354 Part 2


“I see.”


“I believe you. I sometimes feel the same way.”


“And so if you’re going to continue, I’ll sit back and watch for a little longer. There’s something very thrilling about watching you shoot down those monsters one after another.”


“Indeed. Well, I’m sorry to tell you this, but we’re calling it a day.”


“Haha. There’s no need to apologize. I’m the one who just started watching you without asking. If anything, it would be natural for you to want me to stop.”

In any case, the show was over. And so Kanade decided that he might as well go and watch some other guild.

Immediately after, he heard the sounds of splashing water nearby, and the three turned to where the sounds were coming from. Ahead of them, water was shooting out from the ground like a fountain. What resulted was too large to be considered a puddle, as the area it was covering was over 10 meters in diameter.


“Huh? What’s this? A skill of yours?”


“No, not mine.”


“No one in our guild, including me, has a skill like this.”

There were no other players in sight. In that case, this could only be some kind of event.


“Will, has anything like this happened before when we killed all those sharks, octopi and eels?”


“I don’t think so. And none of the monsters we encountered had moves that were similar to this one.”


“Alright, let’s wait a little then. Kanade, it would help if you could stay here too. We don’t know what might happen.”

Lily judged from the size of the spreading water, that something big was about to appear. In that case, they had no reason to allow a potential ally to leave.


“Alright, sure. This is great. While unexpected, I’ve come across something very interesting.”

And so Kanade decided to watch to see what would happen. As the three observed the water carefully, ripples started to spread out from the center, and then with a great splash, a giant squid shot up into the air.


“Ohhh! I haven’t seen a giant squid since the second event.”


“Awesome. I don’t know what’s happening, but this is a big one. Let’s get it, Will!”


“Yes, of course.”


“It’s not under water, and I’ve gotten a little stronger. It should be a nice challenge.”

During the second event, Kanade had been thrown into the water and immediately killed by a giant squid. And while this wasn’t the same monster, it was still a good opportunity to show his growth.

And so the three brandished their weapons and then cast buffs on Willbert, who would be the main attacker.


“‘Talent to Serve the King,’ ‘Strategy Instruction,’ ‘Suprarational Power,’ ‘Sage’s Command,’ ‘This Body into Food,’ ‘Advice’!”


“Sou, ‘Mimic.’”

The slime that sat on top of Kanade’s head hopped down and transformed into the spitting image of Kanade. Lily watched this with wide, interested eyes.

“I see. So it’s that kind of monster! I had heard rumors, but it’s so surprising to see it in person.”


“It’s quite useful. Especially for someone like me.”

Kanade made Sou take out some magic books and then used ones that raised a person’s damage output. While Sou’s books were not as effective, Kanade had only collected high-quality skills, regardless of how hard they were to acquire, so this still resulted in a massive boost.


“I’m the only one in ‘Maple Tree’ that is a proper buffer. So I better do something.”


“Hahaha… Something is an understatement… But thank you. I’ll shoot it down now.”

Will held up his bow and pulled the bowstring to the limit as he took aim.


“‘Tight Pull,’ ‘Extermination Shot.’”

Dark red effects splattered as the arrow shot forward, too fast for the eye to follow. And then it went straight through the squid and disappeared off into the sky. There was an explosion of damage effect then, but the HP bar above its head barely moved.


“Ohhh…I see.”


“Well, this is unexpected. Can you trade places, Lily?”


“Yeah, leave it to me. However, I don’t think it’s that strong…”

As Willbert did considerably less damage when he wasn’t able to one shot something, Lily used ‘Quick Change’ to switch her equipment and become the main attacker.

Lily immediately summoned a great amount of soldiers and made them attack with their guns. But just like how Wilbert’s attack had done little damage, it was clear that this too was not the most effective method.

“Here comes the counter attack…! ‘Body into a Shield’!”


“Sou! ‘Target Increase,’ ‘Light of the Spirit,’ ‘Guardian Barrier’!”

Tentacles shout out from both sides as if to crush all three of them. Kanade activated damage reduction skills, Lily used all of the soldiers she created to take the damage for them. However, the damage was so powerful in spite of these measures, and in a flash, all of the soldiers were turned into dust.


“That’s worse than I expected… ‘Rapid Factory,’ ‘Reproduction’!”

Skills that Kanade hadn’t heard about from Sally were activated, and at the same time, new soldiers were created just as the old ones were destroyed, creating a wall of defense.


“Huh. I didn’t know you could summon so many.”


“Yes, I can. You saw Will’s power, didn’t you? This is the bare minimum of what I need to be able to do in order to stand next to him.”


“Haha. I wouldn’t say that. Of course, it doesn’t hurt either.”


“That being said, this really isn’t enough to go on the attack. Will, contact the other guild members. We’ll need reinforcements.”


“Very well. I’ll call anyone who is free.”


“I’ll call people from my guild as well.”


“That’s very kind of you. Thanks.”

Lily assured them that she could keep the enemy at bay until then, and so she continued to create soldiers and block the attacks of the tentacles.

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