336 Part 1

Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 336

Defense Specialization and ‘Rapid Fire’ 3.



After defeating the rose, Maple and Sally walked behind the other two in order to see them fight, just as had been promised.

That being said, this just involved seeing very weak-looking tree monsters being one-shotted by Willbert, and exploding.


“It doesn’t even feel like a fight. I thought Yui and Mai were the only ones who could give off that vibe…”


“He really is one-shotting all of them! I’ve never seen him miss…”


“He moves much faster than you, Maple. And bows have a lot of skills that require high DEX, so there is no way that he put everything into STR.”

As for what they could observe now, that they couldn’t when they watched from far away, was that it looked like Lily hadn’t activated any skills yet. So aside from the face that Willbert was shooting the monsters down without using any skills, they did not gain any more information.


“Hmm. Maybe it’s a passive skill then…”

Lily had told them that her maid outfit was very rare. That being said, they didn’t know if she was telling the truth. But there was clearly a reason that she had this equipment instead of more traditional armor and a spear.


“Well, let’s hope there’s a stronger monster, like that rose we just fought.”

The tree monsters were treated like the common enemies they were. They needed someone who could put up an actual fight.

As Lily twirled her mop around playfully, and Willbert killed the monsters expertly, they came out into another clearing.


“Will. What was here again?”


“The mushroom. It’s a little dangerous.”


“Then I guess I could help you a little. I did make a promise, after all. And I’m starting to get a little bored.”


“Yes, that would help.”

As the two talked like this, spores started to spray out of the ground, and a giant mushroom grew from the center. After a short delay, several smaller mushrooms sprouted around it. And they charged at the pair with a will of their own.


“Talent to Serve the King,’ ‘Strategy Instruction,’ ‘Suprarational Power.’ Hmm… Ah, ‘Sage’s Command’! Alright, I think that should do it.”


“‘Tight Pull,’ ‘Strongest Shot.’”

As Willbert’s bow was enveloped in a red light, the bow was pulled to its absolute limit before being unleashed. The arrow flew at a speed that the eye could not follow and pierced every one of the mushrooms that were moving in a straight row, before hitting the center of the big mushroom, and carving out a huge hole in it.

However, this was not enough to kill it. And while numerous damage effects exploded everywhere, it still had a little HP remaining. Immediately after, it recovered about thirty percent of its HP, and then filled the surrounding air with even more spores. There were more than a few dozen mushrooms now.


“Huh? I thought we killed it in one hit last time.”


“I can handle it if it only has thirty percent of its health left.”


“Well, I’ll still help you a little. ‘This Body into Food,’ ‘Advice.’”


The mushrooms unleashed more of their venomous-looking spores into the air as they approached. And while Lily activated her skills, there was no visible effect.


“Alright, here goes. ‘Area Expand,’ ‘Rain of Arrows.’”

Next, Willbert unleashed his arrow at the sky. And just like the name suggested, a rain of arrows descended in a specific area. ‘Area Expand’ insured that there was no space between the rain of arrows, and so the mushrooms were pierced one after another. It was the same with the large mushroom as well. And it was destroyed before it really had a chance to do anything.


“Nice. It’s a great way to take it down.”


“In that case, you should have done more for the first shot…”


“Ahaha…don’t be like that.”

Lily laughed it off and then turned to Maple and Sally in order to hear their opinion.


“It was amazing! I didn’t know that bows were so strong…”


“Will is special.”


“…The first shot. My guess would be that it’s a passive skill that does more damage the first time that you hit a target.”



This was the first time they had seen Willbert shoot a target more than once. While Sally didn’t know about all the buffs, she did know about ‘Rain of Arrows.’ It was a basic bow skill and since it was a wide-area attack, it did not do that much damage.

However, she was able to observe that compared to his first shot, his second one did considerably less damage. And when considering Lily’s buffs and the original power of ‘Rain of Arrows,’ it seemed that some really big buff was now missing.


“That’s practically correct! Impressive.”


“You’re kidding… Oh, you’re not.”


“It’s just as I said. And I don’t care if you know.”




“Yeah. Alright, as a reward for guessing correctly, we’ll also do the boss fight.”


“Uh, are you sure?”

If they got to watch them take on a boss, they might learn about even more skills. They had no reason to refuse.

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