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Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 99

Defense Specialization and the Flame Empress



The woman called Flame Empress.

Mi walked in front of the group as she approached the enemy players who held swords.


“Move. Your life will be spared if you do.”

The air was tense and electric as Mi’s clear voice rang.

However, this was not a proposition that these protectors of the orb could swallow.


“Kill them!”

The front guard charged towards Mi.


Mi’s weapon was a staff.

She was dressed in a red, impressionable red mantle, but her defenses were weak, as was usual for the rear guard.


“‘Flame Empress.’”

She mumbled the words softly, and two balls of fire that were 1 meter across appeared around her.

The two balls of fire moved in sync with her arms, and the enemy was no match for their power.

Mi was in the forefront because that was the position that allowed her power to be the most effective.

As all could see, she burned her enemies with super firepower.


“How foolish. How very foolish.”

There was something charismatic about the way she so easily disposed of her enemies.



The ground exploded, and pillars of fire shot up.

Mi could freely control the flames, and her attacks were usually flashy.

It made her power very memorable and caused the enemy to shrink back.


“Explosive Flame.’”

Next, low damage but high knockback explosive wind assaulted the few who had withstood her attacks and came closer.

It showed a tremendous difference in strength.


However, this method of attack was not the most efficient.

The flashier magic attacks consumed a lot of energy.

Due to this, the 20 players behind her all carried as many MP potions as they possibly could. In other words, they were her supply unit.


“Ha…is that all? It’s over.”

The balls of fire disappeared when she had finished burning her last victim.


“Here is an MP potion.”



Mi received the MP potion and recovered her MP with a sigh.


“Take their orb.”



Mi closed her eyes and basked in the sense of accomplishment.


However, that was a terrible mistake.



When Mi opened her eyes, the player who had tried to take the orb had disappeared into light, and a robed player was running away with the orb.


“What! …That one is strong. I can…tell. Take the orbs back to our base. It’s possible that we might be annihilated!”

The command from their charismatic leader had the right effect, and they returned with their orbs. Mi decided to follow the robed figure.


“‘Flare Accel’!”

Mi chased after the robed figure as flames exploded around them, but it did not take long for her to completely lose sight of the thief.


The reason was that the robed figure, who happened to be Sally, had used ‘Quick Shadow’ just as she turned a corner.

Sally had left the area while Mi was trying to find the person she was chasing and had disappeared.


Mi did not understand what had happened and continued to look until she sat down in frustration.


“Ahhh…I messed up…I’m so sorry, everyone…”

The Mi that sat there now, seemed completely different than the Mi from a moment ago.

Her charisma seemed to be gone, and all that was visible was a weak person who felt bad about her mistakes.


“Oh, I shouldn’t have built up this character…”

Yes, Mi had been just acting until now.

She had acquired a very powerful skill, and with every word she spoke, she continued to gain attention, which made her embarrassed to show her true self. Mi had decided to play up a character, but she now regretted that decision.


The sense of accomplishment that Mi had felt earlier was actually about not having her true self exposed.


“Ohhh…this is the worst…damn it. Maybe I’ll crush a random guild before going back.

She just wanted to lash out at someone.

However, Mi did have the power to put this into action.

And she had just happened to find a certain medium sized guild when she was searching for Sally. And this guild had a manageable number of people guarding it.


“I need to take at least one back with me… Really, that robed person. I’ll burn her the next time we meet.”

And so Mi attacked the medium-sized guild with explosive flames, columns of fire, fireballs and even a special paralysis trap that she had got from Marx. And with that, she crushed a guild all by herself.


This was possible because Mi was so exceptional with anything related to fire, which was not something that most people could claim. In fact, there were those in the top 10 of the first event who could not do what she did.

The only ones who could do it with any reliability were Pain and Maple.

Mi put the orb away, and returned to her guild, as flames erupted all around her.





“Welcome back, Mi.”

Marx stopped walking anxiously around their orb when he noticed that Mi had returned.

He had heard from the others that she had been out in order to retrieve the orb, and so he asked her about it.


“I got a new orb. I wasn’t able to get the other one back. I’m sorry.”

The other guild members could never get used to the fact that she was able to destroy other guilds by herself, and waves of surprise erupted around them.


“We’ll be leaving again soon. Be prepared.”


“Yes!” “Yes!” “Yes!”

They replied enthusiastically, but deep down, Mi did not feel like going out again.





This time, Sally decided that she would finally return to Maple Tree.

If the orbs she had were stolen, that other guild would get so many points from it. And she did not want to risk that.


“That last one was very lucky for me.”

Mi had looked away just at the right time, and she was able to take advantage of the moment.


“I need to do as much as I can on the first day…”

In order to achieve victory alongside Maple, Sally intended to work to her absolute limits.

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