Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 333

Defense Specialization and ‘Reverse Rebirth’.



After escaping from the underground, Maple returned to the night sea and inspected the item she had so unexpectedly acquired.


[Reverse Rebirth]

Uses 500 HP.

Changes the next skill you use into another specific skill. Effective for 5 minutes.


“If it depletes 500 HP…that means it will only work when I’m using Savagery or wearing my white set.”

Maple checked the requirements for activating the skill, and then she changed her equipment and recovered her HP.


“Alright, ‘Reverse Rebirth’!”

Just as she said those words, black mist was unleashed from her body, and red damage effects flew. When Maple checked her status panel, she saw that some of her skills were blinking.


“‘Savagery’ and… ‘Throne of the Heavenly King’ and ‘Dedicated Affection’?”

In other words, these three were the only skills that Maple had that were affected by ‘Reverse Rebirth.’


“Okay. I guess I’ll test it on ‘Dedicated Affection,’ because I use it the most!”

She checked the status panel to see what the skill would be called after it changed. And then she said it hesitantly.


“Umm… ‘Unreaching Hunger for Affection.’”

Maple declared, and at the same time, instead of the familiar glow, a black circle of light began to spread around her feet. Then black wings sprouted from Maple’s back, and above her head, a black halo appeared.


“Woah! That’s amazing! This one might go well with my black armor!”

While it wasn’t exactly the part that most people would have been paying attention to, she eventually did check the effect.


“Hmm. The damage that the user would have received will be dealt to ally players and ally monsters who are within range… Uh, it really is reversed.”

Unlike ‘Dedicated Affection,’ all the other players would take damage for her while it was in use. ‘Dedicated Affection’ was such a powerful skill because Maple didn’t take any damage. And so that meant that ‘Unreaching Hunger for Affection’ would have very little meaning if she tried to use it.


It would be good if you were a player with low defense and high attack ability and needed to survive.

As it was a skill that meant you would survive as long as at least one of your allies were alive, an attacker would be able to deal the most damage they were capable of.


“Ah, but maybe I could have ‘Predator’ protect us!”

While there was an extra step of having to summon ‘Predator’ and then change her equipment, if she used it well, it could result in a new style of fighting that didn’t involve her constantly protecting the others.


“Alright, I’ll think of other uses for it!”

Maple was honestly pleased with this acquisition, and was excited to find a real tourist spot next time.




802 Name: Anonymous Greatsword Wielder

Breaking News. Maple has fallen from heaven.


803 Name: Anonymous Spear Wielder



804 Name: Anonymous Sorcerer

She already did a while ago.


805 Name: Anonymous Archer

But I heard she wasn’t doing anything recently?


806 Name: Anonymous Great Shield Wielder

I don’t know anything.


807 Name: Anonymous Greatsword Wielder

Well, do you know any other girls who have two familiar monsters on both sides?


808 Name: Anonymous Sorcerer

I doubt it.


809 Name: Anonymous Archer

No one else is like that.


810 Name: Anonymous Greatsword Wielder

Anyway, Maple had black wings growing out of her.

And the ground around her was glowing with a black light as well.


811 Name: Anonymous Spear Wielder

Maybe she just changed the color of the effect?


812 Name: Anonymous Archer

I heard that you could do that with tamed monsters, but no player has done that before.


813 Name: Anonymous Sorcerer

You’re saying that Maple is a tamed monster…?


814 Name: Anonymous Greatsword Wielder

She is a monster


815 Name: Anonymous Great Shield Wielder

Well, some of her is.


816 Name: Anonymous Spear Wielder

You can’t deny all of it then. I’m not surprised.


817 name: Anonymous Greatsword Wielder

Well, that’s all the information I got. I’m just waiting for someone to be sacrificed.


818 Name: Anonymous Sorcerer

So you’re already certain someone’s going to be sacrificed…

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