Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 82

Defense Specialization and Conversation




Kanade had decided that he would not be testing his new skill today, but ultimately, he was not able to fight his curiosity.

He headed for a secluded area as soon as he left the library.


“I have Destruction Canon with me anyway… ‘Magic Record’!”

Kanade shouted, a light appeared in the sky and gathered together to form five different cube-shaped bookshelves.

They all floated in the air and seemed to be able to go through each other.

At the same time, a blue colored panel appeared in front of him. It showed a list of MP using skills that Kanade could currently use.


“For ones with multiple magic spells, like ‘Fire Magic’ you can choose by magic, and ones that do not, you can choose by skills…”

For now, Kanade tried selecting ‘Destruction Canon.’ A thirty-minute timer appeared inside of the panel, and the creation of the ‘Magic Record’ started.

He replenished his MP with items and continued to turn ‘Fireball’ into a ‘Magic Record.’

This too also took thirty minutes.

And so these abilities were momentarily unusable to Kanade.


“So everything takes thirty minutes…I have to do these in advance then.”

Kanade passed the time by reading some books.

When thirty minutes had passed, strings of light gathered together on the panel, and two books took shape.

Kanade tried touching them, and then they floated upward and went inside of the bookshelf.



Kanade chanted, and at the same time, the red Magic Record flew out of the shelf and opened. And a Fireball shot from it.

And then the Magic Record disappeared.


“I guess it is possible to attack without cost if you pay it in advance… The only thing left to do is to see if I can store the ‘Akashic Records’ skill… I wonder if there is a limit to how much can be stored?”

Kanade had tested what he had wanted to test, and so he logged out.



The next day, he checked ‘Magic Record’ on the field and saw that there was one book still in there. And so it was confirmed that he could store the ‘Akashic Record’ skill.

And through this, Kanade was able to store all kinds of skills that used MP.


“Huh…I guess I will store them little by little. Eventually, there will be more magic than anyone could ever guess.”

Kanade said before activating ‘Akashic Record’ once again.


“My luck is pretty good…hehehe.”

Thirty minutes later, another black book was added to the bookshelf.




During this time, Maple was about to start exploring the town on the third layer by herself.

Chrome and Kasumi were collecting ‘watermelons’, Yui and Mai and Sally were practicing.

Izu was making equipment, and Kanade had not been seen at the guild.

If that was the case, then she had no choice but to go out by herself.


“I think I will go and see those machines!”

Maple headed for the NPC store and looked at the machines that many other players used to fly in the sky.

There were machines that could carry multiple people, and also ones that just one person wore on their back.

But those ones were quite expensive.


“Hmm…They are quite pricey for a necessary item… A little too…no, it’s way too expensive.”

Maple never really made an effort to make money, so she was always poor.

And so she came to a single conclusion.


“Yes, I won’t get one. I have Syrup anyway!”

Yes, Maple was capable of flying without those machines.

It was not as if she absolutely needed them.

However, she was still curious about new things, and so she stared at them for a while.

And that is when she realized something.


“There are no screws on these machines. It is very futuristic!”

As Maple said, there wasn’t a single screw in any of them, and they were very light.

Light for Maple was incredibly light.

She stared at them for some time before moving off in a different direction.

As she walked with no real destination, Maple found an old NPC who had fallen near a corner of the road.


“Um…are you alright!”

Maple tapped the old person, and then the old person started to mumble.


“Can you give me some water…and food if possible…”

There was no way that Maple could say no to the weakened voice, and so she took out the items from her inventory and handed them over.

The old person accepted them and the food and drink were gone in no time.


“Ahh…thank you. Now let me see, I shall tell you something to show my gratitude.”


“Huh? Oh, okay.”

Maple sat down and listened to the story.


“There is a great building in the middle of this town, is there not? There is a ‘Machine God’ in there. The flying machines are made by this ‘Machine God.’”


“‘Machine God’…you say. Hmm.”

“No one knows how this God creates these machines. Though some did try breaking and checking the insides… But there is nothing inside, no screws, gears or springs.”


“Huh!? That’s kind of scary…”


“Well, it is common knowledge around here. It’s what I say next that is important.”

Maple waited patiently with much interest.


“The thing is, that machine god is the ‘second one.’”


“Second one…?”


“Yes. This town used to have lots of normal machines. The ‘first one’ gave us people who knew nothing of machines, hopes, and dreams.”

Like the old man said, giving machines to people who had no concept of them must have felt like a miracle.


“But then…one day, it happened when I had been away from the town. There was a bright pale light that burst into the town!”


“A-and then what!?”

Maple urged him to continue.


“I returned in a panic. I thought that something had happened. And then…The town was overflowing with new machines, and everyone had lost their memory of the ‘first one.’ And all of the old machines were no longer in the town.”


“Did the light make them lose their memory? Is that why you still remember it? Because you were far away?”


“This is the end of the story. We are the only people who know of the ‘first one.’”


“Thank you for this valuable story!”

Maple said with gratitude. The old person walked down the road and eventually out of sight.


“I wonder if the ‘second one’ didn’t like the ‘first one’? …It’s not a quest or anything, when will this story help me?”

Maple pushed the story to the back of her mind and continued to walk through the town.


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