336 Part 2


“Yes, it’s fine. Though, can I ask you to fight the enemies on the way instead? There will be branching paths from this point on, but if you’re careful when choosing your route, you can avoid places like this.”


“Yes… I guess we can.”

Sally was puzzled by this suggestion, but they ultimately decided to accept it. And so the two of them walked in the lead once again. When Willbert and Lily were a good distance behind them, they started to talk to each other.


“Are you sure about this, Lily?”


“Didn’t I tell you? I’m starting to feel bored.”


“Yeah… I know.”


“Besides, we won’t be able to get more information out of them if they just fight normal monsters. I doubt Maple will use any new skills if it’s not necessary. Sally even more so.”

As Lily knew she wouldn’t have anything to do until the boss fight, she occasionally gave the two advice on which route to take, but otherwise just played with her mop.




Like this, the four of them reached the next boss room without any trouble. And while Maple and Sally couldn’t one-shot every enemy like Willbert, they were able to reliably mow down the enemies with ease. And as always, since these monsters did not have piercing attacks, they didn’t have a chance in a million to begin with.


“As promised, Will and I will deal with the boss.”


“Yes! Good luck! But if you do need any help…”


“Haha! It will be fine. I suggest you concentrate on keeping your eyes peeled.”



While she didn’t really know what she meant, Maple nodded, and they followed the other two into the boss room. There was a shrine in the far back of the room that was covered in branches with green leaves. And in front of it, there was a child-sized doll that wore clothes made of leaves. It was also carrying a tree branch with a flower on the tip. This was the boss of the dolls and plants they had seen on the way. It was clearly designed to look like a fairy or tree spirit.


“Ah! I’ve fought a monster that looked just like it before!”


“…Was it that one in the jungle? I heard that it was a little different.”

If the attacks were similar, the forced changing of your equipment would be the main thing to expect. However, it was quickly proven that though it was visually similar, it was completely different inside.

As its first move, the boss called out on both sides, the same roses that Maple had defeated earlier. Then several magic circles appeared on the ground, and the tree dolls were summoned.


“Yes. I am impressed every time that I see it.”


“Hey, Lily. They’re coming.”

While the monsters were charging towards them, Willbert lowered his bow, and he and Lily said the same skill at the same time.


“‘Quick Change.’”

“‘Quick Change.’”

And their equipment changed simultaneously. As if trading places with Lily, Willbert was now wearing a butler outfit. As for Lily, instead of her maid outfit, she was now wearing an extravagantly decorated suit of armor. And her mop had turned into a banner with a coat of arms.


“‘Chair of Rubbish.’”

Lily declared. And then a chair with a high back rest appeared. It looked like it was made of broken machines. It was similar to Maple’s ‘Throne of the Heavenly King.’ As it hovered in the air, Lily jumped onto it and turned to the boss who continued to summon more enemies.


“‘Lifeless Army,’ ‘Toy Soldier,’ ‘Sand Horde,’ ‘Sage’s Command.’”


“Please do it now, Lily. ‘Talent to Serve the King,’ ‘Strategy Instruction,’ ‘Suprarational Power.’”

As Lily’s voice rang, an army of machines that matched the enemy side suddenly appeared. Maple and Sally could immediately tell what layer they were from.

After all, while they were not as strong as Maple’s weapons, they too were equipped with guns and cannons. The rest they could make up with numbers.

It was then that Willbert used the familiar skills to support her.




“They’re switching roles…at such a high level.”

Leaving aside how that was even possible, Sally began to sort out this information before her. Willbert was not holding his bow. He was wielding a knife instead. And it did not have the same force. On the other hand, it was now Lily who was the big threat.


She was calling out soldier after soldier and making them attack with their artillery. She used a number of summoning skills and cast buffs on all of them. The ability to suppress was overwhelming.


It was clearly not that hard to defeat these soldiers that she summoned, but the speed at which they were replaced was incredible. And the monsters that the boss was summoning were pushed back.

Willbert’s overwhelming quality and Lily’s overwhelming quantity. Their fighting style now involved switching places and having one person focus on buffs.


“Phew… There are so many things we’ll have to prepare for.”


“Yes. But I’ll do my best!”




“I’m the Guild Master, after all!”


“Hehe. That’s right.”

They watched this clash of two armies in front of them. The appearance of a new, powerful enemy could not have been more tangible.

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