334 Part 2


“Well, well. I was wondering who could be watching us so intently.”


“Yes, but I didn’t expect it to be anyone this famous.”

After getting a better look at them, they saw that there was something very soft about the way that the man carried himself. The woman seemed more stern and oozed confidence.


“You know us?”


“Yes, sort of.”


“Of course. Anyone would recognize you in that armor.”

As they were on the 7th layer, both Maple and Sally were wearing their strongest gear. So just like the pair said, there wouldn’t be many players who didn’t recognize Maple and Sally.


“So, Miss Maple and Miss Sally. Are you spying on the enemy? Is that it?”


“Uhh, Velvet said that there were some interesting players…”

Upon hearing the name ‘Velvet,’ the two nodded with a satisfied expression.


“So it’s you two. Velvet came here the other day.”


“She said that she had so much fun fighting some strong players, and that she sent them to us. I had no idea she meant Maple and Sally.”


“You were amazing!”


“I appreciate the compliment.”


“That much is really nothing for Will.”

It was then that the two realized that they had not introduced themselves yet, and so they quickly told them their names. The man was called Willbert and the woman in the maid outfit was called Lily.


“I’m the Guild Master of ‘Rapid Fire.’ Well, Will helps me run it.”


“Ahaha, I know what you mean.”

Maple pretty much always relied on Sally to come up with strategies. The only thing she really did was add a finishing touch occasionally. In fact, Maple had come up with the plan to use explosions as a marker during the previous event.


“Shall we talk a little? I feel like I wasn’t completely wrong when suggesting you were inspecting the enemy.”


“This is our first time meeting you. And we have a lot of interest in a small guild that is able to do so well in the rankings.”


“If that’s the case…”


“Yes! Let’s talk!”

And like that, through Velvet’s introduction, they decided to talk to the ‘top two’ of Rapid Fire, much like they had with ‘thunder storm.’



“The monsters that I killed will start to respawn soon. If we are going to talk, we should go to a safe zone…”


“This must be the defense field that I’ve heard about.”

Even as they were watching the pair, Maple had kept Dedicated Affection up in order to protect Sally. Aside from footage of the fourth event, Maple was almost always seen with angel wings when she was in combat, and so there were nearly no players who fought on the frontlines and yet didn’t know about it.


“Uhh, it can only protect my comrades.”


“I don’t doubt it. No, it’s not a problem. Will and I aren’t the kind of players who can be killed by the monsters in this area.”


“So where should we go? We haven’t been here much, and I’m not sure where the safe zone is…”

And so Lily walked in the front in order to lead them. And while monsters reacted to this and started to attack her, Willbert’s precise shots prevented them from getting close.


“If you ever fought them, you’d have to hide behind your shield, Maple.”

Willbert’s shots were powerful and precise. And since Maple’s movements were affected by her incredibly low AGI, Sally knew that moving would be pointless. But that wasn’t everything. She knew that there was a chance he could hit her, if even a part of her head or foot was sticking out from behind the shield.


“Uhhh… I-I think you’re right.”


“I know the basic bow skills. They are able to shoot multiple arrows at once or make them curve.”


“Yes. There is nothing for me to hide. Obviously, I have acquired all the basic skills for an archer.”


“…I’m sure you have a lot that are above them, Mister Willbert.”


“Is that what you think? That being said, it sounds like you have some ideas.”


“That speed and force would not be possible without something else.”


“Your powers of observation are admirable.”


“Haha. Will is strong. For instance, I’ve heard rumors about your dodging ability, Sally. However, I’m sure it would be hard even for someone like you to dodge an arrow that is so fast your eye cannot even follow it?”


“…Is that what you think?”


“Nicely done. I’m really starting to want to see your power.”

Like Velvet said, these two were very interesting. Lily thought with amusement. Then Maple turned to her.


“Lily, your clothes sure are nice!”


“This old thing? Well, I’ve had it for so long. Perhaps it’s starting to look good on me.”

Lily twirled her mop playfully as she said this.


“Lily used to hate it. But well, armor is armor.”


“Exactly! If you only knew what it felt like to finally get something rare, and have it be this thing.”

The overall air they felt from Lily, was of someone who stood above others, not someone who served. She was the Guild Master, after all. In a way, it didn’t really fit her bold personality.


“But they are first rate as far as equipment goes. These clothes and this mop, which I prefer to call a spear.”


“It’s a spear!?”


“Yes. But as you might guess, it has very little attack power.”


“…That’s uh…kind of you to tell us that.”


“Oh, it’s nothing, really. Besides…”

Lily then turned towards Sally with a challenging smile. She had such an air of confidence as she said,


“I know that even if we told you of every one of our skills, Will and I could still beat you two.”


“I always say this, but she exaggerates.”


“No, no. That is what strength amounts to.”


“…I just do what I can.”


“Yes, Will. That is fine. Anyway, that’s the way it is.”


“You and Velvet must be good friends.”


“Velvet is also very confident, and so we see eye to eye on many things. Besides, Velvet and Hinata really are strong.”


“If there ever is another battle with rankings, I think there will be a great shakeup. Oh, the safe zone is over here… But perhaps we didn’t need it.”

Even as they talked, Willbert shot down every monster. And Maple could walk and talk and protect Sally without a problem. So they were practically already within a safe zone.


“Oh, don’t say that, Will. It’s much more fun to be able to sit down and relax while you talk.”


“That’s true.”

And like that, the four went to the safe zone where monsters could not follow them.

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