341 Part 1

Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 341

Defense Specialization and the 9th Event



Time passed, and then the moment of the 9th event finally arrived. Maple and Sally were at the guild home with the other members, and they went through the details of the event.


“This time there are no PVP elements at all. All players will cooperate during the event and see how many of the new monsters they can kill.”


“I see. If we’re all going to cooperate, then we’ll have to do our best for everyone too!”


“Hehe. Just do things at your own pace. There are some people that just go crazy during these kinds of events…”

During the 3rd event, which now seemed like a very long time ago, there were a number of guilds who had numbers that were considerably higher than the rest. And since this one had a similar format, they could predict that something similar would happen.


“Well, leaving all of that aside, you receive a reward every time you hunt down a certain number of monsters. And if you make it to the end, you’ll get an item that will be useful on the 8th layer. And of course, you’ll also receive medals and money…”


“Woah! That makes me feel even more motivated!”


“True. And since it’s quite long, and every layer has these exclusive monsters, I think it will be fine if we just hunt where we want to.”


“And we also know what the hunting goal is. Anyway, I’ll check every day to see what others are hunting.”


“Yes. The goal might be a lot easier than it sounds.”


“I doubt they would have set it to be severe. Regardless, I’m going to focus on the materials that the monsters drop.”

Chrome, Izu, and Kasumi decided that they would keep an eye on other players while hunting down just enough monsters and gathering items. That’s how they would make their way through the event.


“Yui. What about us?”


“Hmm… Since it’s counted as one monster no matter where you are, I guess we should choose a place where it will be easy to fight?”


“That’s true. It’s not like our goal is to level up…”

As Yui and Mai had such low HP that they could be defeated in one hit no matter where they were, they decided that they would just enjoy this event at their leisure, as there was no need to really compete.


“I think I’m going to take it slow as well. Ah, if I have time, I’ll go and watch other players. Since you seemed to be worried about PVP.”


“…! Thank you. That will help.”


“But, uh… Don’t get your hopes up too high.”

Kanade said to Sally with a laugh. This really wasn’t an event that any of them had to stress over, and so they all just decided to play while moving towards their goal.


“And we can send reports if we find anything interesting. There are supposed to be different types of monsters, after all.”


“Yes. There may be specific monsters that drop good materials. Then we’ll have to prioritize those.”

Who knew if they would ever see those monsters again once the event ended? And so they wanted to gather what they could first.


“Alright, so we’ll all notify each other if anything happens!”

Maple said, and they decided that they would all spread out and see if there was a difference in the types of monsters on every layer.





As the event itself was quite simple, Maple and Sally headed out for the field once they finished reading the details. Since they were players who were able to go to the 7th layer, where the monsters were the strongest, they decided to leave the other layers to the other members, and start hunting on the 7th layer.

As always, Sally prepared her horse, and Maple rode in the back as they dashed through the field. It did not take them long to see that there were some unfamiliar monsters in the area.


“They kind of look like the fish that I can summon.”


“Are you sure they are it?”


“Yes. These are the monsters that are exclusive to this event.”

They were a school of fish that now swam in the air, over the usual field. By hunting them, they could really rack up their hunting numbers.


“It seems like there are different types of monsters. So the stronger ones might drop rarer materials.”


“Then we better hunt as many as we can!”


“That being said, if we’re trying to hunt as many as possible, it might be better to go somewhere where there are fewer players.”


“Because that’s more efficient, right!”


“Yeah. Besides, it seems like they spawn just about anywhere.”

The numbers you were expected to hunt down were quite high. And even though the event was very long, it would still be a lot of work. They would have to compete with other players if they stayed near towns. And so the two decided to move closer to the edge of the map.


After riding like this for some time, they came out into a wasteland with lots of boulders. It offered a decent view of the area and showed them that there were no special monsters or gimmicks here. That meant it would be a good place to start hunting. Sally dismounted from her horse and then helped Maple down. Then she made the horse wait nearby.


“Alright! Let’s go and find them!”


“We can search the area a little, and if it seems like they are scarce here, we’ll move again.”



But they found the monsters they were searching for very quickly. It was a school of tropical fish that swam in the air and glowed with a pale light. They looked like the fish that Sally could summon with her skill. Obviously, there was no way that such monsters would live in this wasteland, and so they immediately knew it was for the event.


“So, let’s test them out!”

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