344 Part 1

Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 344

Defense Specialization and Teamwork



While Maple and Sally worked on the dungeons, Mai and Yui were on the 5th layer, hunting the event monsters. The field on the 5th layer was quite bright, and most of the monsters were slow and made of clouds. And so they were able to face the event monsters without worrying about being ambushed. They were also quite happy about the experience points they amassed along the way.

Since Maple and Sally had no trouble taking them down with their attacks, Mai and Yui also had no trouble one-shotting them just like any other enemy.

In the first place, the only enemy that could be hit by them and survive, were boss monsters.

Thanks to Tsukimi and Yukimi, they both had decent moving speed now, and as they traveled around the field, they encountered a shark that flew through the air, just like Maple and Sally had.


“There’s one! It’s very unusual!”


“Yes…! Let’s kill it.”

They gave the order to Tsukimi and Yukimi, and then they approached it from the left and right sides so that they couldn’t be attacked at the same time.


“‘Flying Attack’!”

Yui swung her great hammer, unleashing a shockwave that went straight towards the shark. However, the shark swam up into the air, smoothly dodging the attack. Then it unleashed a powerful jet of water towards Mai, who was closer to it.


“‘Act of the Giant’!”

In reply, Mai swung her two great hammers wildly instead of dodging. They rammed right into the water that the shark had unleashed. White effects flashed around it, and great amounts of water bounced off and hit the shark.


“Nice one! Yukimi!”

Mai made Yukimi run forward, and as the shark recoiled from the water that came back at it, she slammed her great hammer into its body from below. The shark exploded and died in one hit.


“Yes! Nice reaction!”


“Really…? …That’s good.”

The skill that Mai and Yui had acquired with the medals. It was a skill that if the damage that your opponent’s attack inflicted was under your own STR, you could nullify the damage and make it bounce off. As neither of them had any defense ability, the damage they took would be very great. However, it was still below their attack ability.

While it wasn’t a perfect counter, it made good use of their abilities and was a good trump card in terms of defense. If they could bounce off the enemy’s trump card, they would be able to turn the tables in an instant.

In general, they would try to dodge by making use of Tsukimi and Yukimi’s speed, and just when they were about to get hit, they would switch to firing back.




They already knew that the monsters for this event were unable to mete out attacks that exceeded their STR. As long as they could react in time, they would be able to fight back without issue regardless of the attack.

The two picked up the dropped materials and then decided to lean against a wall of cloud and rest.


“I was a little worried when we first chose it… Thankfully, it seems we’ll have no trouble using it.”


“Yes! It will be fine with our attack ability!”

It was the kind of skill that would be very questionable for other players, but with these two, they could use it to block even the heavy attacks of bosses.


“We should also think about what to do with our next medals!”

As Maple Tree continued to do very well, both of them received new medals quite regularly. And so they thought that they might as well think about what other skills they wanted.


“That’s true… There are so many strong skills.”


“Yes, yes! And so, I’ve been thinking…”


“Hmm. What?”

And so Yui started to explain. Up until now, the two had chosen the same skills. Part of it was because they wanted to match each other, but it was also because they had the same statuses, which meant they were compatible with the same kinds of skills. And so they continued to choose the same skills because it made sense if they wanted to get stronger.


“Since we fight together more than with anyone else, I thought we should acquire skills that will let us cooperate!”

Individually, their combat ability was high enough. The fact that they had done so well during the preliminaries of the previous event had boosted their confidence.


“Yes, that might be a good idea. We will be able to surprise people…”

They had been able to get a hit on Dred during the 4th event because they had worked together.

Since they could already synchronize their attacks so naturally, they would become even stronger if they were able to complement each other.


“In that case… I would like to be able to support your attacks, Yui.”


“Okay, then I’ll focus on attacking!”

With these two, they only needed one attack to land. Now that it was decided, they started their search for a new skill.


“I’ve been looking at some promising ones, just like Sally!”


“Hehe. Of course, we won’t have the medals for a little longer.”


“We can always search the field instead. Hmm…at least until we get the medals?”


“But then… Hehe, we’ll probably just get the same skills.”

However, Yui pointed out that this wasn’t a problem, as it could just be a starting point for their teamwork. After that, they would use the medal skill as a surprise move so that their opponent would not be able to react.


“Alright, let’s go search for more monsters then!”


“Yes, let’s do that.”



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