341 Part 2


“Yes! I won’t hold back!”

Sally created clones as she rushed forward. Behind her, Maple developed her weapons. She went all out in her attacks as if she was facing a boss. While these monsters were designed to look like fish, they really were your typical tropical fish. And they did little besides launching minor water attacks at you.

It was clear as day what would happen when they faced someone like Sally and Maple. Sally easily dodged all of the water that shot towards her, and Maple erased them by brute force with her lasers. In a flash, the fish were all turned into ashes.


“…They’re a lot easier to defeat than I expected. I guess it’s because we have to get a lot of them.”


“Yes. It was so quick!”

In terms of abilities, these two were some of the strongest of the players that were on the forefront. And so these monsters that were never meant to be strong in the first place had no chance at all.


“We won’t have any trouble hunting them down then!”


“Indeed. Let’s keep going so that we don’t fall behind the others!”

Since this first one went so well, they continued to hunt down the other monsters. Maple’s shooting and Sally’s slashes made everything so easy. And so they continued to hunt the fish and raise their numbers. However, after a short while, something different suddenly appeared in front of them.


“Sally. Is that one too?”


“I think so. They did say that there were different types.”

As they watched from the shadows of a rock, they saw a shark that was bigger than both of them, swimming in the air.

While they had killed several groups of fish now, they had never seen a shark before.


“Well, we have no reason not to fight it. Besides, it might drop something.”


“Alright, then we should make the first move!”

Maple aimed her cannon from the shadows of a boulder and fired her beam after targeting the shark.

It went straight towards the shark, hitting it clean in the body. However, it was clearly different from the fish. And while it’s HP did decrease, it did not die. Instead, it opened its mouth wide and charged towards them.


“One more shot! Wawawa!?”

Just as Maple tried to attack it again, water suddenly shot out of the ground, causing her to lose her balance and fall. Sally had detected the danger and was about to move away, but she saw Maple and went on the defense instead.


“‘Dedicated Affection’!”

When it came to skills that she used many times, Maple had developed a quick reflex, and she instantly reacted in order to protect Sally. Immediately after, Maple was launched into the air by the geyser from the ground. Sally watched Maple fly into the air after defending her, and then she rushed towards the shark.


“Now it’s my turn!”

As Sally moved in, the shark opened its mouth wide as if to crush her. Sally easily slid out of its reach and slashed deep into its flesh with her blades before moving back once again. And like this, when she was about to move to her next attack, she heard a voice from up above.


“Sally!! Stop the shark’s movements!”


“Oboro, ‘Binding Barrier’!”

Sally immediately reacted to Maple’s voice and stopped the shark’s movements. Maple had gone out of her way to shout this. There must be a good reason for it.

Immediately after, a deafening exploding sound echoed in the sky, and a black mass fell down towards the shark’s head. It was Maple, who had used ‘Machine God’ to turn one of her arms into a huge sword.

Ultimately, Maple’s sword pierced right into the immobile shark’s head, and cut it off. As the head fell away from the rest of its body, Maple’s sword pierced into the ground as she held there suspended for a second before losing her balance. The sword then broke, and she rolled onto the floor.


“A-are you… Yes, of course, you’re fine.”

While Sally was a little surprised by this unexpected attack, she knew from past experience that Maple wouldn’t take any damage from falling from such a height.


“I just thought that it was a waste that I always fall without doing anything! And it went pretty well!”


“In the first place, it’s not normal to fall like that.”

This was something that only applied to Maple, who flew in the air by exploding. Falling from a high place was not something that usually had any merits. Instead of thinking about a good way to fall, you should think about reducing your damage, or think of ways to avoid falling from high places to begin with.


“Ah, that’s right. Are there any materials…”

Maple got up and started looking around. She then found a clump of water that had retained its shape, much like a slime.


“Is it this?”


“Woah. What kind of material is it?”

Maple picked it up and checked. The description just said that it was water that was filled with magic energy. And while there may have been a special use for it, it was outside of Maple and Sally’s expertise.


“Hmm… I guess we’ll have to ask Izu about it? If it’s important, we’ll want to gather as much as we can.”

It was possible that the sharks were rare, as they did not appear nearly as much as the tropical fish. If it turned out that this item was important, then they would need to shift their focus to hunting sharks.


“Alright, then let’s go and ask her! Hehe! Time is of the essence!”


“Okay. We’ll do that. It seems like Chrome and the others are out exploring. But Izu can use the workshop no matter where she is.”

And so Sally sent Izu a message, and then the two got back on the horse and started riding.


“Ah, now that we know that the fish are weak, you should just slash at them as we ride by! Maybe they’ll drop something.”


“Okay! Leave it to me!”

Like this, they racked up more kills as they headed to where Izu and the others were.

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