Frontiers ~Chronicles of Bucket-san’s Detailed Pioneering~ 11


Huh? Is it morning already? — Part 2



Since those gloves weren’t made out of ordinary thread but a special one, I wouldn’t get the embroidery or sewing threads I needed, but still I wouldn’t see them at every stall because only a few people used them.

Incidentally, I have the recipe for them too, but I have yet to make them.


“So why are you currently using unsold items?”

“Yeah, they’re not that popular.”

“They seem to be quite difficult to use and rather inferior to a spear…”

“But I’m okay with them.”

“That’s so you, Hime-chan.”

“So make them for me then.”

“Sure, why not?”



Most of the major equipment had already disappeared from the NPC stores, but some minor stuff still remained for users to choose from.

However, it is more disadvantageous for the average player to have to deal with gear that is more difficult to use, and since you could get player-made items at stalls, few people would choose to buy them.


But if you can actually handle that kind of difficult-to-use gear, then the story changes.

Hime-chan is a girl who is very dexterous and is good at doing multiple things at the same time.

I could even say that she’s the most appropriate person to use the [Magic Thread Gloves].

Anyway, these gloves are weapons that you can handle freely with just the feeling of your fingertips by pulling out the thread attached to each of the gloves’ five fingers.

Though they are quite complex to use, the threads have a low attack power unless you pass magic power through them, and they don’t have the range of a bow or a magic spell.

However, according to the results of Hime-chan’s tests, it seems that if you can handle delicate operations with your fingers, and are able to use each of your 10 fingers independently from one another, and distribute magical power, you can use the gloves to respond to various situations.


I could understand the theory behind her words. But whether it could actually be done was an entirely separate matter.


According to the beta, a portion of the players –if not half of them– had shown to be able to move all 10 of their fingers individually, proving the weapon’s effectiveness.

But oh well, several players who chose to use anything between a spear and the magical gloves in terms of difficulty ended up quitting already…

That’s why the gloves are considered to be a difficult-to-use kind of weapon.


Still, there’s something epic about attacking with threads.

Hime-chan has my complete support. That’s why I’d like to make those gloves, even if no one else is going to be interested in them.


“Sorry I got here so late~!”


After a solid handshake with Hime-chan, Mika-chan finally showed up.

Well, Mika-chan has always been like that, so neither Hime-chan nor I got angry or anything.


“Yahoo, Hime! Your character looks a lot like the real you! Are you really okay with that?”

“I don’t mind. My hair color is different, too.”

“Well, yeah, here it’s grey, but… your real-life hair color isn’t too different from that…”

“Come on, Mika-chan. Each person can make their character however they want. I also changed only the color of my eyes and hair, so…”


Mika-chan, who had arrived later than the agreed time, was still digging into the matter while adding Hime-chan as a friend.

It bothered me a bit, but oh well. I don’t think it’ll be that big of a deal.


“Are you serious, Bucket-san? Your entire face is covered by that bucket-like helmet, so the color of your hair or eyes don’t really matter…”


“Ahaha– You’re right~!”

“Phew… Good grief… You should do a bit better if you don’t want your real self exposed in the game.”


The one complaining was Mika-chan after all, so we could just play stupid and be done with it.

Thanks to Mika-chan, I was able to get along with Hime-chan quickly.

Her cheerful and bright attitude is a good match for the two of us, who tend to be more laid back.


“How about a mask?”

“Ah, that sounds nice… A stone mask, like the one in that movie!”

“That was an iron mask, and no way! That’s just going to drive people away, and it’s not as if you get along with many people in the real world as is!”


Mika-chan has known Hime-chan for longer than I have.

That fact might have made me feel a little jealous, but all I have to do is to get to know her little by little. To put it the other way around, I couldn’t wait to see how much more I had to know from her to really know her as much as Mika-chan.


“So is that weapon really that great, Hime-chan?”

“It’s not that it’s just great. You have to be as skilled as a magician in real life to be able to use them properly!”


“Ooh, so you’re actually a magician, aren’t you, Hime-chan?”

“Yeah, she is.”

“No no, that’s not right! Stop it! Stop it…”




After that, Mika-chan went to a dedicated bar and rented a private room there so that we could continue talking.

Though it was morning in the real world, it was around midnight in the game, so the timing wasn’t that great, but we went with it anyway. There weren’t many places open at the time.

It seemed to be difficult to secure a private stall at night, even in this world, where parties needed a place to meet both for planification prior to a hunt and for distribution of spoils after the hunt regardless of time.

There were many people who would just do those kinds of things outdoors, but Mika-chan’s party seemed to be renting a private room for that.

So it seemed that she knew which bars had private rooms for rent.

Its location was also very convenient, since it was close to both the [guild] and the gate.


Private rooms can be rented at [Rental Production Facilities], but they are very small. Getting any bigger rooms than that is impossible unless the renter’s production skill Lv is above a certain value. And even though there are a few of those, we should leave them to the producers who really need to use them.


Even though it’s a bar, we’re only having soft drinks. Since we’re still underage, we can’t drink alcohol, not even in this virtual world.

We were both still 16-year-old girls who had yet to blossom into the world.


It also looked like we shouldn’t even be allowed to enter the bar, but since there weren’t many other places open, they just overlooked that fact and let us in anyway.

Thanks to that, I was able to enjoy a good first experience at a place meant for grown-ups.

It really is good to have a well-informed friend, isn’t it?

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