Mika-chan couldn’t come up with a price yesterday since there wasn’t any quote information at the time, so she ended up checking the forums.

But 5.000 Nils… It’s about 2.5 times the price of a ‘Copper Ring’ without ‘Option’.


By the way, Nil is the in-game currency in ‘Frontiers’.

‘Option Items’ do cost a pretty penny, huh? Especially those with a useful ability.

Maybe its price will go down after a while, but right now it seems to be worth that much.


The deal was settled quickly, and Mika-chan bought my ‘Copper Ring’ with ‘Magic Attack Enhancement ・ Slight’.

Though it didn’t seem to be for herself but for her party’s magician.

Also, I thought she had forgotten about my other ring, the one with ‘Durability Enhancement ・ Slight’, but when I asked her if she wanted it, she said “nope”. So that’s that.




When I told Mika-chan that the place where I was going meeting with Hime-chan, she said that she would swing by to pick up the ‘Copper Ring’.

Apparently Mika-chan has yet to meet with Hime-chan as well.



“Ah, are you Hime-chan?”



The girl that had approached me at the meeting point was wearing a beautiful set of heavy clothing with a princess cut, and a chemise with long sleeves and large cuffs.

It matched her description in the ‘ID Mail’, so after a quick whisper, I confirmed it was Hime-chan after all.

Her eyes were hidden behind her bangs, but it was proof that she had not tampered with her face to make it look too realistically beautiful.


If you try to alter your face during Character Creation in order to make it more beautiful, you’re left with an awkward feeling afterward.

However, it seems that you can edit it enough so that it’s not so noticeable unless one is looking closely at you, so at least it’s not that obvious at a glance.


We added each other as friends and started talking about what we had done yesterday while I waited for Mika-chan.

By the way, Hime-chan’s name in ‘Frontiers’ is MechaCure Hime-Cut.

As I said before, your name represents your body, but in Hime-chan’s case it matches her real-life name– Hime Kobayashi, so there was no problem in calling her ‘Hime-chan’.l


“So, you’re going solo?”

“Verification is over.”

“I see. I’m also having a hard time here. I guess that makes us ‘solo partners’, huh? Mika-chan is in a party with some friends she made during the beta test.”



Hime-chan is a girl of few words, but if you become friends with her you can get the general gist of what she’s trying to say.

She’s very meticulous and great with her fingers, and is very skilled at doing several things at the same time.

That’s why the weapon she chose as her main during the beta test was the 『Magic Gloves』, saying that “Being too picky is no good”.

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