Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 97

Defense Specialization and Orb Collecting



After having that experience which would lead to further growth, Sally crushed a small, little-known guild.

It was after defeating the guild under the cliff that Sally encountered Dread, but she had also stolen yet another orb before then.

In other words, Sally presently had three orbs.

Now that she had three, it was time to return to Maple Tree.


“I think it’s almost time to receive points for the first orb we took.”

A number of battles had occurred since the start of the event.

As was to be expected, the larger guilds had accomplished the most, and the medium guilds also retaliated with their own strategies.

But with one exception, the smaller guilds were doing quite badly.


The starting time was set to noon within the time accelerated field.

The sun would start setting soon.

It was harder to see in the dark, which meant that the other guilds would probably attack each other even harder.

And of course, Sally’s own attacks would become more bold, as she was able to hide in the dark.


“I better get back.”


As Sally rushed back to the base, Maple and the others were defeating players who stepped foot into their cave.

As there were only three players invading, Yui and Mai only needed to throw some iron balls at them.


“Maple! We got a new skill!” “Maple! We got a new skill!”


“What! That’s amazing!”

It seemed like Yui and Maple had no intention of hiding their skills from Maple, and they told her the requirements and effects of it.


The skill was called ‘Flying Attack’, and the requirement for getting it was that you had to kill someone with ‘Throw.’

As for the effect, it was just as the name implied. An attack would fly out when you swung your weapon.

Swinging a sword would result in a slashing attack, hitting with a hammer would cause a circular shock attack to fly forward.

It wasn’t as strong as a normal attack but was still a one-shot kill in the hands of Yui and Mai.


“Are you going to use it in the next fight?”


“We won’t. Sally told us that we should hide our trump card. We’re going to test it a little in the back, and that is all.”


“Okay, you guys can go and do that then.”

Yui and Mai left the orb to go and test the new skill, before quickly coming back.

It was clear how much they wanted to be of use, and there was a strong enthusiasm in their eyes.


“Sally, Chrome and the others seem to be returning.”

Kanade said as he looked at his map.

Kanade had restricted the use of his magical books to ‘Shadow Stitching.’ Maple would only use ‘Dedicated Affection’ mainly for support, in preparation for the night.

This was all possible because Yui and Mai were working hard.

However, they were also starting to become tired.

Considering that they had to sit down and rest every time they finished defeating the intruders, they were probably close to reaching their limit.


“Sally will come back soon, so will Chrome. You two should get some rest. You’re tired, aren’t you?”

The two of them were honest enough to agree, and they headed towards the back.

Enthusiasm wasn’t enough to keep the body moving.

It was sometimes necessary to rest.


“What about you, Kanade?”


“I’ve barely moved around.”

As Maple and Kanade talked for a while, Chrome returned.


“Kasumi and Izu are currently attacking a small guild.”


“Will they be okay…”


“Yeah. Izu is endlessly making bombs, and Kasumi is rolling them into the cave. It will all be over soon.”

No one but Izu could have used such a strategy. And even if another player could do the same thing and tried it on them with Maple in the cave, the result would just be loud noises, and Maple would remain unhurt.


“And so I returned to help defend.”


“That’s good…Since Yui and Mai are quite tired now.”

The two players who were the strongest and second strongest shield bearers respectively, would now be defending.

Even if it was just them here, they would be incredibly difficult to kill.




It was because their guild wasn’t worried about defense, that they could focus on attacking. That was why Kasumi and Izu had the option of taking their time in order to destroy another guild.


“Here, keep them rolling.”


“Sure. Leave it to me.”

Large bombs.

Other players could only create them at a workshop, but Izu could make them anywhere.

The materials could be made from gold.

And as they had collected as much gold as possible, they had plenty left even after she had made a ton of large bombs.


Kasumi continued to throw the bombs into the entrance, which happened to slant downwards.

The bombs rolled down the incline and after a short delay, exploded noisily.

The cries that had once been so loud, grew smaller and smaller.


“…Are we done?”


“Let’s go in. I’ll walk in front of you.”

Kasumi held her sword as if to protect Izu, as they walked down into the cave.

They entered into the room where the orb was located. The floor was covered in black spots where the bombs had exploded.

The final surviving enemy was still standing on wobbly feet and holding a sword.


“‘First of the Blades. Kagerou’”

The player ran forward but was struck down by Kasumi who used a skill to teleport right in front of the player.


“Hah…Sally really is the exception.”

Sally was able to dodge this attack while crouching, but no matter how many times Kasumi tried, she was unable to dodge this attack and counter in the way that Sally did.

It was Chrome and Kasumi’s characteristic to be able to reliably kill enemies.

Kasumi was the closest to being normal within Maple Tree, and she was dependable because she didn’t use any odd schemes.

She would always win against beatable enemies.

This was because no one had ever found her weakness.


This made things a lot more comfortable for Izu and Chrome.

Of course, it wasn’t comfortable from the point of view of her enemies, as she was still ridiculously strong.


“Well, let’s take the orb and leave. It will be annoying if they revive.”


“Yes. Let’s go.”

Kasumi put the orb away and they decided to return to the guild.

They decided to bring every orb back to the base after getting it, therefore avoiding any possible accidents.




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