Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 94

Defense Specialization and the Reconnaissance Team



“Hmm…this one looks like it only has a few members.”

Sally looked down from the shadows of the cliff and saw that there were only 5 players here currently.

Unless they had someone like Maple, it was not possible for just one person to defend.

Usually, you would assign a lot more people to defend your base, and since they were not doing that, Sally could guess that they were a similar size to Maple Tree.


“Alright…Let’s beat them.”

Sally slipped out of the shadows and moved, all the while keeping herself hidden.

Approaching a base in large numbers was bound to get you spotted, but she was alone and could stay hidden if she was careful.


“Oboro, ‘Quick Shadow.’”

When there was nowhere left for Sally to hide, she disappeared and in a second, hid in the bushes near the guild.

She pressed her ear against the wall and listened. It seemed that the players had not noticed her yet.

When Sally had observed them from afar, she saw that they were not always looking up, only one of them was. The others walked around and checked the narrow paths for any intruders.


“Now…here we go.”

Sally quietly moved out of the bushes and approached the player who was on watch near the cliffs.

Sally was more than capable of killing the guard without allowing him to scream, but she purposely delayed her attack.



The player screamed before falling down and dying.

As it was the player who watched from above that screamed, the remaining four all came closer and looked up.


They were close to the bushes that Sally was hiding in once again.



The four players’ attention was focused above them, and it took a second for them to notice Sally dashing forward in a low crouch and slashing at them.

As their level and equipment were far lower than Sally’s, they were unable to retaliate, except for the last person who was able to block her attack just once before falling.


“This is going well, I didn’t even have to show any skills… And it won’t be too much trouble if I get chased by this guild. I think I’ll do one more.”

Sally snatched their orb and took the narrow path back to the top of the cliff.


She checked her map and thought for a few minutes.

As she had just taken an orb, the other players of this guild would know her location, so it was dangerous to stay here for too long.


“The next one is also small… No, this one looks dangerous. Hmm… Maybe I should go and search a little farther out? I would like to know where the larger guilds are located as well.”

Sally decided what she would do and then ran in the direction that she had not explored yet.





Maple and the others fulfilled their role as defenders brilliantly.

The only important skill that Maple had shown was ‘Dedicated Affection,’ and no one had been able to tell that this skill was weak to piercing attacks.

After beating all of the players into a pulp, Yui and Mai sat down next to Maple.


“Ahh…ha….I’m tired…”



As Yui and Mai had been in charge of all of the attacking and moving around, their fatigue was severe.


“Well, I don’t think anyone will come knocking here for a while. There is no way that they would come back for more after being beaten so badly.”

It was just as Kanade said, the other guild had already given up on retrieving their orb completely.

It was unthinkable to die twice when the first day had only just begun.


“The other three are out scouting, and Sally…is very far away, huh…”

Maple muttered as she looked at her map.

Sally’s icon was moving farther and farther away from the guild.

Maple closed her map and sighed.


“Okay, let’s get some rest. It’s not like we can go out and attack others. We’ll leave that to the other four members.”


Three out of four of the Maple Tree members that Maple put her hopes in, who also acted as breaks and guardians, were now scouting the area as planned.



“This thing is really useful.”


“Isn’t it? ‘Doping Seed’ is so strong.”

‘Doping Seed’ was an item that Izu could make with ‘New Frontier.’ It allowed you to raise a single stat by 10% at the cost of lowering another stat by 10%.

You could use up to 5 at once, and its effects lasted for an ample ten minutes.


However, you only knew which statuses it would affect after making them, so she had to use an enormous amount of materials to get the ones that they wanted.

Izu had acquired the materials in exchange for gold and was able to prepare the necessary seeds for the guild members.


Izu had given Sally 10 Doping Seeds that raised AGI and lowered VIT.

Chome was given seeds that raised VIT or STR and lowed DEX.

Kasumi’s seeds raised STR and lowered INT.

Kanade’s raised INT and lowered STR.


As Maple, Yui and Mai were not affected much by lowered stats, Izu was able to give them the leftovers, which made her job easier.


The amount gold that Izu had used to make all of these seeds was enough to create two guilds.


“Hehe…I expect you to make up for all the gold spent on these.”


“Of course. Leave it to us.”

Kasumi found some players through Far Vision, and so the trio went out to defeat the group of players.


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