Endo and Kobayashi –

Chapter 42 – Wow, amazing (Part 2)

After saying that, Lady Lilena tilted her head to the side in doubt.

Her eyes met mine as I was too tilting my head to the same side, and I just nodded.


“In short, there were similarly passionate, one-sided feelings of love here and there, and since those feelings of love from such pure young men had resonated, Kuon wondered if Mr. Endo and Miss Kobayashi had dampened down his carefully prepared position of “God’s Voice”.


One-sided love.

Whether it was Mr. Endow’s or Miss Coebayashay’s, disclosing that info willy-nilly may not be the best thing to do.

Liselotte, who was standing right next to me, was looking at the goddess with eyes that looked like sharp knives.


“But there’s another possibility! One of us here may have a very similar personality to either one of those two! Like twin souls or something like that! They would have a high affinity after receiving the power of the player’s thoughts! Or maybe Mr. Endo and Miss Kobayashi’s feelings for this world are particularly strong!”

『That useless goddess can’t keep her mouth shut, huh?』


Mr. Endow’s voice echoed, half a sigh and half a grunt of anger, directed straight at the Goddess Lilena for her nervous excuse.


“Uhh… I… I’m sorry.

Umm, anyway, those two were able to become gods by taking away the position that Kuon had carefully prepared, and because of that I could regain a lot of my former power, bringing me close to omnipotence once again. So I’m sure that if we can hear their voices, then we can definitely bring back Kuon’s soul, possessed by Kuon Kirisato…”


As she said that, the Goddess Lilena straightened her back.


“So please, Mr. Endo. Miss Kobayashi. Please, let me offer you my love.”


At the precise moment the Goddess Lilena finished saying that, a golden light emerged from her and shot itself into the sky.




That light so rose high and far above that it must have pierced through the heavens, and perhaps reached the gods of another world.



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