Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 343

Defense Specialization and the Search for Change



When it came to easy dungeons they had been to on the 7th layer, the mid-range boss rush ‘colosseum’ they had gone to with Velvet seemed like the obvious choice.

The difficulty shifted depending on the number of people. And since no one could disturb them there, they would be able to win repeatedly without problem as they made their way through.


“Anyway, let’s try going inside once.”



As Maple and Sally entered the dungeon and crushed one boss after another, they realized that something was different. Last time, there were no monsters along the path between the bosses. But this time they would occasionally encounter the tropical fish.


“I see. So they really just appear everywhere.”


“There was nothing here last time!”


“Yes, yes. The difference is obvious in places like this. That being said…”

Sally said as she walked forward. She smoothly passed through the group of fish, while simultaneously slicing them up.


“Hmm. They are just as weak as they are outside.”


“Woah! Good one, Sally!”


“Maybe it’s only special places that they don’t appear, like boss rooms?”

Maple and Sally continued to inspect the areas carefully for any other changes as they advanced. And after killing the limited monsters, they reached the boss room. When they went inside, they saw a stone statue. Unlike the time that all four of them had gone inside, this one had an axe in each hand.


“It should be weaker than last time…right?”


“According to Velvet, anyway. But it could still be a bad fit for us, so be careful!”

They could not allow themselves to lose just because they prioritized the investigation. And so they both raised their weapons and entered a battle stance.


“It should have wide swings and attack randomly!”


“You can do it!”

Just as Sally rushed forward, Maple developed her weapons and began to fire. As the gap between Sally and boss closed up, the axe to the right began to swing down.


“That’s nothing! ‘Super Accelerate.’”

Sally accelerated for a second and then jumped to the side in order to dodge the axe. Dust flew in the air as she leapt again, landing on top of the axe as if it was nothing. Her daggers shredded the stone arm as she dashed up to its shoulder at an incredible speed. She took advantage of the large swings of big monsters and attacked. This was the method that Sally was the best at, and she dealt immense damage all at once. In the meantime, the statue’s left hand shot forward. It threw its axe towards Maple, who continued to fire at it.


She had been so concentrated on firing that she was unable to move in time. The axe smashed right into her, blowing Maple off of her feet. However, the axe too bounced into the air with a loud ring. Maple’s damaged weapons exploded as she rolled onto the ground.


“…How shocking.”

She made sure that everything was fine before brushing the dust off of her body. Maple then brought out her weapons and was about to recommence fire.”





She detected something in Sally’s voice and immediately stopped firing and launched herself in the air by detonating the weapons instead. The stone statue tried to knock Maple out of the air with its left hand, but as it got close to her, Sally activated her skill.


“‘Change of Position’!”

Sally was near the statue’s head, and Maple was in the air. But now their positions had changed. Sally adjusted her posture and landed on the ground, while Maple transformed one arm into a tentacle and swallowed up the statue’s head.



She saw the head being held by tentacles and black mist as red lights burst all over it. And Sally knew that her plan had succeeded. Maple made use of the distance that Sally had bridged. Once they traded places, Maple could slam the boss with her strongest attack, ‘Bizarre Eater.’ That meant that as long as Sally could get close, Maple could travel between the two positions without being disturbed, and appear right next to it.

As Maple continued to squish and swallow the head, the last damage effects burst from it, and then the entire statue disappeared into light.

Sally caught Maple as she fell from the air and gently but her down on the ground.


“Good work.”


“Yes! It ended perfectly!”


“…Besides, I found something that was a little different.”



Maple looked at Sally with a puzzled expression. In reply, Sally pointed at the ground around them. There were several puddles of water, and it was clear that they hadn’t been made by Sally.


“Too bad there weren’t any material drops or special events… But this water here must be related to the current event.”

The statue hadn’t done anything related to water, and judging by the types of monsters that were appearing in this event, Sally was likely right.


“Okay. Then let’s do a few more! And then maybe we’ll get some special materials!”

“Yes. It wasn’t that strong, so we can keep going.”

The two hopped onto the magic circle that had appeared and started the second round.

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