Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 81

Defense Specialization and Supporting Role




Kanade reached the end of the second layer by himself.

While he usually used most of his MP for support magic when fighting alongside other guild members, he was also capable of some offensive magic for when he had to fight alone.

Furthermore, while it was slightly reliant on luck, he could also use ‘Akashic Records’ to give his attacks more weight.


And so he was able to move around by himself without any problem.


“My luck with skills is pretty great today.”

Just like Kanade said, he was able to get a powerful magical skill with ‘Akashic Records’ today.


Kanade dug through the sand so he could see the surface of the stone pavement.

He had been able to locate this spot through information he had found in the library.



When Kanade put a hand on the stone pavement, it disappeared and was replaced by stairs that led down into the underground.

Kande went down the stairs.

Once he had reached the bottom of the narrow stairway, there was nothing but an incredibly ancient-looking door.


When Kanade opened the door, he was greeted to a vast library.

It looked very similar to the library in the floating city, which was the only place that Kanade had beaten during the second event.


“Well now, according to my speculation, it will be down…here.”

There was an old desk that was covered in white puzzle pieces.

A milk puzzle.

Kanade gathered them together in a pile.

There was a frame to fit the pieces inside, and there were letters written on the frame.

The trial of the gods.

It was just like the time he had acquired ‘Akashic Records’ at the floating island.


“This time it’s…3,000, huh. That is a lot less than last time.”

Kanade sat down in the chair and spread the pieces out. He scanned them all before he started to connect the pieces from the corners.


“Hmm… This one goes here. This one is…here.”

Kanade put the pieces together one after another.

It was almost as if he already knew the answer.

And after working on the puzzle for thirty minutes, he stopped his hands and moved back into the chair.


“Ahh…this is tiring. My head is starting to hurt…”

Kanade’s powers were suited for learning things.

In other words, he had a high, perhaps too high, ability to remember things.

Normally these pieces would all look the same, but once Kanade had seen them all, they were all distinct to him.

And of course, that meant he knew which piece should be connected with which piece.

The shape of the piece, the placement.


He remembered all of it.


However, it also required Kanade to reach the limits of concentration for him to be able to retain all of this information.

And he was only able to do this for ten minutes at the most.


Kanade already had an excellent memory to begin with, but that would not be enough to complete this puzzle.

And so he had no choice but to rest quietly for now.


“It doesn’t look like I can take out the remaining books either… Hmm… It would be troublesome if anyone besides me were to come here.”

What was different from last time was that he wasn’t affected by time acceleration.

It would take quite some time for him to finish it, but it wasn’t as if he could just stay here and sleep either.


“I think I might just make it in time…But I will just have to come back later if I can’t.”

Kanade had a break for thirty minutes before going back to working on the puzzle.


And so as he continued to alternate between resting and concentrating, and the pieces started to come together.

And finally, Kanade was able to put the final piece into place.


In the next instant. The white frame of the puzzle emitted a bright light, and a Rubik’s cube appeared in the center. It rotated slowly as it hung in the air.


“Well then…”

When Kanade took it into his hands, it turned into several different lights and then they were sucked into his pockets.


“Ohh…Holding it makes it absorb into you.”

Kanade checked his own equipment to confirm.

And then he saw that the Rubik’s cube had been added as a new skill.


‘Magic Record’

You can save magic and skills that use MP as ‘magic books’ in a special ‘bookshelf.’

The saved magic and skills will not be usable until you use the ‘magic books.’

You need twice as much MP to create the ‘magic book.’


“I see…I will try it when I get back then…no, I won’t do it today…I’m too tired.”

Kanade climbed the stairs as he remembered the book he had read.


“Just one more…it’s not on the second layer. The third layer…? Or maybe the…first layer? No, but where is it?”

He would get that last remaining one. It was one of the few things that Kanade felt any determination for.







In the real world, the fact that Kanade had acquired this skill was also related to management.

Their attention was first directed towards Maple Tree, and also the people who had been successful in the first and second events.


“It seems that Kanade has cleared ‘Our silly prank part 20’!?”


“It can’t be helped. That guy even did the one on the floating island…”


“Maple Tree is full of people who have beaten these pranks.”

Chrome and Sally with the unique series.

Kanade with the library system.

The newcomers Yui and Mai had their STR increase skill.


Maple had various ones.

Almost all of Maple’s skills were a joke.


“Hmm…anything else?”


“We are looking at the people in and around the top 10 of the first event. Especially Maple…and several others that are close. The newly joined players are also moving just as we expected.”


“Depending on the event, we may have to isolate the top 20 somehow?”


“Ahh, that might be.”

That was all that they said, as they looked back at the monitors.





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