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Frontiers ~Chronicles of Bucket-san’s Detailed Pioneering~ Teaser


11 – Huh? Is it morning already?



I logged in after finishing the morning chores.

Apart from the usual noisy streets full of players, I saw a rabbit dancing within my field of vision. It was a notification that I had new unread ‘ID Mail’.

I quickly opened it. It was from Hime-chan.


Hime-chan is a rather quiet girl I had only recently met.

She’s one of Mika-chan’s classmates, and we became friends after Mika-chan told her I played “Frontiers”.

We could have met during the grand opening, but we couldn’t meet at all yesterday, so I was a little worried.

Oh well, ‘Capital Sabrina’ is quite a huge place. I was lucky enough to have been able to meet with Mika-chan at all.

And everyone had been able to do whatever they wanted ever since day one, so we can talk about it whenever we meet.


Hime-chan’s ‘ID Mail’ was about her apologizing for not being able to make it yesterday, and that she would meet with me today and register me as a friend.

Hime-chan is quite honest, huh?


Thinking that she would probably be online, I quickly replied to her email, and as expected, she got back to me instantly, so we were able to set up our meeting right away.


Before heading to the meeting place, I checked my mail again, and found Mika-chan’s reply: “I’ll buy! I’ll buy for sure! Call me as soon as you log in!”, so I called her.


『Morning Mika-chan! How are you?』

『Took you long enough, Yuri! Huh? Is it morning already? Good morning!』


Mika-chan seemed to be rather tense despite it being early in the morning.

She must have stayed up all night. It made me feel so jealous! I’m not allowed to stay up all night like her.


『Mika-chan, for the time being, call me Bucket-san while in-game, okay?』

『Ah, sorry, sorry! But no one else can hear our conversation during a call, so it’s safe! Anyway! The copper ring! The one with the MAtk bonus! Have you sold it already?』


That name Mika-chan said was my real name– Yuri Shibata.

But in ‘Frontiers’ I’m Bucket-san, so I don’t want her making that kind of mistake.

Since this is a game, I don’t want my real name to be known.


『I haven’t sold it yet. After all, last night I logged out as soon as I emailed you. How much will you pay for it?』

『5.000! 5.000 Nils! How about it!? I looked it up on the market forums and everyone more or less agree on that price. It’s not the highest price I’ve seen but it’s still pretty close! And above all, it’s pretty rare to see an accessory with a useful effect!』

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