Long San’s Struggle In Looking For A Wife


After a few days, Long San found himself to be very busy. Busy handling the incident of getting chased by someone, busy confronting the Feng Family with negotiations, busy discussing with Long Er about the stolen treasures and thieves, and he was also busy looking for a chance to secretly meet Feng Ning .


Ever since that day, Feng Ning had changed. She wasn’t changed back to the original Feng Ning, but to a third kind of Feng Ning, a sad, sorrowful, quiet, and lonely Feng Ning.


She always hid herself inside her own small yard. She no longer come out to cause trouble and make Yu Mama angry, or run to the kitchen to steal some food to eat, and she no longer ran to his yard to bother him. She even seemed to not want to see him.


Long San couldn’t describe his feelings. He knew the incident had had a stronger impact on Feng Ning than on himself. After all, he had been mentally prepared, where she was not. On that day, when he saw her blooming smile suddenly turn to dark despair, he did not understand whether his pain was due to being completely betrayed by her, or because his heart ached from her helplessness.



She had come to find him before, he knew. When he heard some movement, he immediately rushed out of his room and saw her having just turned away and left. He didn’t know whether she had heard the conversation between him and Long Er, but the shadow of her back seemed to indicate to him that their distance had grown further and further apart.



“Long San, please don’t throw me away.” Every time Long San remembered the words that Feng Ning had said, her expression and her tone made him wet his eyes. In the end, he still had to leave her alone, due to the past that she had forgotten.



He regretted. Regretted that on the first night they met, he finished his work instead of going back. He shouldn’t have gone to Cheng Nan’s bar for a drink, he shouldn’t have walked around the city gate after he was drunk, and he shouldn’t have had such a sharp eye as to spot her so easily.


If that wasn’t the case, he wouldn’t have been able to see her cuteness, or see her sorrow in her helplessness. Then he wouldn’t have pitied her, more so  break down his walls of defense for her. He should have followed Long Er, keeping her past impression in his mind firmly, so he wouldn’t have had the chance to discover her other side, then he wouldn’t be in as much pain as now.


Anyone who knew him would say that master Long San was tender and kind to women, and also say he is a romantic and charming person. He really does think that daughters from a house were soft and lovely, and that they were supposed to be protected with gentleness. However, he never knew that a sturdy, naughty, and crazy woman could also awaken his desire to protect.


But now, everything had come to an end. Although there were still a lot of unresolved misunderstandings, he knew that they would have to part.


Long San had wanted to visit her, had hoped to chat with her. Although he didn’t know what he was going to say, he really wanted to talk with her again. But she refused. Hence, Long San could only look at her from afar, watching her hold the little toys he had bought for her and playing with the children, watching her teach the children to fly a kite, watching her carry the children and jumping up and down to make them happy.



He felt a little unhappy. No, he was very upset. That child wasn’t his child, but Feng Ning really liked her. So after Long San peeked at Feng Ning twice, he did not peek at her anymore. He felt that breaking away at that instance was the only good thing for him.


Because of the child’s matter, the Feng family couldn’t hold hold out at all, so the divorce with Feng Ning was already a destined fact. This time, Long San finally wrote the divorce letter while Feng Ning was also at the scene. She was looking down at the floor, while Long San was staring at his table. He didn’t want to admit that his hand that was holding the pen was trembling, he didn’t want to admit that his handwriting was unprecedentedly ugly. Soon, the divorce letter was written, and both he and she had stamped their fingerprints in confirmation.


Feng Ning quietly took the divorce letter and left. Both Qiao Li and Lord Feng Zhuo’s faces were black as ash when they left, but they left a word: “This matter isn’t finished yet. You and your Long Family owe a debt, one day you’ll repay us for it.”



Feng Ning heard the conversation, but she didn’t care. What Long Family? What Feng Family? What grudge? What resentment? She didn’t care. She carried Bao’er and rode away on the Feng Family carriage.



Long San felt uneasy in his heart. Although he and Head Steward Tie had claimed that they were seeing their guests out, they followed the Feng Family until they walked all the way to the gate entrance, watching them until they got on the carriage. Long San knew he didn’t have to come, since there was Head Steward Tie who was enough, but he thought that this may very well be the last time he sees Feng Ning, so he still wanted to send her away.



He watched Feng Ning get on the carriage, he saw her carrying the child with her head looking down. The moment the carriage door closed, he saw her suddenly raise her head and look at him. The sight was indescribable. That gaze pierced his heart heavily. Even until the carriage disappeared, Long San was still unconsciously standing, staring at the front.


During the next few days, Long San didn’t have much of an appetite and he couldn’t sleep well either. Although he knew he had a lot of work to do, knew he should go out, he found he didn’t feel like moving. He stayed in his room, all the while thinking of Feng Ning, of her naughty look when she was here, thinking of her carrying books and sitting on a chair and pretending to read all the while staring at him instead… He noticed that the memories she created with him in the past few months had given him more than he ever could have gotten in the past three years.


Long San felt that he was ill. He felt that he was under an illness of stupidity. Had he become stupider by hitting his head? Although she did such an unacceptable thing to him, such a thing that no man in the world would tolerate, he still couldn’t help thinking about her, and missing her.


She had a lot of things that were doubtful about her. He desperately tried to help her find a cause, find reasons, find excuses. He had imagined over tens of millions of possibilities, all in the hope that she wasn’t Feng Ning, but that was impossible. Moreover, he didn’t have any proof.


He couldn’t understand. He couldn’t even figure anything out. His whole mind was filled by her appearance, and that prevented him from thinking properly. Prevented him from analyzing the matter and solving the mystery. Without her staying by his side making trouble, he became stupid.


One day, Long Er came to Long San and complained: “Feng Ning stole my silver taels!”


Long San was dumbfounded: “How is that possible? Didn’t she go home?”



“She stole it before she left. Its no wonder that on that day, she suddenly came to find me and said she wanted to talk about you. In the end, she didn’t say anything important, she only trash talked a bit, and left. It is only today that I noticed that the bag of silver taels I put in that room has disappeared. Although it is not a lot of wealth, but the matter made me feel so angry.”



Long San’s mind blanked. After awhile, he thought of something and opened up his cabinet. He had also saved some silver taels in it, but as he looked inside, he found that the silver in it was gone as well.


He saw Long Er become furious: “Are the Feng Family a family of mice or what? How could they steal our items again and again? Since they couldn’t steal the big treasure, they now resort to stealing our silver taels?”


Long San was anxious: “Brother, I’ll go chase after them.”


“Good.” Long Er was very mad: “Chase after them and get my silver taels back. We must not let them take advantage of us, even if it is only one bronze coin.”


“No.” Long San started to pack his luggage: “Feng’er surely didn’t follow them back to Feng House, she must have run away from home.”


“Run away?” Long Er was stunned for awhile and said: “You think too much. If she wanted to run away, couldn’t she run away from here? Why would she run away as she left with the Feng Family to go back?”


“If she disappeared from Long House, Feng Family would surely use this as an excuse to blame us.”


Long Er didn’t talk anymore. He saw Long San rapidly pack his luggage and knew he wanted to leave as soon as possible. He quickly shouted: “Brother, even if she wanted to leave, she still has parents. Do you think the people in Feng Family are dead?”



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