Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 95

Defense Specialization and Two Enemies



While Kasumi and the others were exploring, Frederica and Drag from Assembly of Holy Blades were in charge of defending their guild, which was far away from Maple Tree.


“Ahhh! I want to go out and attack!”


“It can’t be helped. We’re too slow on our feet.”

As Drag said, both of them had not put much into their AGI.

Which meant that they would not be assigned to any scouting parties, where AGI was important.

Frederica sat on top of a large rock and swung her legs with a bored expression.


The Assembly of Holy Blades was a large guild, and so their orb was in a place that was difficult to defend.

It was a rocky area surrounded in flat terrain. The rocks made it difficult to see people coming, and there were so many places an intruder could come from.

There was also no ceiling above the orb, so it was possible that someone could ambush them by jumping off from the taller rocks.

However, there were also a few caves nearby, and while they could not hide the orb there, they could at least use them to rest in.


As the two waited there, they received news from another guild member about an enemy attack.

The atmosphere changed immediately, excitement now filled the air.


“How many?”


“Nearly 40! The same number that we have for defense!”


“In that case, we should probably go. Pain was very insistent on minimizing any casualties.”


“True… Let’s go and crush them then.”


“Yeah. Oh, that’s right…all of you can stand back. We’ll handle this.”


“Wha-what? Just you two?”


“Yeah, it’s no big deal.”

The messenger was sure that they were being arrogant, but no one could withstand their aura of dominance, and so he backed away.

The two moved to the forefront, and as was reported, they could see 40 players coming right at them.


“Our scouts are very impressive.”



Drag held his battle axe as he looked at the enemy, and just as they came within range, he swung downward.


However, Drag’s range was very different compared with the range of most battle axe users.


“‘Ground Splitter’!”

It reached 20 meters in both directions.

The attack left cracks that went 50 cm deep into the ground, stopping the enemy in their tracks.

If they continued to run, their feet would get stuck in the crack and they would lose their balance.

And this attack was especially effective when Drag fought alongside Frederica.


“‘Multi-Fire Bullets’!”

Magic circles appeared all around Frederica, and they launched numerous fire bullets into the air.

And they flew into the targeted players whose feet were trapped in the ground.


The special ability that Frederica had was ‘Multi-chant.’

It was practically a cheat skill, that allowed her to use a magic attack numerous times for just three times the MP. And as was shown during her battle with Sally, she could use Multi-Obstacle, giving her very high defense.


“‘’Heavy Charge’!”

Drag charged forward as Frederica attacked with magic.

Drag’s savage axe came out of the ground and slammed into the players who managed to escape the tear in the ground.


“Aghhh!! ‘Burn Axe’!”

Drag’s axe erupted into flame as he swung wildly. He no longer cared about defense, which left many openings. Still, his attacks hit hard.

It would be hard for anyone to attack him as long as he continued to destroy anyone who got near.

Sometimes offense is the best defense.


However, they were against 40 players this time.

It could not be helped that he was eventually surrounded and attacked.

Still, Drag did not allow himself to focus on anything but attacking.

This meant that attacks that used skills started to fly at him in rapid succession.


“‘Multi-Obstacle’! ‘Multi-Water Wall’!”

But Frederica continued to create barriers to protect him, and the attacks lost their power, leaving Drag’s HP completely undiminished.

Drag knew that Frederica would protect him, and so there was no need for him to change his focus.


“‘Grand Lance’!”

Drag slammed his weapon into the ground, causing six spears of stone to sprout from the ground around him.

The players who were pierced by this attack squirmed and wriggled in an attempt to escape, but Frederica’s magic came quickly, killing them one by one.


“Is that all you got!? Ha!”



A great shield wielder blocked Drag’s battle axe, but when Drag’s swing bounced off the shield, the enemies behind it went flying back and hit the ground.

This was another of Drag’s traits.

It was the ‘Knockback’ effect.

You would get blown off your feet if you blocked Drag’s attack, and you would receive great damage if you were hit directly.


“‘Heavy Charge’!”

The axe came back, mercilessly taking away their HP.

Once you fell, Drag would be able to hit you directly, the following impact would not allow you to recover, and you would die.


Offensive power was the rule of the land.

However, it would mean nothing if the environment did not allow you to use it.

In that sense, Frederica was a masterclass rear guard, as she continued to support him and launch her own attacks.


“‘Multi-Light Canon’”

Four separate circles of light appeared around Frederica. Seconds later, lasers shot out and surrounded the players.

They tried to retaliate with their own skills, but they were not effective, as they were unable to get close enough to Frederica.


They could not show their backs to Drag in an attempt to attack Frederica.

Because that would mean death.


The reason that they knew that they couldn’t turn their backs on this one player, was because Drag was very famous.

In most cases, players were unable to use 100% of their power in a fight, once it becomes clear that their opponent is better than them.


“‘Water Wall’!”

Some of them had already retreated, and only about 10 players remained. And they too ran away at top speed the moment that they saw their chance.

Drag tried to chase after them, but he quickly realized that they were faster than him, and so he returned to Frederica.


“Hah…that was fun.”


“You are as brutal as ever! So rough! You’re always charging forward!”


“Sorry, sorry. But wasn’t I useful?”


“Well, yes. You are easy to predict, which make it easier to support you.”


These two who had insisted that they would handle the enemies on their own did have a certain pride that came from being strong.


But the truly strong operated at a different level.

And they would win, and rise to the top.


“You’re like that too Frederica. How come you don’t run out of MP? Huh?”


“Hehe! That’s a secret!”

Frederica said as she returned to where their orb was.

Drag followed after her.


“But those guys sure were stupid. Why would they attack us, of all guilds?”


“We were in the cave until a moment ago. They probably didn’t think we were around.”


“Ah, that’s right. What awful luck they have.”



The two returned to the other guild members, who felt both respect and a little jealousy towards them. They surrounded the orb and started to talk again.



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