338 Part 1

Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 338

Defense Specialization and the Beast



At the same time, in the valley that was being discussed in the message boards, a single white beast was moving about and dragging monsters. Apparently, it had no attack ability. It bit into one monster while grabbing another with its claws. And while it seemed to be attacking them viciously, it was dealing no damage.


However, doing this would obviously make the monsters retaliate. And the goblin who was being bitten somehow managed to stab the attacker’s face with a spear. The white beast’s shell was hard like armor, but it still made a slight scratch and caused some damage. However, every time the spear was thrust, blades of light would come out of the ground, reducing the damage.

But the goblins were desperate, and they continued to deal what little damage they could. It was then that the goblin who was being bitten suddenly had damage effects burst all over him.


The swords of light had buffed up its status even more, and it was now able to inflict damage to these goblins who were not wearing armor.

As death slowly creeped closer to it, the goblins could do nothing. Every time they struggled, the enemy only grew stronger.

The beast heard the satisfying sounds of the monsters dying and then it nodded happily.


“Alright! Let’s test this some more!”

So said Maple, who was inside of the monster. And she went off to find her next victim. Maple had used ‘Reverse Rebirth’ to acquire this new body, which was called ‘Heavenly Guardian,’ and she was now running around deep in the mountains in order to learn how to use it.


The white body was protected by a hard outer shell. And unlike ‘Savagery,’ there was something about its appearance that gave the impression of something that was holy. The differences were that she only had two arms and two legs now, and she could not breathe fire, and there was no STR boost.

And due to Maple’s original status, she was not able to deal any damage immediately after transforming. But she gained powerful support abilities in exchange. And so she would be very valuable by just standing there.


“Creating a field that decreases the amount of damage taken the more it’s received… And your friends who are within the field will get status boosts. I see. Hehehe.”

As she had learned that it went up when you took damage, she had tested the effect with goblins, who had spears that they used for repeated piercing attacks.

Every time her external HP took damage, just like with Savagery, swords that were made of light would shoot out around Maple, reducing the damage.


“It’s too bad that it only lasts for five minutes. I hope I can get the real skill one day!”

It was quite possible that the real ‘opposite’ skill actually existed somewhere. But though there had been stories about a black monster running around, she hadn’t heard anything about a similar white monster. But if such a skill could be found, she would get it immediately and use it all of the time.

And so Maple continued to practice for a while with this body that was strangely powerless in spite of its appearance. But five minutes wasn’t long, and she quickly returned to her original form.


“It’s already finished. Hmm. I didn’t realize Savagery was so useful.”

Just then, she received a message from management. Its contents were of course, about the 8th Event.


“This time we’re all going to work together… And while there will be a separate field, there’s no time acceleration. So I guess it will be similar to the jungle.”

While there might be some kind of requirement to enter, she had no idea what it could be. And so there was nothing she could do but wait for more information to be released.


“Still, I’m glad! I’m good with cooperating!”

After she finished training with her newly acquired body, Maple decided to return to the town.




Once she was back in the town, Maple met up with Sally and they started to talk about the event.

“The next event is coming up. Though, we still have some time.”


“Yes. And we get to work together!”


“I guess that’s good? I’m still not fully prepared for a PVP event.”

And if the 8th layer was going to be implemented soon, this meant that their time of relaxation was almost over.


“We’ll have a lot to do again.”


“Should we tie any loose ends first?”


“Hmm. I was thinking about that. And so I searched for a tourist spot on the 7th layer that was star themed… But things didn’t really go as planned.”

In other words, the information had led her to a strange skill, which hadn’t really been what Maple was searching for.


“Well, I have some good news for you, Maple.”


“What! What is it!”


“I just found a hint for the 7th layer.”

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