334 Part 1

Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 334

Defense Specialization and ‘Rapid Fire’.



Without any knowledge of such conversations, Maple and Sally met in the 7th layer town on the weekend, just as they had planned.


“I see you found another weird skill.”


“Yeah, I was so surprised. Maybe there are other things that I missed in all of the places that I’ve been to.”


“Well, you can’t be sure that you haven’t. It might be worth revisiting places where bosses didn’t drop anything, or where the boss was really weak.”

As an example, Sally suggested the mountain that they had gone to with Velvet. A likely explanation was that they were just too strong, but she also felt like that for a mountain that was so big, the number of monsters and their placements seemed a little odd.


“There may be undiscovered things in such places. Well, they also didn’t really give us any hints.”


“Hmm. Exploration sure is deep. Ah, I’ll show you what kind of skill it is later. It’s really difficult to use. But I thought that you might be able to think of something!”


“Alright, I’ll do that. Oh, by the way, Maple…you haven’t used the medals from the previous event to get any skills yet? There might be something good there.”

“Yes! I hope I can get a good skill, since I have a new rival.”


“I already chose mine, so I’ll show it to you some other time.”


“Yes, I’m looking forward to it!”

While Sally had won the duel, the real test would be during a PVP event. And so if she wanted to win, she had to figure out ways of dealing with Hinata.


“The person we’re about to go and see will be strong as well. So I hope we can see some skills.”


“Okay! Let’s go, Sally!”


“Yes, I’ll prepare the horse.”

Maple and Sally ended their conversation and decided to head out. They got on the horse and rode towards their destination.


“According to Velvet, we’ll know when we see them. So I guess that means they really stick out.”



Like this, the place that Maple and Sally arrived in was a grassy field where a gentle wind was blowing. This was the place where birds, small dragons, and flying monsters that were not exactly rare lived. They could see them flying freely in the open sky above the field.


“‘Dedicated Affection’!”


“Hmm. Thanks.”

There were a lot of monsters, and they were fast. And while it was an easy thing for Sally to dodge all of them, their goal for today was to search for a certain player. And so it would be best if nothing got in their way.


“So, we just need to look for someone who seems amazing?”


“Yeah. Velvet didn’t give me any details about the way that they looked.”

She supposed that Velvet wanted them to be surprised when they first saw this person. And so they had only been told the place. However, it would be really difficult to find someone here, where there were many other players. And so if it was still possible, that meant there must be something to this person that really drew in the eye. Just like when Maple had first met Velvet.


“Someone who you can tell is strange at a glance. Kind of like you right now, Maple.”



In fact, even as they talked, flying monsters were unleashing wind magic and ramming into her. However, all of these attacks just bounced right off of her. Both of them were used to such a sight, but it was definitely not normal for most people.

In other words, they just had to find someone like that.




As the two walked through the field, they spotted some players who looked promising.

A pair consisting of a tall and slender man and woman. The man had a giant bow that was as tall as he was, and he was dressed like a minstrel. The woman was dressed like a classical maid and carried a mop. As Sally said, they felt very out of place at a glance. And so they decided to watch the pair from afar.


It seemed like the man was mainly in charge of combat, while the woman in the maid outfit focused on supporting him.

What was most surprising was the speed and force of the bow. One moment he was aiming at a dragon in the sky. The next, a red damage effect was exploding on the dragon and its HP was 0. After that, he continued to take down monsters with a single hit. It was as if he were merely doing some target practice.


“Wow! Are bows always like that!?”


“Ahh… Well, we don’t really know any archers, huh? Still, I doubt they are usually like this. Yeah.”

He was hitting each moving target perfectly as if it were the easiest thing in the world. This in itself was abnormal. Just like how Sally survived by dodging, you had to aim before unleashing an arrow. And you would miss if the target moved in an unexpected direction.


“Force, accuracy, rapid-fire speed. I think he’s strong because all of them are at such a high level. I don’t think he’s even using a skill.”

Bows had skills that allowed you to do things that would be impossible in real life. Like unleashing multiple arrows at once, or changing the trajectory of an arrow after shooting it. But if these were just his normal attacks, what kind of hidden power could he have?


“But well, considering Yui and Mai, there must be some explanation for this ridiculous damage output. I’m guessing that maid is casting some very powerful buffs.”

He was doing damage that was on a similar level to the pair who had put all of their points into STR. There was no way that he wasn’t being affected by some skill.


“I see…”

The two were strong. They now understood why Velvet was interested in them.

After that, he continued to shoot the monsters down without ever missing a single one.


“And the bow is so cool…”


“Yeah. It must be fun to be able to shoot so well.”

As Maple and Sally watched them at a distance, the man appeared to finish. He lowered his bow, and then the two started to walk towards Maple and Sally.

And it seemed like they weren’t just walking in that direction by coincidence. They stopped in front of Maple and Sally, and the man opened his mouth.

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