Endo and Kobayashi –

Chapter 42 – Wow, amazing (Part 1)



“…Even now, there are a lot of things I have to ask of Lady Lilena.

Liese, shall we start from scratch later?”


After I broke my silence by saying that, Liselotte nodded, although still looking a bit sulky.


In the first place, I had a feeling that we should try to not get things mixed up with the Goddess Lilena’s story. We should get to the end of it right away.


“So,【Majikoi】? What exactly is that?

Using that, Kuon and others tried to harm Finne… and why did Mr. Endow and Miss Coebayashay help us?”


I may have spoken out of turn, but still Lady Lilena knelt down as she answered my depressing-sounding question.


“Kuon made a game called 【Majikoi】.

Through【Majikoi】, lots of people from over there would come to know of the existence of this world, and above all, about Finne. They would learn of their existence, keep it in their minds, and think about it…

Because of that, the connection between that world and ours has become quite stronger. And a path has opened up for Finne as well.”


Someone walks among the snow. Then someone else walks along their footprints. Then it gradually becomes a path… Would it be something like that?

As the footprints -the thoughts- of many people accumulate, so the story of Fiona would become known, and so Kuon would propagate it to that world.

That’s what I got from the Goddess Lilena’s explanation.


“That path would appear in front of Kuon, who through various connections would shadow insistently over Finne, and through it, the accumulated thoughts of the players of that world would give him strength.”

『…The God Route, huh?』


Miss Coebayashay muttered in a low voice in response to the seemingly unconcerned Goddess Lilena’s words.

Lady Lilena raised her face enough to catch a glimpse of her, and then nodded.


“That’s right.

However, since there was a much stronger connection… Or rather, a much more similar relation than the one between Kuon and Finne, it didn’t quite go as planned.

In other words… Umm… Should I really say this?”

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