Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 86

Defense Specialization and Offensive Supporter




Izu easily dodged the charging lizard and swung the pickaxe down into it, before stepping away once again.

Maple was about the only one who didn’t bother dodging attacks, and while she was a crafter, Izu had a decent amount of AGI.

And so it was easy to move out of the way of the slow lizard.

When Izu looked at the lizard, she saw that its HP had decreased.


“Just as I had heard…I wonder if my pickaxe will last long enough?”

Izu’s pickaxe was her masterpiece, made with time and luck.

She calculated her chances of being able to break all the crystals and decided that it was possible.

However, the lizards would become faster as it shed more and more crystals.

She wasn’t sure if she could deal with that.


“If only I could evade attacks like Sally!”

She dodged the lizard attacks and collected the broken off crystals. Rinse and repeat.

After a while, the lizard’s movements started to change. It would run on the walls, stick to the ceiling and jump down and attack her with the crystals on its back.


“Oh? …You’re going to poke into the ground like this? Don’t mind if I do then…”

The lizard’s crystals stabbed into the ground when it dropped. It would take a while for its to get back on its feet.

In the mean times, Izu swung her pickaxe at it and threw bombs on its exposed stomach.

However, she could not deal it any damage with bombs.


“Oh my. Throwing bombs on your soft parts still doesn’t deal any damage, huh?”

She had heard that it was immune to such attacks, but she didn’t know how far this had been tested. She wanted to end the fight as soon as possible, but things would not be so convenient.


Izu continued to rapidly swing her pickaxe.

A pickaxe of inferior quality would have been broken by now, but Izu’s pickaxe still had three-quarters of its durability left.

Izu waited for the right timing when the lizard’s back would be stuck into the ground, to attack. Whenever it got back up, she would run away from it.

This was how you normally evaded attacks.

Sally, on the other hand, would always evade at the last possible second and move in for a counter attack. To be honest, it was not normal at all.


“I hope that I can make auto HP regeneration armor for Maple…oomph!”

Another crystal broke off with a snap and fell into Izu’s hands.

As this continued, the lizard became even faster. Izu was no longer able to avoid its attacks, and she was thrown into the air.


“Tsk…I won’t survive another hit.”

Izu’s accessories space was full because of the Item Pouch.

The Item Pouch had a feature that allowed you to store potions and other items for over two hours. And Izu had stuffed hers with potions.

However, as it was just a pouch, you could only fit five items in there.

Still, it had merit, as it allowed her to heal faster.


“Hahh…once, no…twice…I’ll need to do Simple Repair.”

Izu thought as she looked at her pickaxes durability and the lizard’s HP.


This Simple Repair was a skill that allowed you to recover a little bit of durability.

While it was just a little, Izu’s pickaxe was durable, to begin with, and it was much more effective on something of this quality.


“I’ll do it when it stabs into the ground again.”

Every time she was hit, she had to use one of her homemade potions to survive.

And then she would go back to hitting with her pickaxe whenever she saw an opening.

After a little while, the lizard got stuck in the ground again, just as she had anticipated.


“Simple Repair.”

She recovered some of her pickaxes durability and struck the lizard.

This cycle repeated again, and then after that, she focused on attacking it and chipping away at its HP.


Izu’s calculations were not wrong. Looking at the lizard’s HP and the pickaxes durability, it was clear that the lizard’s HP would be the first to deplete.


“A few more rounds…! I won’t let my guard down.”

Izu declared, and she continued to fight without taking any risks.

She used potions without reserve, and cut into flesh and tore out bones.


And then the lizard finally crumbled to the ground.


“Hah…ha…! It’s the first time I’ve done this alone…I’m really not cut out for combat…It was a good thing that I chose this job…”

Izu said as she checked her inventory. She had collected quite a lot of crystals thanks to her trusty pickaxe.

The pickaxe itself barely had any durability left, but this was all with her calculations, so it was no problem.


“Hahh…This should be enough since its just our guild. I better go back now…huh?”


She was just about to step on the magic teleport circle when she saw a treasure chest nearby.

Izu cautiously approached it. She squatted down and tapped its surface.


“I didn’t hear any information about this…but I might as well try opening it.”

Izu slowly opened the treasure chest. What she found inside was an old, brown long coat that was charred in several places, large goggles, and dark brown boots.

Izu tossed them into her inventory and checked to see what they were.


“I see…It’s because of this that those three don’t come to get things fixed.”


‘Alchemist Goggles’

DEX + 30

Demonic Alchemy



‘Alchemist Longcoat’

DEX + 20

AGI + 20

Magic Workshop



‘Alchemist Boots’

DEX + 10

AGI + 15

New Frontier



‘Demonic Alchemy’

Can trade for certain materials.


‘Magic Workshop’

Can use the workshop in different places.


‘New Frontier’

Can create new items.


Izu quickly put all this on and stepped onto the magic circle.

With this, Izu was now able to create gunpowder and herbs with the gold that she could store without limit.

She could also create more difficult items now as well.


In other words, she would be able to create an unlimited number of bombs and ‘Throw’ them. Something that was hardly normal for someone with a crafting job.








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