Endo and Kobayashi –

Chapter 42 – Wow, amazing (Part 3)



“With this, you two are my kin now. The next time you face Kuon, I’ll pull his soul out of his body through you. By doing that, we should be able to help that poor Kuon Kirisato.

And in order to not cause any further problems to Finne or anyone else, I’ll make sure to seal off Kuon’ soul in this world.

With that, the【Game】that Kuon had started should come to its end.

It may be an inconvenience to the both of you until the very end, but could I ask you to please go see Kuon…?”.


The goddess Lilena pleaded as, once again, her forehead touched the ground.


『Alright. Or perhaps I should say, I’ve accepted your request. After all, I feel sorry for that poor Kuon Kirisato, with his body being possessed and all.』


And so Miss Coebayashay made a contract with the light.


『I have no objections either.

But I do have a question about this favor of yours… What did we do in the end? Have we made Kuon gather those maiden’s powers? And some of these powers were transferred over to both Liselotte and Baldur?』


The goddess Lilena once again raised her head and proudly puffed her chest at Mr. Endow’s words.


“That’s precisely what happened.

Since there is no magic in your world, there is really no easy way to explain this, but let’s just say that both of you are really lucky!”


She said that triumphantly, posing with her hands placed on her hips so as to exert her own greatness. Al quickly began to applaud her so as to praise her, but no one joined him.

Her forehead had become dirty due to her bringing it to the ground so much, which probably was hurting her dignity.


『Luck, huh… How lucky are we talking about?』


Miss Coebayashay asked with a calm voice.


“Well, not enough to actually win the grand prize in the lottery, but probably enough to win the special prize!

You’re a student as well… Right, Ms. Kobayashi? To put it in a way that is more related to your everyday life… It would be as if from now on, you were able to solve everything related to your exams, your studies, and your fields of expertise!”


『What about easily getting passing grades without even studying?』



Mr. Endow’s voice had a hint of disappointment as he asked that.


“I think that scenario goes a little beyond luck.

We’re talking about the level of luck that would make others say “Oh, how lucky!” when completing such tasks.

But we’re talking about your entire life from now on, see? You’re going to be a bit luckier for all eternity! Isn’t that great? Am I not great?”


『Wow, amazing.』


Miss Coebayashay said that with a plain and monotone voice, completely devoid of emotion.

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