.



Velvet still didn’t move, even though Sally was just a few feet away. And while she was cautious,  Sally did not slow her step. That was when Velvet suddenly moved.


“‘Thunder Beast’!”

Unlike ‘Northern Light,’ electricity poured out of Velvet’s body, creating a white pillar that shone over the area.

Sally activated ‘Mirage’ and then used ‘Ocean’ and ‘Ancient Sea’ to alter her AGI and move away. As ‘Empty Shell’ was a damage nullifying skill that could be used in a final push, it was very valuable now that she couldn’t use ‘Spirited Away.’ She must under no circumstances use it by accident.


While she had not expected this to happen, Sally moved away and observed the situation calmly. After the pillar of light faded, she saw a giant white tiger that was enveloped in electricity.


“Hmm. I still can’t hit you…”


“I knew you were trying to do something… That being said, I’ve never seen something like this, other than with Maple.”


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