354 Part 1

Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 354

Defense Specialization and Reconnaissance



Kanade left the guild home and went off to check up on Rapid Fire, just like he said he would. Lily and Wilbert always went to the same place at the same time in order to hunt monsters and do target practice, so it wasn’t hard to find them, even though there were multiple, huge layers.


“I haven’t learned anything new about ‘thunder storm,’ so it would be nice if I could see something interesting.”

Kanade called out Sou, just in case he was suddenly attacked on the road. And then like Sally, he used a horse to move through the field.

Sou could mimic him and fight, so he wouldn’t have to worry about depleting his stock of magic books. Because of this, with the exception of important events or boss fights, he would generally rely on Sou during combat.

Kanade arrived at the spot that Maple and Sally had gone before in order to see Lily and Willbert. When he was close, he got off of his horse and sat down under a tree so he could watch them through binoculars.


“Just as I heard, the accuracy…and force is incredible. Someone like me won’t even be able to come close to them.”

Willburt shot at the flying monsters in the sky, and never missed a single one. His reputation had not been a lie. On top of that, each hit was so powerful that they took down the monsters in a single hit. An average player would be riddled with holes before they got close to him.


“You’ll have to force your way closer to him. It will take good Skills and high AGI.”

However, if he tried approaching him from the front, then Willbert would just move back to keep the distance between them. Like Sally said, you only had to look at the exploding monsters to see how strong his attacks were. However, judging by his precise steps and agility while dodging attacks, he was not someone like Yui or Mai, who could only do one thing.

He had range, attack power, and speed that was well above the average. It was pure strength. And it would not be easy to make that crumble.


“And Lily is next to him as well… Hmm. There really aren’t any openings.”

The two from Rapid Fire were incredibly strong as individuals, but by having one support the other, they were even more powerful.

If Willbert was the attacker, he was able to kill in one hit through overwhelming quality. And if Lily was the attacker, she could kill in one hit with overwhelming quantity against larger numbers. By having one side focus on supporting the other, it would be hard to catch them off guard and find an opening. You could say that all of their abilities were at a high level. This was a very different combination of characteristics compared to Velvet and Hinata.


Kanade solved a puzzle that Izu had made with one hand as he called out his tamed monster. And as he watched to see if they would use any skills that he hadn’t seen before, Lily and Willbert suddenly stopped practicing and walked towards him.


“Ohh! It seems we have yet another interesting spectator.”


“Sorry. Lily wouldn’t listen to me and insisted on coming to see you.”


“No, I’m the one who should be sorry for spying on you like this. Still, that’s amazing…I thought I was far enough to stay hidden.”

He had been at a far enough distance that it was only through using Izu’s special binoculars that he was able to see them. So it was unlikely that they had spotted him with their naked eyes.


“Haha. Our Will is quite special.”


“Unfortunately, I cannot get into any details… But yes, I saw you very clearly.”

Kanade scratched his head awkwardly. So Sally hadn’t been wrong when she said that she sensed something. Willbert was using some kind of skill or item that made his eyesight equal to binoculars made by a crafter of the highest level.


“Haha. I guess no one will be able to ambush you then.”


“Hehe, exactly. I like this. It’s much better to not have to hide things.”

Lily said with a confident expression. Even though some of Willbert’s abilities were known, it was still rather vague. And so it would be difficult to actually deal with him perfectly. And so she felt that they could easily win without a problem.


“I was just doing a little reconnaissance. You know, you two are considered to be very important back at our guild.”


“Oh, that’s kind of embarrassing to hear…”


“No, it’s not at all. After all, it’s the truth. Isn’t it?”


“I’m not sure?”


“You can be so dull. This is when you’re supposed to agree with me.”


“Is that right…?”


“Oh, we’re getting distracted. So, did you gain any advantageous information?”


“I was really only reminded of how vast your scouting ability is, and how impressive your aim.”


“I see. Well, in a way, that’s all there really is. And there isn’t anything you can do about it, is there?”


“I suppose. At least, not if it’s just me.”


“Well, if it takes someone like Will to make you give up, perhaps we shouldn’t underestimate you.”

If Kanade used all of his best bagics books without thinking of saving them, he might actually stand a chance. However, that was only if they didn’t have hidden abilities to turn things around. And so he had said that he’d be at a disadvantage.


“Of course, you can watch us for as long as you like. That being said, I think that your guild master pretty much saw everything that there was to see.”


“Yes. I heard about it. Well, while I said this was reconnaissance, it was mostly out of personal curiosity. I enjoy watching players use different kinds of skills.”


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