338 Part 2


“Really!? Ohhh… I was hoping that I would be able to do it this time… I guess I failed…”


“That being said, it seems like it won’t be a simple tourist spot either.”


“You mean it will be like the floating castle?”


“Yes, yes. The nice view is just a bonus. And so there will likely be some very strong monsters.”

Sally said that it would at least be tougher than the places they went to with Velvet or Lily.


“That sounds hard… But, I guess it makes it fitting for our last one!”

“Exactly. And this time it can be during the day or night, so we can go whenever we want.”


“Then let’s go now!”


“Alright, it’s decided then. Also, I knew you would say that, so I prepared something. But we have to return to the guild home once.”


“…? Uh, okay!”

And so Maple followed after Sally as they headed towards the Guild Home.





During that time, Izu was moving back and forth between different workshop tools within the Guild Home. She was in the middle of crafting something.

As the new event had just been announced, the other guild members were all gathered there as well, and they were discussing the current situation.


“Another event, huh? But my tamed monster is quite strong. I feel fully prepared.”


“I’ve been leveling up as well, but we still don’t know the details about the event. Though, I’m sure that the monsters will be strong…”

Chrome and Kasumi had the highest levels in Maple Tree. However, things were a little more complicated than that. Having a higher level didn’t necessarily mean you had an advantage.


“Also, there are different ways of cooperating. But if it’s going to allow all eight of us to work together, I don’t see how we could lose…”

Kanade said as he moved a piece on the gameboard forward.






“I won again.”




Mai and Yui’s shoulders dropped in disappointment. But they quickly challenged him to another game, and Kanade accepted.


“By the way, have Maple and Sally not come in today?”


“Those two should be here soon. I’ve been working on something that Sally requested.”

Izu said as she came out after finishing her work.


“Sally, eh? That’s unusual. Oh, speak of the devil.”

Just as they were talking, the Guild Home’s doors swung open and Maple and Sally walked in.


“Sally. I finished the thing that you asked for.”


“Thank you so much.”

And then Izu went into her inventory and gave the item to Sally.


“Are you two going somewhere now?”


“Sally and I are going to do some final sightseeing before the event!”


“That’s nice. Have fun. Oh, and it would make me happy if you brought me a souvenir.”


“Okay, leave it to me!”


“I won’t mind if you find an interesting skill as well.”


“Ahaha… I think Maple already did that…”

Sally already knew that Maple had found something. Chrome also just happened to know about it, and he had the same far away expression as Sally.


“Ah, the fallen angel…”


“Well, I’m sure there’s plenty to discuss, so we’ll do that as we plan for the event after they release more information.”


“Oh, that’s right.’


“Okay, goodbye then!”

Maple and Sally waved at them as they left. Kanade, Mai, and Yui returned to their game. But Izu and Kasumi looked at Chrome with puzzled expressions.


“Fallen angel? What’s that?”


“Uh, I didn’t really see it in person, since Maple’s always out on the field these days… But someone else saw a black version of ‘Dedicated Affection’…”


“That must have been quite the surprise.”


“Yeah. I don’t really know what it is, but I doubt it’s weak.”


“People will be cautious even if it is weak. Better safe than sorry.”

While they had no idea how she had acquired it, they more than welcomed the idea that their Guild Master was getting stronger.


“Ah, that’s right, Kasumi. There’s something I want to ask you.”




“Yeah. You said that you explored the valley when taming Haku, right? Did you happen to see a white monster that wore armor when you were down there?”


“…No, I didn’t see anything like that. Maybe it’s a rare monster?”


“It must be, if even you haven’t seen it. It could also be a tamed monster or a rare event.”


“Hmm. if there is such a thing, I wish I could have seen it.”

It would be a while before the two found out that the thing they were talking about was neither a tamed monster or a rare event, but Maple.

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