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Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 98

Defense Specialization and Ifrit’s Country



Currently, it was the large guilds and one special small guild that were fighting for the top spot. And among the larger guilds, Assembly of Blades and Ifrit’s Country were doing especially well.

Maple Tree was hot on their heels.


Ifrit’s Country was protecting their orb in a grassy field which had a few trees. The two that were there were Marx, who was also known as ‘Trapper’ and came in at 8th in the first event, and Misery, also known as ‘Saint’ who came in at 10th.


Misery was a specialist when it came to healing in a wide range, but she was also good at area attacks.

She could heal and destroy at will.


Trapper had hidden his ability to use traps during the first event, but Frederica had just happened to catch this information when he was talking to other guild members.

This was one of the demerits of being in a guild with many members.


You could not place a door on someone’s mouth.


Marx’s other name was Trapper, and his specialty was using magic that created traps.

And there was a wide range of traps he could make, such as creating a smokescreen or a pillar of flames.

These traps would trigger if anyone who was not on their side, in other words, not a member of their guild, entered the area.


As it was necessary to set them up in advance, he was not fit for attacking, and so he was assigned to the defense team.

Flame Emperor, who was 4th and Destructor, who was in 7th were both out and attacking.


“I wonder if it will be alright…what if they get through my traps?”


“It should be fine. And even if they do get through, we have so many reliable members on our side.”

The other guild members who overheard them gave them a look that said, ‘No, you guys are the ones who are reliable.’


“I’m worried…they will be so angry if our orb gets taken…”

Marx said as he wandered around the orb. In spite of his worry, his traps were actually highly effective.

The traps were invisible until they were activated, and once they were, it was too late to avoid them.

Not only that, but he had set a large number of them, and in good places, which resulted in them catching many players.

Whenever pillars of fire rose or they heard an explosion, they could tell that a player was coming from that direction, which made defending the base easier.


“See, the attackers are in tatters once again. Your traps are working.”


“I see… Well, that’s a relief then.”

The injured players were quickly killed by the other guild members, who were also backed by Misery and her healing spells.

Once that was finished, Marx would take some guards with him and go back and set up new traps.





“Uh…maybe around here. Hmm…and one over here…?”

He mumbled as he cautiously placed the traps in different locations. Seeing this, the other guild member wondered at just how he was able to defeat players so successfully.


It looked like he wasn’t even sure what he was doing, yet players would step on his traps to the point where it was entertaining to watch.


In a word, it was probably a natural talent.


Just like how Sally was good at evading, and how Maple seemed to just find things, and how Dread could sense fear.

Most of the people at the top had something that was hard for others to understand.


Marx’s ability to set up traps was similar to all of those, a kind of intuition.

Yes, he could just feel it.


Once Marx had finished resetting the traps, he returned to where the orb was.

There were fewer players who would challenge them now, and Marx could finally sigh and relax a little.


“Someone’s coming here!”

Marx jumped up at Misery’s voice. He looked in the direction that she was pointing, and saw that pillars of fire and explosions were erupting in succession.


“I will go and look!”

Misery left Marx, who was frantically considering what to do, and took five guild members with her to the scene.


When they arrived, all they saw was a lone figure who wore a robe.

For a second, Misery could hardly believe what her eyes were seeing.

Once the person stepped on a trap, they smoothly dodged it as if they knew it was a trap all along.


“Hmm…the fear sensor. I want it to be more accurate but…maybe it is too hard for me.”

The figure in the robe mumbled, then walked away from the scene.


“…That was a close one.”


“Wh-what do you mean?”


“Seriously…where did that monster come from? Was it a skill? Or just an ability…”

She was thankful that the stranger had left them. When she returned, Marx was so worried about what had happened, that she had to stay with him as he reset all of the traps once again.


“Maybe around here…no, they might get through again…ohh…”


“It’s fine. That player was just avoiding the right course.”


“I don’t know…”

As they talked, they were informed that pillars of fire had started to erupt in the opposite direction, and players were being killed. And so Marx calmed down a little and continued to set the traps.


After some time had passed, Flame Emperor took 20 guild members and attempted to destroy another guild that they had discovered.

And Sally, who kept telling herself she needed to go back to the base, was watching this unfold.



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