Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 93

Defense Specialization and Protecting the Orb



After Sally had run away, she sent a message to all the other guild members at once. She told them that she had taken another orb and that she wanted someone to receive it near the entrance.

She didn’t want to take the risk of allowing her pursuers to block the entrance if she went inside. Because if that happened, she wouldn’t be able to go out and take other orbs.

The first day held the most opportunities.

And Sally wasn’t about to allow this chance at victory to slip past them.


“Yes, I see it now!”

Sally headed straight towards their base, where Chrome now stood and waved at her.

Sally handed him the orb as soon as she reached him.


“Wow…in such a short amount of time…”


“…I’m going to do as much as I can on the first day, so you guys protect the orbs.”


“Yeah, leave it to us!”

Three guilds had already lost their orbs to Maple Tree. And all of them knew the position of their orbs, as it was on their maps.

And those orbs were all in the same place.

Would they cooperate with each other? Or they might crush each other before retrieving their orbs. Or they may even give up on their orb, and attack other guilds since they now had nothing to protect.


Whichever way it went, this first day was guaranteed to be chaotic.


“Alright, I’m off!”

Sally didn’t even enter their base for a little rest. She went straight back into the battlefield. She had to do this, or the larger guilds would increase their lead.

There were still guilds left that she had found, so she headed to the next base to take their orbs.





Chrome took the orb and went back to Maple and the others, and placed it with the rest.


“Woah, Sally is so amazing!”


“Yeah, she made it sound so easy…but it’s not something that just anyone can do.”

They talked about Sally and decided which members would be assigned to defense.

They decided on Kanade, Yui, Mai, and Maple.


“We’ll be in the far back for now.”


“If things get dangerous…oh, they won’t.”


“Yeah, the three of us will go out scouting and cut down some enemies.”

As Izu could now engage in combat, she would be included in the reconnaissance team.


“Then I’ll change my great shield so I can use ‘Crystal Wall.'”

As Maple didn’t plan on using any attacks, she decided to use Crystal Wall, which was more fitting for obstructing.


“We will fight with just one hammer.”

It was better to hide your trump card.


And so they waited like this for 15 minutes.

Murderous players came in, one after another.



Demonic faces from a medium-sized guild rushed into their lair and saw the four members ready to defend.

The intruders thought to use magic attacks to destroy them before they bridged the gap, and they succeeded in their attack.


However, once the explosive flames dissipated, what they saw were four people walking towards them, completely unharmed. And one of the players had bright, shining angel wings on her back.

It was not surprising that the intruder’s attacks focused on her, as she was likely the one who had blocked the magic attacks. And so it was understandable that they didn’t pay as much attention to the two members who wielded great hammers.


“Crystal Wall!”

The charging intruders crashed into the wall of crystal that had suddenly appeared.

And that left a deadly opening.


“Double Stamp!” “Double Stamp!”

The thunderous sound of something pounding on armor echoed, 1 player died with every swing.

The damage effects splattered like fresh blood, and the intruders understood their mistake.

Those two were the more dangerous.

‘Double Stamp’ was a common skill, and was usually not something that was hard to withstand.


More magic attacks came, but they continued to be useless.

In the meantime, the intruders who could not dodge the attacks in time were crushed.

Still, they had a huge advantage in terms of numbers.

And they refused to retreat.


As the great hammers were rather slow, and the fact that these two did not move outside of the area of effect of the angel’s skill, and considering too the size of the room, they decided that it was possible to move around them.


“Everyone! Go around! We’ll defeat the winged player first!”

As if following that order, another voice rose from the direction of the four defenders.


“You two! Do it!”


“Yes!” “Yes!”

The intruders did not know what they meant.

Then the two great hammer wielders started to run straight towards them.


“‘Cover Move’! … ‘Cover Move’!”

In a second, the ground that showed the area of effect changed positions.

And not just once, but twice.

And they noticed it, the part of the ground that was shining was now at their rear guard.

In other words, that is where those two would be.


“That…Ah! Re-retreat!”

They shouted as they tried to see where the dangerous pair were. Then they noticed a player who was quietly waiting in the far back. Shelves of books were now floating around him.


“‘Shadow Stitching.’”

He whispered quietly, and those words had the power to sew every enemy in the room to the floor for 3 seconds.


“Wha…!? I can’t moooove!”

They panicked and tried to move their feet, and then the two embodiments of despair reached them.

The swinging great hammers shattered their magic walls and turned the players into dust.

Those three seconds seemed like an eternity. And when it was finished, their rearguard was annihilated, their commander killed, and the advance guard had no way to escape.

They then realized that these four players had destroyed them in a matter of minutes.

It would have been so much better for them to give up on their orb and attack a different guild.


And just like that, Maple Tree was able to turn other guilds against each other. Making their base safe, while also cutting away at their enemy’s forces. They had quickly accomplished two goals on the first day.


As for Sally, who had taken the orb in order to set up this situation, she was now looking at a small guild that was underneath a cliff.


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