Itai no Wa

Chapter 87 Defense Specialization and Information Gathering


While Izu was fighting the frog, Maple had returned to the guild home.

“Mmm… I have returned but… there’s nothing to do so I guess I will go for a skywalk…”


As Maple was wondering what to do next, Sally came from the entrance, followeed by Yui and Mai.


“Ah! Would you three like to go on a skywalk with me? How about it?”


“Right… Yea, let’s go.”


“”We’ll come along too!””


As all three of them agreed, they went outside together.

As Yui and Mai decided to get on Syrup’s back, Sally also did the same. It seems like Yui and Mai like Syrup more than machines.


“Did everyone get on? Alright, let’s go!”


After confirming that everyone was on, Maple lifted off the ground with Syrup.


“Where did you go, Maple?”


“Mm… At God’s place.”




As her answer had far crossed what they could possibly imagine, their thoughts froze for a moment.

And among the 3, Sally was the first to speak again.


“Hey… what did you acquire there?”


Sally muttered and Maple answered after thinking a while.


“Mmm, it would stand out too much if I use it in its whole so I will show you just a bit. [Deploy-left hand].”


If she destroys her equipment once, she can produce a fixed number of weapons.

Maple deployed a few guns from her left hand.


“Uwwaa… eh?”


“I can shoot it! I won’t shoot it, though.”


“Th-that’s amazing…”


Maple put in the guns before other players saw.


“I will be counting on you during guild fights then.”


“Leave it to me! I will also work hard during the 3rd time event! Let’s work hard, Yui and Mai!”




“Well, you two are working with Maple, after all. I guess you would want some [devoting affection].”


“Monsters burst and scatter with just a touch of their attacks, was it?”


“Yes! We are also practicing two-handed moves!”


Not using the half-baked attacks they were using up till now, their attacks now literally kill the opponent if it hits.

By just swinging around big mallet, all the monsters around get beaten up.


“Mm…… Maple, there’s a lake underneath.”


“Oho… wanna go check it out?”


As Yui and Mai agreed, she lowered the altitude and got off beside the lake.

The four of them sat down and splashed the water. If this was real, it probably would have felt nice, touching the cool water.


“I wonder how the guild fights will be…”


“Judging from the fact that there’s time acceleration, the time period for the event will probably be more than a day…… now then.”


Saying that, Sally slowly stood up.


“Is something the matter?”


“Something wrong?”


“Hmm. There’s just a player following us.”


Sally went walking towards a boulder behind them and looked into its shadow. A blonde, ponytailed player was hiding there. It was Fredrica.


“Ah… so you found out…”


“Following us? For what?”


Maple asked looking puzzled.

Yui and Mai also looked like they didn’t understand.


“Well, probably to gather information for the guild fights. We have low members in our guild so much less information leaks out.”


Naturally, if members were to increase, it would become hard to manage the information. There’s no mistake that in guilds with many members, it is very common of someone to just leak information about the guild easily.


“And so, I have something to discuss with you, as you were following us.”


“Wh-what is it?”


“[Congregate Holy Sword], eh… If you have info on the [Flame Emperor’s Country], would you tell us?”


Sally said in a low voice after getting close.


[Congregate Holy Sword] was Pain’s guild. It is also the guild Fredrica belongs to. Fredrica slowly backed off.


“Wh-why must I tell you even if I did?”


“If you were to tell us, I will let you have a [duel] with me. You want info on me too, don’t you? You can gather all you want during the fight, and… if you can beat me, I will tell you any one thing about myself.”


Hearing that, Fredrica started to think for a while.

[Duel] is a PvP battle with determined rules.

Just as Sally said, information about her was uncertain and vague.

And considering that, Fredrica judged that she shouldn’t let go of this opportunity if she can gather information about her in a direct fight.


Besides, if Fredrica gives them the information on [Flame Emperor’s Country], the chances of [Maple Tree] and [Flame Emperor’s Country] fighting each other rise.

If that happens, these two dangerous guilds can be weakened at once.

If she just gives them the info, she will have achieved her objective for now.

It wouldn’t be a problem even if Sally took the info and declined to [duel].


“Yeah, I will accept! I don’t know about any other guild so I will tell you about [Flame Emperor’s Country].”


Fredrica told Sally everything she knew about [Flame Emperor’s Country] without lying. After all, she needs them to properly drain each other.

And among that info, something very important lied, as well.


“Hmmm… [Trapper], eh… I didn’t know about that player.”


“Then, as promised, let’s do this.”


Fredrica said that, thinking she wouldn’t accept either way.

She thought it would be best for Sally to just run away here.


“Yes, I sent the request.”


“Eh?…. Ah, ahh, yes.”


Fredrica accepted the request in confusion.

The rules were to move to a different place and fight till HP reaches zero.

Both of them disappeared as they stepped into the magic circle which appeared in front of them.

And of course, Maple, being left behind, was surprised.


“T-they went somewhere?!”


“Maple-san! T-that’s probably a duel! There’s a system like that, I think.”


“I-is that so?”


According to Yui, they will return after the fight ends so the 3 of them decided to fish while they waited.





The two had teleported to a perfectly level arena. Fredrica, who had hardly ever been there, started talking.


“You are going to tell me anything about yourself if I win, was it?”


“Yes. I am not lying, you know?”


Fredrica looked into Sally’s eyes. It didn’t seem like she was lying.

Not being able to understand what Sally was planning with this, Fredrica just casually tried to gather info on Sally while not using her full ability.

She had thought that if she can defeat her like that, then she will.


“We will start, after 10 seconds.”




And exactly after 10 seconds, the duel begun.


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